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Trinity CertTESOL Level 5 Part-Time Course

TESOL Certificate
Trinity Timetable
Trinity CertTESOL
Trinity Certificate
TESOL Certificate
Trinity Timetable
Trinity CertTESOL
Trinity Certificate
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Course overview

* Teach English ANYWHERE

* 14 Week Course 

* 2 Evenings a Week

* Tuesday and Thursday Evenings (6pm to 9pm EST) Plus Online Study

* Fully Accredited by Trinity College London

* Get Practical Experience and Support

Want to be able to teach English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) in both non-English-speaking countries AND English-speaking countries, such as New Zealand or South Africa? Then, our Trinity CertTESOL course is the one for you! This amazing qualification will get you certified to TESOL anywhere you choose – whether that’s in a location abroad, in your home country, or online. The world really is your oyster!

Being Trinity CertTESOL qualified can also help you to edge out the competition in highly competitive teaching locations, such as the Middle East. So it’s a great choice if you’re looking to make some serious money and build a career out of teaching English.

As part of your Trinity CertTESOL qualification, you’ll undergo 6 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice with real learners. Gaining genuine life experience whilst studying is invaluable when you come to interview for TESOL positions, as you’ll be able to draw upon your previous experience to ace your interview and land your dream job.

Additional benefits of this course include:

  • Tutor-led lectures to check understanding and ask questions
  • Live lesson planning support and post-lesson feedback
  • 6+ hours of real teaching with non-English speakers
  • Support from first-class, highly qualified, and experienced tutors throughout
  • Achieve your qualification in 14 weeks
  • Follow-up self-access course that will give you the extra support you need when you start your first teaching job
  • Help with finding a job when you have completed the course

In order to apply for your place on our Trinity CertTESOL qualification, you’ll need to go through our quick and easy application process and interview stage. Details of these stages are set out below in the Quick FAQs section.

  • Tutors

    You will be supported throughout your learning by specialist tutors who will work with you to guide you through your Teaching Practice, mark your assignments and answer questions you may have about the course materials. They are highly experienced and very happy to help, so you’re in good hands!

    Dave Birch, TESOL Director at i-to-i

    Hi, I’m Dave and I’ve been teaching for 33 years. My first teaching job was in a secondary school in a very rural part of Japan, and since then I’ve taught English in London, Hong Kong, Italy and Scotland. I’ve been a teacher trainer since the early 1990s, teaching and running CertTESOL, DipTESOL and CPD courses in London, Russia, Italy and Edinburgh. I’m now in charge of the CertTESOL courses at i-to-i.

    Dave Birch

    Georgina Lysandrou, TESOL Tutor

    Hi! I’m Georgina and I live on the sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus! I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I have been teaching ever since I completed my MA in TESOL and CELTA. I have over 10 years of teaching experience. During my teaching career, I have worked in different language schools, summer schools and at universities in London, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus.

    Georgina Lysandrou

    Alina Promska, TESOL Tutor

    I started my career as a teacher 13 years ago. My first big achievement was doing CELTA in 2013. In 2016 I reached another level in the development of my professional career – Diploma in Teaching English to Adults. Then I decided to become a teacher trainer. I believe it is vitally important to share our experience as we teachers shape the future. Teaching is my passion. I have taught English to all levels and age groups in Ukraine, Poland and England.

    Alina Promska

    The Advisor Team

    Anything these guys don’t know about educational courses isn’t worth knowing! They are an amazing bunch of friendly experts, who will help you select the right course for your needs, so you can follow your dreams.

    Sales team

    Academic Team

    A great set of people to have in your corner if you find yourself stumped by a section of the course! This wonderful team will come to your rescue ASAP and talk you through anything you need help with, so you can keep momentum and get your qualification!

    Academic team

    Customer Support Team

    Find yourself fighting with technology? Our customer support team are here to save the day! If you have any issues accessing the platform for your course, or downloading your certificate, they will sort it out for you in no time!

    Customer support team

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  • Accreditations

    The Trinity CertTESOL is an OFQUAL regulated qualification, listed at level 5 on their Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), meaning that it is accepted by education authorities, immigration departments and visa offices worldwide as a benchmark qualification in the industry.

