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TEFL Advanced Diploma 500-Hour Online

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500-hour suitable for
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500-hour suitable for
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Course overview

Your TEFL career, sorted!

Welcome to the gold standard in TEFL qualifications! The Level 5 500-Hour Advanced Diploma is the crème de la crème of our TEFL Diplomas.

Suitable for beginners and those with prior teaching experience who are interested in:

  • Teaching online
  • Teaching overseas
  • Teaching whilst travelling
  • Setting up your own TEFL Business

This is our best ever TEFL course.

  • Ideal for achieving the highest level of pay
  • Average completion time of 15 - 24 weeks but start earning in just 8 weeks once you pass your first certificate!
  • Full academic support throughout
  • Benefit from our fantastic in-house jobs team
  • Tutors

    You’ll have easy access to support and expert advice from our team of DELTA-qualified tutors throughout your study time. They’ll be ready and waiting for your TEFL questions – and with their wealth of industry knowledge and experience, you’ll always get the answers you need. Read moreRead less

    Academic director
    Emily John

    Academic Director

    Gayle Norman TEFL tutor
    Gayle Norman

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL Tutor, Hayley
    Hailey Fliegelman

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Paul
    Paul Myers

    TEFL Tutor

    Penny Campbell

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Annie
    Annie da Silva

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Stephen
    Stephen Maule

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Tracy
    Tracy Robinson

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Anna
    Anna Britton

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Teresa
    Teresa Jacobs

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Peter
    Peter Bowdery

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Meryl
    Meryl Burgess

    TEFL Tutor

    TEFL tutor, Lindsey
    Lindsey Cottle

    TEFL Tutor

  • Accreditations

    Ensuring our courses are of a high quality and recognised by schools and employers around the world, is core to our values. All i-to-i courses undergo strict external monitoring and control, so you can be confident that your training is top quality.

    This course is UK Government-regulated by Ofqual and their sought-after stamp will appear on your certificate. It is also DEAC-approved, meaning that it has received official recognition from the US Government-regulated awarding body.

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  • Topics you'll cover
    • Planning lessons and learning the structure
    • Making your classroom a good teaching environment
    • Teaching pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary
    • The four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
    • Teaching to younger students
    • Teaching online and one-to-one
    • Teaching business English
    • Teaching other subjects in English
    • Coaching Exam Preparation (IELTS) Course
    • Business Skills for TEFL teachers
    • Digital Marketing for TEFL teachers
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  • Modules

    Part 1. Fundamentals of TEFL

    The first part of the course will cover foundation TEFL learning which includes the fundamental basics like lesson planning and managing your classroom. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll move on to some more in-depth topics.

    Then you’ll learn about teaching grammar – but don’t worry, you don’t need to be a grammar expert – we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

    With this course you’ll also learn about adapting your teaching styles and lesson plans to accommodate for younger students.

    Units you'll cover:

    • Introduction to TEFL
    • Initial Lesson Planning
    • Structuring Your Lesson
    • Making it Work in the Classroom
    • Teaching Vocabulary
    • Teaching Pronunciation
    • Teaching Grammar
    • Teaching Young Learners
    • Teaching the Four Skills
    • External Resources and Next Steps

    Part 2. Teaching One-to-One & Online

    Learn how to personalise your teaching approach. You’ll also get insider info on the technical aspects of teaching online to help you get set up as an online TEFL teacher.

    Part 3. Teaching Business English Course

    English is the universal language and there’s a high demand for adults to learn it to help them in their business negotiations and partnerships. In this Specialist TEFL Course, you’ll go through business language and grammar, meetings and networking, and different teaching methods, so that you’re ready for your first business English lesson.

    Part 4. Teaching Other Subjects in English

    Teaching other subjects in English, such as maths and science, helps immerse the students completely into the English language, improving fluency and understanding. This TEFL course will help you prepare how to teach other school subjects, in English, for both primary and secondary school students.

    Part 5. Coaching Exam Preparation (IELTS) Course

    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an exam created to assess the language ability of non-native speakers of English, who want to study or work where English is used as the main language. This course covers everything you need to know about becoming an IELTS Coach.

    Part 6. How to set up a TEFL Business

    Worried that you don’t currently have the skills to head-up a successful TEFL business? Well, this specialist module has you covered! You’ll learn everything you need to know about running a business, from creating business plans and marketing strategies, to managing your finances and working out how much to charge for your services.

    Part 7. How to market yourself as a TEFL Freelancer

    One of the biggest challenges of being a freelance TEFL teacher, or setting up your own business, can be finding students to teach! This specialist module will teach you how to market yourself successfully, to help ensure you build a solid client base from the start and increase your earning potential (the more students you attract, the more you will earn!)

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  • Course Duration
    You will have 47 weeks of study access. Most people complete the training in 15-24 weeks.
  • Quick FAQs

    What is the difference between the 500 Diploma and the other Diplomas?

    A great question! Basically, the 500-hour Advanced Diploma has it all! It’s quite simply the best course for anything you may want to do in your TEFL career, as it contains all the basic TEFL training you will need plus 7 specialist modules to further increase your TEFL knowledge and ability.

    And why do you need such a comprehensive knowledge of TEFL? That’s an easy one! With a 500hr Advanced TEFL Diploma, you’ll have more job opportunities and an unlimited earning potential, as you’ll stand out from the crowd and be able to access the highest paying TEFL roles.

