Online Teaching Practice Session

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  • Designed as an add-on to a full TEFL course
  • 2-Hour live Zoom session with online teaching practice
  • Live discussion with an experienced TEFL tutor
  • Preparation & reflection tasks included
  • Detailed feedback from your tutor
  • Enrol now without committing to a day/time!

Available dates

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27 Oct 202014:00 - 16:008 Spaces Available
10 Nov 202014:00 - 16:007 Spaces Available
8 Dec 202014:00 - 16:008 Spaces Available
22 Dec 202014:00 - 16:009 Spaces Available
12 Jan 202114:00 - 16:009 Spaces Available
26 Jan 202114:00 - 16:008 Spaces Available
24 Nov 202017:30 - 19:308 Spaces Available
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Designed for those who want to practice their online teaching skills before stepping into the online TEFL classroom, this virtual teaching practice session with one of our highly qualified online tutors will give you the essential skills and confidence you need to kick off your online TEFL career.

Giving you a complete introduction to the practicalities of online teaching, it includes a preparation task, a live, 2-hour webinar with teaching practice and a final reflection task. Throughout, you’ll learn all about TEFL teaching skills and methodologies, online TEFL resources, lesson plans for your online classes and teaching learners with varying levels of English. In short, this session will equip you with the essential tools you need to start building your brand-new online teaching career.

We recommend enrolling onto this session alongside or after completing a 120+ hour TEFL course. Happy TEFLing!

What's Included

Teaching skills preparation task

Before the live session, you'll be asked to complete a short preparation task. This includes watching a short clip from an online lesson and giving feedback, reviewing some teaching resources and planning a mini lesson on a choice of topics. When it's time for the session, you'll then discuss your task with the tutor and your fellow tutees.

2-Hour webinar with an experienced tutor

The main aspect of the Online Teaching Practice Session is the 2-hour, live Zoom session with one of our experienced and highly qualified TEFL tutors. With up to ten tutees in total, you'll first discuss each others' preparation task with the tutor, then take turns practising your online teaching skills and finally, take part in an informal Q&A session with your tutor - your chance to ask any of those niggling TEFL questions!

Live online teaching practice

During the session, you and each of your fellow tutees will get that all-important teaching practice. Using the 5-minute lesson plan you created as part of your preparation task, you'll deliver a mini lesson and then get instant feedback from the tutor. A perfect way to build your confidence and get you ready to deliver your first official lesson!

Post-webinar reflection task

After the session, we recommend completing the reflection task we'll provide for you. This involves reviewing your feedback and setting yourself some achievable goals to improve your teaching prowess. You've got this!

Feedback form (can be used as a reference)

On successful completion of the Online Teaching Practice Session, we'll provide you with a detailed feedback form for you to share with potential employers when you kick-start your online TEFL job hunt! This will prove that you've taken part in online teaching practice so that employers can be confident in your newfound teaching skills - and it'll boost your employment potential. Win!


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