    It is accredited by Trinity College London, a leading international exam board operating in over 60 countries worldwide.

    Ensuring our courses are high quality and recognised by schools and employers around the world is core to our values. All i-to-i courses undergo strict external monitoring and control, so you can be confident that your training is top quality. This Trinity CertTESOL is administered through learndirect, the largest course provider in the UK. learndirect is a Trinity validated course provider (VCP number 70092).



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  • Topics you'll cover
    • Language-teaching methodologies
    • How to teach English both online and face-to-face
    • Lesson planning and materials design
    • Teaching practice
    • Specialist areas of teaching such as young leaners, Business English and Academic English
    • Language awareness: English grammar, vocabulary and phonology

    To view the full course timetable please download our  Trinity brochure.

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  • Modules

    The Trinity CertTESOL (Level 5) Course contains 5 modules:

    • Teaching skills
    • Language awareness and skills
    • Learner profile
    • Materials assignment
    • Unknown language

    To view the full course timetable please download our  Trinity brochure.

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  • Course Duration

    This is a part-time course and takes 14 weeks to complete.

    To view the full course timetable please download our Trinity brochure.

  • How to Apply

    In order to apply for your place on our Trinity CertTESOL qualification, you’ll need to go through our application process and interview stage.

    1. You’ll need to complete an online application form, setting out your educational and work background and your motivation for doing the course. At this point, you’ll also need to submit your ID, proof of your qualifications (in line with the entry requirements*) and pay your deposit.
    2. You’ll then be contacted by our Trinity CertTESOL Course Director to set up a Zoom interview. This will take around 90-minutes and includes a writing task which you’ll have to do ‘live’ and return to the Course Director. The interview also assesses your spoken English, ability to work under pressure and attitudes towards teaching and learning.
    3. If you pass the interview stage, the Course Director will get in touch to confirm your place on the course. You’ll then be sent the Pre-course Task (a short workbook) and given access to selected parts of the Trinity CertTESOL course (welcome page, course handbook, timetables, and policies).
    4. You’ll be told your start date, and it’s time to get learning!

    Please note: The price of your course excludes the Trinity College London moderation fee of £161.

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  • Quick FAQs

    Are there any requirements to undertake Trinity CertTESOL?

    To enrol on the course, you must:

    • Be 18+ years old
    • Possess a qualification that is a high enough level to enter higher education in your home country (Level 3 qualifications such as SAT, AP Exam, or ACT test scores will be accepted)
    • Have English proficiency of CEFR C1 (or similar)
    • Pass an application and interview

    Can I teach English if I speak with a regional accent?

    The answer is ‘yes’! As long as your students can understand you, you’ll be fine. Students really benefit from hearing a variety of accents; after all, this is what they’ll have to get used to in real life outside the classroom. Just be aware that teaching materials such as coursebooks and dictionaries usually take ‘RP’ (the type of English traditionally used by the BBC) as their model, so you’ll need to know how this differs from the way you speak (we’ll help you with this in the phonology part of the CertTESOL course).

    Who is this course suitable for?

    Anyone who wants to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)/Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in non-English-speaking countries AND English-speaking countries, and anyone who wants to make it into a long-term career. This includes:

    • Gap year students
    • Aspiring teachers
    • Career changers
    • Current teachers
    • University graduates
    • Those who want to live or work abroad
    • Those who want to teach English in their home country or an English-speaking country
    • Those who want to work from home

    How is Teaching Practice organised?

    The teaching practice is part of the course, and we will organise finding you students to teach. You’ll have live sessions with these students to practise your skills, and you’ll receive feedback from a supportive and skilled tutor, so you can keep improving!

    When can I access my course?

    You will have timetabled lessons. You’ll also be able to access course materials via our online portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet.

    How do I access my course?

    All of the lectures will be delivered over Zoom, therefore you will need a good internet connection and a working microphone/camera to participate in the lectures, workshops and teaching practice sessions.

    How many other people are on the course?