    Are there any specific requirements to do this advanced TEFL course?

    As long as you are able to speak fluent English, have access to the internet, and are eager to learn, there is nothing stopping you from doing this course. And, no, you don’t need a degree either. (2 FAQs for the price of one!)

    Is this 500-Hour Diploma accredited?

    Yes! This course is fully accredited, as it has been regulated by Ofqual and is approved by the ODLQC (UK) and DEAC (US). And, because of this, the 500hr Advanced Diploma, like all i-to-i courses, is highly regarded by employers all over the world.

    How soon can I start teaching with my Advanced Diploma?

    You can start earning in just 6 weeks with this course! Once you’ve passed your first 180hrs of study, you’ll be able to get your first certificate. With this certificate, you’ll be able to start teaching some TEFL classes. So, you can earn while you study! And, as you pass more and more modules, you’ll be able to increase your rates in line with your increasing TEFL knowledge and skills.

    What is the difference between this TEFL course and those available from other providers?

    The main differences are:

    1. 1) i-to-i is the longest-standing TEFL provider, with the most recognition worldwide, and over 210,000 happy graduates! Experience is important when creating courses and it has helped us ensure that ours are of excellent quality and will fully prepare you for your TEFL career.
    2. 2) Due to our longevity, we also have fantastic relationships with recruiters and schools worldwide, and we are well known and respected globally by many different employers. You’ll be able to benefit from this when you’re looking to land your first TEFL role!
    3. 3) We are also the only TEFL provider able to offer an Advanced TEFL Diploma! So, when you do this course with us, you can be confident that your qualification will help you to stand out from the crowd. Extremely useful when you’re applying for TEFL roles or looking to attract students to your teaching profile!

    Why wouldn’t I choose a cheaper TEFL course from another company?

    To be honest, because you get what you pay for. Cheaper TEFL courses are often poorer quality and lack accreditation. This means you may find that a lot of employers don’t recognise them as valid for paid work (so you’d have to pay for another TEFL course to replace it, and study all over again!) And, if the material in the course isn’t well researched or informative enough, you may feel less prepared for your TEFL role. This can make things a lot more stressful for you in the classroom!

    Cheaper TEFL course providers are also often able to offer courses at such a low cost because they aren’t paying additional staff or academic tutors to help their students. And this support is vital, as it can mean the difference between passing and failing the course!

    Trust us, investing in a good quality TEFL course is worth it in the long run, as it will get you where you want to be – teaching and earning!

    Can I use this qualification to teach abroad AND online?

    Yes, of course you can! Exact requirements for teaching positions abroad will always vary depending on the visa requirements of the country (and employer) in question. Preferences for the level of TEFL qualification, however, seem to stay the same wherever you’re applying. As a general rule, the higher the level of your accredited TEFL qualification, the more appealing you are to employers overseas. Getting a comprehensive qualification, like the 500-hour Advanced Diploma, can also help boost your application and TEFL CV if you don’t have any prior teaching experience. It shows employers you’ve really committed to learning as much about TEFL as possible!

    The 500-hour Advanced Diploma is also really suitable for online teaching, as it will appeal to online employers in the same way it appeals to overseas employers. And, don’t forget, this course also gives you the tools to set up your own online TEFL business! Great knowledge to have in your toolkit, especially for those of you that want to teach long-term! Trust us, it will be much easier to attract students online and market your TEFL skills, if you have the training and high-level TEFL qualification to back you up.

    Can I use this qualification to freelance or start my own TEFL school?

    100%! There are two 40-hour specialist modules: How to set up your own TEFL Business (40 hours) and How to market yourself as a TEFL Freelancer (40 hours). These amazing modules will make sure that your dreams of setting up your own online TEFL business become a reality! They will also give you all the tools you need make a real success of it. You’ll be trained in all the basics of business and freelancing, from sorting out your finances to creating marketing campaigns, so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge before starting – win!

    I’m already TEFL qualified, can I upgrade to the 500?

    TEFL training possible, so we have opportunities for all those that are Level 5 TEFL certified to upgrade their existing qualification to the Level 5 500-hour Advanced TEFL Diploma

    • Got a 180-hour TEFL certificate? Click here
    • Is your qualification a 300-hour TEFL Diploma? Click here
    • And, if you already have a 420-hour Advanced TEFL Diploma, you can Click here!

    I don’t have any previous teaching or TEFL experience. Can I still do this course?

    Yes, you can! All our courses are designed for complete beginners to TEFL and the 500-hour Advanced Diploma will take you through all the basics before you start on the specialist TEFL subjects. This course is our most comprehensive one yet, so it will also really help you to build your confidence and TEFL knowledge up as much as possible. That way, by the time you qualify, you will feel more than ready to start your first TEFL job!

    And, as we’ve already mentioned, it will also help to boost your TEFL CV. It demonstrates to employers that you’re really dedicated to becoming the best TEFL teacher you can be. This makes them much more likely to select you for the role!

    Do you offer interest-free payment plans with the 500-hour Advanced Diploma?

    Yes, we do! We are able to split the payment for the 500 Hour Advanced Diploma into instalments for you, and it’s all interest-free. Just arrange for a free call back with one of our TEFL experts, and they will talk you through your options.

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