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Online English Teaching Jobs

How to get an online English teaching job

Getting an online English teaching job is a brilliant way for native-level and fluent English speakers to earn money working from home or anywhere in the world! There’s a ton of demand for online English teachers and it’s a desirable job to have: you can choose your own working hours and fit teaching in around your schedule, earn upwards of US$30 per hour and boost your CV with a sparkly new skill. Win!

Whether you’re looking for a full-time, earn-from-home position or a part-time side hustle to give yourself a bit of financial freedom, we hear you! And we’ve got heaps of tips and tricks to help you learn more and get started in your own online English teaching job…


How much money could you earn?

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Online English teaching jobs: employers compared

For non-degree holders:

Company Salary Lessons provided Students Required hours Nationalities accepted Experience required
LatinHire Up to $13 (plus bonuses) Yes All ages 10h/week Any 1 year
Classgap Set own rates No All ages None Any 1 year
Preply Set own rates No All ages 5h/week Any No
Cambly $10/£8/R180 No All ages None Any No
Open English $13 – $15
£10.50 – £12
R250 – R360
Yes Teenagers and adults 10h/week Any No
Twenix Up to €15/$16/£14 Yes Adults only None Any No
SkimaTalk Set own rates No Teenagers and adults 15h/week Any No
Verbling Set own rates No All ages 5h/week Any Yes
Learnlight $9 – $11
£7 – £9
R158 – R204
No All ages 10h/week Any 2+ years
iTalki Set own rates No All ages None Any No
Tutlo $5 – $11
£4 – £9
R90 – R204
Yes All ages None US/UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/South Africa 6+ months
Lingoda Set own rates No All ages None Any 2+ years
Engoo $2 – $10
£1.50 – £8
R37 – R185
No All ages None Any No
Amazing Talker Set own rates No All ages None Any 2+ years

For degree holders:

Company Salary Lessons provided Students Required hours Nationalities accepted Experience required
VIPKid Global $14 – $22
£11 – £17.50
R250 – R397
Yes Children and teenagers 7.5h/week US/Canada No
EF Teach Online $10 – $17
£8 – £13.50
R181 – R306
Yes All ages None Any (but need to have minimum C2 level of English) No
Oxinity $14 – $35
£10 – £25
R210 – R525
Yes All ages None Any No
Speexx $6 per 30 minute slot
£4.50 per 30 minute slot
R90 per 30 minute slot
No Adults 20h/month Any (but need to have minimum C2 level of English) No
Protostar Up to $22 per 40 minutes
Up to £16 per 40 minutes
Up to R331 per 40 minutes
Yes Children and teenagers 2h/week US/UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/South Africa 1 year+
Landi $16 – $23
£13 – £18.50
R294 – R419
Yes Children and teenagers 10h/week UK/US/Canada 2 year+
iTutorGroup $5 – $24
£4 – £19.50
R90 – R441
Yes All ages 10h/week Any 1 year+
Magic Ears $20 – $26
£16 – £21
R362 – R475
Yes Children and teenagers 1.5h/week Any No
GoGoKid $14 – $25
£11 – £20
R249 – R453
No Children and teenagers 10h/week US/Canada Yes
English Ninja $9 – $13
£7 – £10
R166 – R240
No Adults 12h/week US/UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/South Africa No
31abc $8 – $22
£6 – £16
R133 – R368
Yes Children and teenagers 2h/week US/UK/Canada 1 year+

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Online English Teaching Jobs FAQs

  • Q: How do I qualify for an online English teaching job?

    As standard, to get an online English teaching job, you’ll need an internationally-recognised TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification, like the ones provided by i-to-i TEFL!

    All of our TEFL Courses are regulated by Ofqual – the UK Government department responsible for ensuring teaching qualifications are of the highest quality. They are also DEAC approved (which is a regulatory body for online courses, linked to the US-Government). And with one of our TEFL certificates to confirm your ability and skills, employers looking for TEFL teachers to fill their online English teaching jobs will be certain to prioritise you. If you’re looking to get started, we have a fantastic range of online TEFL courses which are completely flexible to you – so you can learn online and teach online!

