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Learn specific in-depth TEFL skills and abilities helping you progress your TEFL career

There are some great TEFL jobs out there, and they’re looking for the right people with the right training to fill them. That’s why i-to-i have created a range of specialist TEFL training courses with our expert tutors. These short courses will equip you with extra training and a qualification that will make you, and your application, stand out to your future employers. These unique TEFL courses will also look great on your CV.

Whether you’re just starting out on your TEFL journey, or have already finished your i-to-i Professional TEFL course, these specialist courses will benefit you…

How can specialist courses help me?

  • Develop new or existing TEFL skills
  • Give your TEFL CV a professional edge
  • Specialise in teaching areas that interest you
  • Opportunities in Asia, Middle East, Europe and more!
  • Have the freedom to freelance or get higher paid jobs
  • Increase your earning potential of up to £3,000 per month
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Teaching Young Learners

The differences between teaching young learners, teenagers and even adult learners can be massive. Give yourself an edge and pick up some insider classroom tips with our Teaching Young Learners course.

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Teaching Teenagers

It’s vital to adapt your teaching style to fit the needs of your class. Our Teaching Teenagers Course covers teaching techniques, theory and ideas geared towards getting tricky teens involved in your lessons.

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Lesson Planning

A great lesson is all in the planning! This fully interactive Lesson Planning course will make you stand head and shoulders above the crowd, packed with practical suggestions and teaching theory from the experts.

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Teaching Business English

Teaching Business English is a booming market. In this course you’ll learn theory and great practical ideas to help you create and deliver confident, inspired and effective Business English lessons to your students.

IELTS 60 hour coach course from i-to-i logo


Become an IELTS Coach

Our IELTS Course certificate is designed to equip you with an in-depth knowledge of the IELTS exam and how to create effective lessons to help and support your students ace their own exam.


Awareness of Grammar

Native speakers may take English grammar for granted, but it’s tricky to teach! This course distills English grammar into some easy-to-digest key principles, perfect for teaching your students in an engaging way.


Become an Online Tutor

Whether you’re looking to become a TEFL digital nomad or just use your spare time getting some valuable teaching experience, you can boost your skills and potential with our new Become an Online Tutor course.

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Teaching English One to One

Our Teaching One-to-One course will equip you with the knowledge to independently teach learners of all ages one-on-one; from Business English learners to private tuition sessions with teenage learners.

Teaching Pack


TEFL Teaching Pack

Learn how to find and apply for your dream TEFL job, whilst preparing yourself for your first teaching role abroad. Plus with the Essential TEFL Guide book included – you’ll have loads of classroom activities and teaching aids to make awesome lesson plans!

A few words from our friends...

A few words from our TEFLers…

This specialist course was wonderful! It covered the basics of how to work with young learners and gave me great ideas that I could implement into my personal teaching style. I wholly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning how to best work with children.

Mary Robinson – review of Teaching English to Young Learners TEFL course

The world is moving online, with the internet the new classroom, and this course showed me how to meet students around the world from the comfort of my own home. Additionally, it provides you with help and guidance for Teaching English Online, which is great as there are lots of online schools waiting for teachers like us!

Bradley Colson – review of Teaching English Online TEFL course

A few words from our TEFL Employers…

As the largest provider of private education in China, New Oriental seeks teachers capable of walking into a classroom with the tools and knowledge necessary for success. i-to-i specialist courses offer teachers the opportunity to enhance their abilities, increasing employability and providing us with the assurance that a teacher is well prepared for their TEFL career.

Neil Beyer – New Oriental

The i-to-i course in Teaching Young Learners will not only give you a significant advantage when applying to schools but will also better prepare you for day to day teaching. Public school classes of up to 50 students, require a unique set of teaching skills when it comes to giving instructions, classroom management and deciding on activities to use. The i-to-i course in Teaching Large Classes really helps to prepare you for this

Aidan Wang (Recruitment Consultant) – Gold Star TEFL

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