Specialist TEFL Course - 30 Hours
Teaching English Through Yoga & Mindfulness in Children


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  • 2 Courses in one
  • The basics of Yoga and how to introduce it to your classroom
  • How to teach English through Yoga
  • Taking Yoga further – overseas class and work options in Yoga
  • An introduction to Mindfulness and how it affects the brain and body
  • An introduction to childhood development
  • Mindfulness in the classroom and techniques for classroom management
  • Study anywhere, on any device
  • 100% online learning, available 24/7


Want to help your students enjoy learning English? We can all remember certain teachers from school (and what they taught us!) because they were excellent at managing and motivating their classes. Yoga and Mindfulness are both key practices that can be used to improve the classroom environment and help motivate your students, to make sure they get the most from their learning experience.

What will this course give you?

Well, for starters, you’re getting 2 amazing courses in one neat package! They will show you how to incorporate both Yoga and Mindfulness practices into your classroom.

Yoga is a great way to engage a class of young learners whilst also teaching them key vocabulary at the same time. Mindfulness helps students to improve their focus, as well as reducing any frustration that can come with learning new things. Combining the practices of both these courses is a great way to make teaching English more effective and a really enjoyable experience, for both your students and you!

We’ve included a full breakdown of what each course will cover below:

Teaching English Through Yoga

You don’t need to be a yoga expert before you start as this course will introduce you to yoga itself, the basic poses, and why it’s good for you.

You’ll be shown how to incorporate yoga into the classroom, encouraging students to learn vocabulary alongside a great calming activity.

You’ll also be given example exercises and videos that you can use in your own lessons.

We’ve even included some useful information about yoga teaching work, for if you want to take it further and use your new skills to earn extra money while you travel.

Mindfulness in Children

This course will introduce the concept of mindfulness and help you to teach your students mindfulness through specific activities and exercises.

It will also help you to gain a basic understanding of how the brain works and the importance of mindfulness for the brain, body and childhood development, to help inform your teaching and ensure your students get more from their learning experience.

You’ll also get an introduction to considerations for children that have extra needs and learn how to keep yourself calm too!

Topics you'll cover

  • Yoga
  • What is yoga and why it’s good for you
  • The basics of yoga – simple poses and techniques
  • Introducing yoga to your classroom
  • How to teach English through yoga
  • Taking yoga further – overseas class and work options in yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Understanding how the brain works
  • Child development
  • What happens when we get stressed
  • Mindfulness and the brain
  • Mindfulness and the body
  • Techniques to keep yourself calm
  • Mindfulness in the classroom
  • Techniques for classroom management
  • Helping children with extra needs

What you'll receive

  • Yoga basics
  • Useful videos and links for yoga classes
  • Tools, tips and resources on how to teach English through yoga
  • Mindfulness tools, tips and resources
  • An understanding of childhood development and classroom management
  • Simple and easy online learning format
  • Study anywhere, on any device - 24 hours a day/7 days a week
Yoga & Mindfulness - kid thinking
Yoga & Mindfulness - kid stretching
Yoga & Mindfulness - kid arms in airs
Yoga & Mindfulness - kids
Yoga & Mindfulness - Jo
Yoga & Mindfulness - Outside
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