    Pro tip: A Level 5 Diploma will give you an extra boost, plus with a 300+ hour Level 5 Course, you’ll benefit from specialised training on teaching English online – win! One of our most comprehensive courses, to properly prepare you to teach online, is our Level 5 420hr Advanced TEFL Diploma.

    If instead you choose to complete a Level 3 qualification, you’d benefit from adding our new Become an Online Tutor Add-On to your certification, if you want to teach English online.

    View Level 5 TEFL Courses >>

  • Q: Do I need to be a native English speaker for online English teaching jobs?

    Not at all! You just need to have a high level of fluency in English and a TEFL certificate to be able to qualify for online English teaching jobs.

    We have lots of graduates that are non-native speakers of English and are happily working as online TEFL teachers!

    Want to give yourself that competitive edge, to make sure employers immediately know you are highly qualified and able to deliver great standards of teaching to their students? Then find out more about our Level 5 Advanced TEFL Diploma!

  • Q: What are the benefits of online English teaching jobs?

    More control

    When you’ve got an online English teaching job, you can teach at times that suit you and work around your current schedule if you want to. You can be in charge of your own working time, effectively being your own boss, as well as teaching a wide variety of students from all over the world!

    Earning potential

    Teaching English online can be a great way to supplement your income. It’s also possible for it to become your sole income – as long as you are aware of how best to get yourself up and running. Want to know how much you could be earning? Take our quick salary quiz!

    Improved classroom behaviour

    The beauty of online English teaching jobs is that the typical distractions that are encountered in a traditional classroom are absent. Students are much more focused and eager to learn and get their work done.

    Even younger learners can benefit from learning this way and you’ll find that you don’t have any attention issues with pupils that can normally crop up in a classroom environment.


    Online English teaching jobs can lead to extremely rewarding experiences. You’ll be able to teach students in Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China and more – and all in the one afternoon!

    It’s a truly great opportunity to learn about other cultural nuances and ways of life, as well as discover a vast variety of topics you’re unlikely to have been exposed to in other scenarios.


    To find out more about the benefits of online English teaching jobs get your free guide!

  • Q: Where will I work from if I have an online English teaching job?

    In short, anywhere in the world that has a good internet connection! With online English teaching jobs the world really is your oyster, as you don’t need to worry about applying for working visas for each country you want to visit. You can work from them all from your laptop!

    Want to fit your online English teaching job around your current schedule and lifestyle instead? No problem! You can just as easily work from the comfort of your own home.

    Want to find out more about online English teaching jobs and how to get started? Get your FREE guide!

  • Q: How many hours do you have to work per week in an online English teaching job?

    Well that really depends on you! There are some companies that have a requirement of a certain number of hours they need you to commit to per week (as a minimum) but it’s often more a case of what you can offer! So, you can work as much or as little as you like.

    Want to work full time hours? No problem. Want to TEFL part-time, so you’re topping up your regular income with an online teaching job? That’s fine too!

    You just need to find the right employer that offers the sort of structure you’re looking for. And the best place to start your search is the LoveTEFL jobs board.

  • Q: How much can I earn in an online English teaching job?

    So, the question everyone wants to know – ‘how much can you really earn in an online English teaching job?’ Honestly? Probably more than you think! It does all depend on which company you’re teaching through, how many students are in the sessions and how many times a week you’re teaching, and of course the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

    As a guide, we would suggest that you can typically earn the below:

    • General or conversational English – £10-£20+ per lesson
    • Business English – From £25-£35+ per lesson
    • Examination preparation – Around £20-£30+ per lesson
    • Job interview coaching – Around £15-£25+ per lesson
    • English lessons for specific nationalities – £10-£20+ per lesson

    If you want to get a more definite number, check out our quick salary quiz! Based on your answers, it will give you the best possible estimation of the type of TEFL salary you can expect from online English teaching jobs. You might be pleasantly surprised!

  • Q: Which i-to-i TEFL Course should I take to get an online English teaching job?

    Good question! It can get confusing with the choice of TEFL Courses and Diplomas on offer – but we’ve made it simple for you. ALL of our Courses will qualify you to get an online English teaching job. However, we’d recommend a Level 5 TEFL Course if you want to boost your employment potential and earn a bit extra! Our Level 5 420hr Advanced TEFL Diploma is definitely one of our top picks to access those well-paid online TEFL roles.

