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TEFL Jobs Abroad: Our Guide

Wanting to get a TEFL job abroad or online but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

Once you’re TEFL qualified with an internationally-recognised TEFL certificate, the exciting bit of deciding where you want to teach English starts. Regardless of what sort of TEFL experience you’re after, there’s the perfect TEFL job abroad for you – and we’re here to help you find it.

Similar to when hunting for a job back home, you’ll be offered different pay opportunities, benefits and contracts with different TEFL jobs you apply for. Factors such as where in the world the TEFL job is, whether it’s in a school or language centre, and your level of qualification can all affect the amount you can earn in a TEFL job.

So whether you’re looking for a TEFL job in teaching hotspots like Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea, or searching positions online, our A-Z of TEFL job guides will quickly become your new favourite reference site.

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TEFL Jobs Abroad: FAQs

  • Q: What TEFL qualification do I need to get a TEFL job abroad?

    To get a good TEFL job abroad, you’ll need a TEFL qualification that’s recognised around the world, like ours. TEFL training is packaged into bundles of different hours, starting at the minimum of 120 hours, which takes around 6 weeks to complete. The highest number of hours we offer is 420 hours. Essentially, the higher number of hours you train for, the more your application will stand out when applying for TEFL jobs.

    When selecting a qualification to get a good TEFL job abroad, make sure you choose a TEFL Course provider who is regulated and accredited. At i-to-i, all of our TEFL Courses and Diplomas are regulated by Ofqual – the UK Government body responsible for ensuring qualifications are of the highest standard. Not only that, but they’re also DEAC-approved (the US government-regulated awarding bodies). Plus, to add to the list, we’re also accredited by the ODLQC (Open & Distance Learning Quality Council). When looking for a TEFL qualification, you’re likely to find companies and courses that are accredited, but there aren’t many who also have regulated qualifications – we’re one of them!

  • Q: Where can I get a TEFL job abroad?

    Once qualified, in theory you can get a TEFL job in any country where English isn’t the native language. With almost 200 countries in the world, the world is ready and waiting for you to explore. It’s important to note that when it comes to teaching around the world, there are restrictions on working in certain countries due to visa stipulations. This isn’t to say you won’t be able to work wherever you choose, you’ll just need to check visa information before you start your TEFL job.

    When it comes to actually finding a TEFL job abroad, that’s where we come in! Our sister company, LoveTEFL, are a team of knowledgeable TEFL job experts, ready and waiting to help you bag your next TEFL job. Whether that’s online or abroad the LoveTEFL team, combined with their regularly updated jobs board will offer advice, guidance and support when it comes to applying for and starting TEFL jobs abroad. Perfect for those first-time TEFLers!

  • Q: I want to TEFL but not ready for a full-time role.

    Then you’re in the right place! We’ve got a range of supported TEFL Internships which offer the best of both worlds when it comes to TEFL jobs. Lots of people want to try TEFL before they go all in, and our TEFL Internships are the perfect way to do this. Our trips are designed for first-time TEFL teachers and our packages include Ofqual-regulated & DEAC-approved TEFL training plus a teaching internship in some epic destinations. Our Internships range from 2-12 months and all include in-country support and orientation. Oh, and you’ll be travelling alongside up to 100 other interns on your trip so you’ll never feel alone. A ready-made TEFL squad.

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  • Q: How much money can I earn in a TEFL job abroad?

    We often get asked about how much you can earn with a TEFL job. There’s the misconception that it costs loads to get TEFL certified and get a TEFL job, but that’s not the case. The costs of living in TEFL hotspots such as Southeast Asia and South America are far lower than the UK, US or Australia and tax, airfare and accommodation may be provided or subsidised by your employer – so take this into account when comparing jobs.

    Entry level TEFL jobs will usually pay anywhere between £300 ($500) to £1200 ($1600) a month (plus benefits such as flights and accommodation). The highest wages for entry-level TEFL jobs can be found in the North Asian nations such South Korea and Japan. Remember, employee benefits offered are related to demand, and right now the demand in many countries is very high.

    If you’re looking to earn as much as you can in your TEFL job, nothing can beat the wages in the Middle East right now. Places such as Saudi Arabia and The UAE have TEFL jobs with salaries up to £3,000 per month.

    However, if you rate quality of life and life-changing experiences above the money you earn in a TEFL job, then the world is your oyster! Divers and surfers looking to teach English abroad should explore Indonesia and Costa Rica – anywhere on the Pacific. If it’s mountains then consider Nepal, North Asia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia or Ecuador. If you’re looking for culture and spirituality, why not consider North and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos.

    Don’t forget, if you start a TEFL job somewhere and find out it’s not for you, why not move onto the next country – there’s a big world out there to explore.

  • Q: Where are the best places to get a TEFL job?

    This all depends what you’re looking for when it comes to getting a TEFL job – salary, location and benefits are all to be considered.

    When looking for an English TEFL job, one thing to remember is that it’s very difficult to get a TEFL job in native English-speaking places, such as Australia, the UK and the US. However, this does leave a huge number of countries where English isn’t the main language – take your pick.

    Here are a few TEFL destinations that we’d recommend to first time TEFL teachers.

    • TEFL Jobs in Thailand – A beautiful country with a huge demand for learning the English language, Thailand is a hotspot for those looking to get a great TEFL job.
    • TEFL Jobs in Vietnam – With high TEFL salaries and a low cost of living, there’s no surprise this epic country is high on the TEFL job list.
    • TEFL Jobs in China – With an estimated 300 million people currently learning English it’s not a surprise that there are more TEFL jobs in China than any other country in the world – and naturally more demand for those teaching English abroad.
    • TEFL Jobs in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan – These economies are growing fast! And with that, their demand for English teachers has risen. With their super cool, modern cities, TEFL teachers are discovering these countries that used to be hidden gems…
    • TEFL Jobs in Brazil – Another amazing place to land a TEFL job – there are many opportunities to teach in big businesses and language schools placed around the country. From rural areas to big cities, finding a TEFL job in Brazil is getting easier as the demand increases.
    • TEFL Jobs in Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile – The Spanish speaking, developing economies of South America are increasingly looking for excellent TEFL teachers to teach the next generation English.
    • TEFL Jobs in Central America and the Caribbean – Costa Rica has the most opportunities with large numbers of private language schools in San Jose. Although the native language of some of the Caribbean is English, there are lots of countries where French or Spanish is spoken – providing plenty of opportunities for TEFL jobs.
    • TEFL Jobs in Mexico – There are immense numbers of jobs teaching children as well as many positions in universities and the business sector. English language tuition in Mexico is huge!
    • TEFL Jobs in Ex-Soviet States – the desire to speak English and be associated with the rest of Europe demand is massive – Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and even Russia have a good selection of TEFL jobs available.

  • Q: What’s the best way to find a TEFL job?

    That’s where we come in. Well, our sister company, LoveTEFL does. They’re a jobs board site, listing the hottest TEFL jobs around the world and online. As well as a well-stocked jobs board, they’ve got a team of experts ready and waiting to help land you the perfect TEFL job for you.

  • Q: Do I need to speak a second language to get a TEFL job?

    Nope! You don’t need to know a second language in order to do a TEFL job abroad or online. You may feel you’d like to learn some of the local language before you travel – this will definitely help with integrating into your community further and is always well received by your host country. Never underestimate how far a simple “hello” or “how are you” in your host country’s language can get you – it shows effort and consideration. But as far as speaking a second language in the classroom, all you’ll need to know is English!

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