Essential TEFL eBook

Essential TEFL Book


  • 300 activities
  • 24 warmers you must know
  • Teaching specialised classes
  • Lesson plans
  • Teaching aids
  • Full guide to English grammar
  • Useful resources
  • Top TEFL tips


Grammar, Lesson Plans and 300 Activities  to Make You a Confident Teacher

By James Jenkin and Emma Foers

No matter how much training you do, starting out as a TEFL teacher can be overwhelming: from seemingly endless lesson planning to grammar gripes, it’s easy to feel out of your depth.

That’s where Essential TEFL eBook comes in. Crammed with 300 activities, teaching aids, lesson plans and a full guide to English grammar, it’ll take you from timid teacher to TEFL superstar. Get yours to have everything you need to plan incredible lessons in a flash.

“Essential TEFL is designed to make you feel confident – to support you while you’re planning and while you’re in the classroom, for whatever happens. We thought it would make sense to pull together the most useful, the most fun and the most effective resources and put them all in one spot.” James Jenkin

What's Included

300 activities

For teaching inspiration to bring your English lessons to life!

24 warmers you must know

Help students feel relaxed and confident straight away.

Teaching specialised classes

Learn how to approach a wide range of different students and situations - and what to do when things go wrong!

Lesson plans

Use our lesson plans to bring your ideas and activities together quickly and cohesively.

Teaching aids

There's plenty of photocopiable materials for you to use.

Useful resources

This will undoubtedly be your go-to TEFL resource!

Top TEFL tips

Throughout the book they'll be loads of handy teaching tips.

Full guide to English grammar

This handy and easy-to-digest section is great for if you're unsure about a specific grammar point.

Want to learn more?

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