    If your budget can’t stretch to a Level 5 Course, don’t worry! Our Level 3 Course will give you essential TEFL training and help you get that all-important first entry-level online teaching job. Plus, we offer a 30-hour Add-On Course in Becoming an Online Tutor that will give you a little push. Hurray!

    Compare TEFL Courses >>

  • Q: Can I get an online English teaching job if I don't have a degree?

    The short answer is, yes! You can still teach English online if you don’t have a degree – but we’d recommend choosing a TEFL Course with a higher number of hours to give your job application a boost.

    There are two routes into teaching English online, these are: 1) working for an online English language school and 2) freelancing.

    Many employers will ask for a bachelor’s degree as a job requirement for TEFL roles abroad, but online employers don’t tend to be as strict. Although some may still ask for a degree, many don’t! Want to find some great online employers that don’t require their TEFL teachers to have a degree? Check out this blog post or head over to the LoveTEFL jobs board, to find your perfect online English teaching job.

    Freelancing is another amazing option. You’ll have more freedom and you’ll be able to set your own rates – hurray! You’ll just need to set up a profile on a freelancing site or create your own website and wait for students to get in touch. Want to make sure you’re fully prepared to freelance? Find out more about our 500-hour course!

    The bottom line is, if you don’t have a degree, don’t worry! There are still plenty of TEFL roles out there for you!

Current online English teaching jobs from lovetefljobs.com

LatinHire logo

  • Teach English online
  • Earn up to $13USD/hour (+ bonuses)
  • 1 year experience needed

Native camp logo

  • Teach English online
  • Earn £521 – £1488/month
  • No experience needed

italki logo

  • Teach English online
  • Earn £44 – £2585/month
  • No experience needed

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Get started in an online English teaching job

So, you’ve got your qualification and you’re now ready to find yourself an online English teaching job!

Your next challenge is to decide whether you’d prefer to work for an online English teaching school or set yourself up as an independent self-employed online English teacher.

Here at i-to-i, we’d always recommend starting out by working for an online English teaching school and, once you have some experience and confidence, then progressing to self-employment if that’s the route you’d like to ultimately go down.

Online schools, such as Learnlight and Berlitz, are great places to start. Here’s a couple of reasons why…

  • Students are already enrolled, so you don’t need to go out looking for them and marketing yourself
  • Lesson plans are already in place and provided.
  • You can still dictate your schedule, but this route is unlikely to be as flexible as if you were self-employed.

If you prefer the idea of going it alone, a great resource and place to start is our sister company, LoveTEFL’s jobs board, where you can expect to find suitable positions advertised each month. If you want to be self employed, but need a bit of help in getting started, check out iTalki and Verbling as a starter for ten.


iTalki is a language learning marketplace. It specialises in connecting teachers and students alike. Teachers apply to be featured in the dedicated Teacher Listings, which allows students to search for and contact them.

Online classes are conducted via Skype or alternatively through their free VOIP software. iTalki handles everything for the teacher: marketing, scheduling, payment (15% charge on each transaction) and even student management so this can be a great way to get all of the benefits with none of the complications when starting out.


Verbling offer a very similar proposition to iTalki. Teachers submit an application through the site to apply for listings and native speakers with some experience are prioritised.

Verbling offers both group lessons of up to 9 students at a time and one to one classes – all of which are conducted through 1 hour long Google Hangouts.

Teachers are paid via Paypal and set their own hourly rates, with Verbling offering a 100% guarantee that teachers are always paid for their teaching.

Teaching English online

Things to avoid when looking for an online English teaching job

Unprofessional social media

When you you’ve got an online English teaching job, you’ll need to have a good, professional online presence so people can find you and see what you’re offering.

A good way of expanding your presence is through social media – but it’s vital to ensure your social accounts are clean and professional in all regards, keep your work life and social life separate! No prospective client wants to see pictures of you 3 cocktails down on a Friday night!

Online schools to be avoided

There are some unprofessional ‘online schools’ who exploit teachers looking to teach English online. Even if you’re starting out, you still should be paid a reasonable amount for your services – so don’t let anyone offering below average pay for work take advantage.

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