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Stories from Volunteers Teaching English Abroad

Volunteer teaching is a great way to make a difference to people’s lives while gaining experience of teaching English and improving your resume. Taking a TEFL Course and getting involved in volunteer teaching allows you to make your gap year travels a little more meaningful and you can even squeeze a little volunteer English teaching into your summer holidays. There are opportunities to volunteer with charities and even local authorities in the UK, as well as exciting volunteer teaching opportunities in countries worldwide.

Nigel’s Story

Nigel Pittaway, wanting to give something back to the community by teaching English voluntarily in a local village hall!

“I have been teaching in the local village hall for free, as I wanted to give something back to local people. I have been constantly amazed at this one woman who is 82 years old. She is learning English quicker than any of my other students who are half her age, and she is now also my Cantonese teacher.

On Mothers Day she approached me and in front of my whole class, she came up and hugged me and said in near perfect English “I now have the son that I have always wanted”. I nearly cried because she was the most cautious person in the village when I first arrived in December.”