    You’ll be part of a cohort of up to 14 other teachers on the course. As all your lectures are timetabled, you’ll get to know your cohort really well and be able to share ideas, help each other learn, and build your network of TESOL teacher contacts while you study. Having a support network of other teachers is super important when you’re starting out, as you’ll be able to encourage each other through everything, from job applications to first-day nerves! When you’re working as teachers, you’ll also be able to share any lessons plans you create or great resources you find, which will significantly cut down your prep time for classes!

    How do I get started after I’ve passed the application stage?

    Don’t worry, it’s really easy! Once you enrol, you’ll be sent your login details via email, and then you can get started. Remember, our Customer and Academic support teams are on hand to help, if you need any assistance along the way.

    Can I do a TESOL course if I am not a native English speaker?

    Yes. About 50% of the trainees on our courses are non-native English speakers. They make a tremendous contribution to our courses in terms of their knowledge of English grammar and empathy with the problems that English learners face.

    Can I teach English if I can’t speak any foreign languages?

    Yes. Modern teaching methodology does not rely on translation. We will teach you the skills you need to communicate effectively with students from all kinds of backgrounds without speaking anything other than English.

    Can I do a TESOL course if I don’t know anything about grammar?

    Yes. We will teach you everything you need to know about English grammar.

    Will an online TESOL course prepare me for teaching in a physical classroom?

    Yes. Our online courses are all fully validated by Trinity College London and are equally valid for online and classroom-based teaching jobs. Throughout the course we make reference to both modes of delivery, so that by the time you complete the course you will be fully equipped to work in either setting.

    What is the difference between CertTESOL and CELTA?

    The courses are very similar.  They lead to the same level of qualification and are both recognised internationally but CertTESOL gives us more flexibility to tailor course content to the needs of our students.

    Is it easy to find work?

    Yes, most CertTESOL graduates find work within weeks of completing their course. Once you are suitably qualified, you will find there is plenty of demand for your skills. You then have the choice of teaching online, working from home or as a digital nomad, or teaching face-to-face in the US, Canada, or overseas. If you want to work overseas, it’s worth focussing on the latest hotspots; East Asia and South America are good choices. If you decide to complete your TESOL training with us, we will help you find work through our network of international contacts that we have built up over the years.

    What is a typical TESOL teacher like?

    We’re all different! Some people start TESOL teaching to finance a gap year or straight after finishing their studies; many others do it as a mid-life career change. A lot of TESOL teachers have language backgrounds, but you’ll meet plenty of people who have very different starting points.

    What is a typical TESOL teacher’s day like?

    Busy! A typical day will include teaching different groups of students at different levels, some 1-1 lessons, lesson planning and marking. And if you work at a good school there will also be plenty of training workshops to attend.

    Who are the students?

    One of the great pleasures of TESOL teaching is that it gives you the chance to meet people from all parts of the world- even from places you might never have heard of. Especially if you are teaching in an English-speaking country or teaching online classes, you are likely to have a wide range of nationalities in the group. Ages range from pre-school children to pensioners, and you’ll meet people from all walks of life: university students, hospitality workers, scientists and business professionals are all well represented in the classroom.

    Is TESOL a good career?

    TESOL is a brilliant choice especially if you’re looking for a career that is never boring and that gives you the opportunity to work in different places, you can move into a specialist area that will make you even more marketable and give you great job satisfaction.

    What is the difference between CertTESOL and CELTA?

    The courses are very similar.  They lead to the same level of qualification and are both recognised internationally. We prefer CertTESOL because we feel it gives us more flexibility to tailor our courses to the needs of our trainees.

      • Similarities

    Entry requirements

    Both valid for teaching adults and young learners.

    Both Level 5 on RQF, both internationally recognised

    Both require a minimum of 120 study hours and 6 hours of teaching practice.

      • Differences


    CertTESOL- Trinity College London

    CELTA- Cambridge English Language Assessment

      • Assessment:

    We prefer CertTESOL because:

    The assignments are more practical.

    Reflective teaching is an ongoing part of the course.

    There’s more focus on 1-1 teaching (one project involves testing and teaching a 1-1 student).

    There’s a whole series of foreign language lessons to put you in the shoes of the students and to demonstrate a range of teaching techniques.


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