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27 years later… i-to-i’s TEFL Courses & Internships are still the best you can get!

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If you’re going to do this life-changing, exciting and unforgettable thing, do it the right way with a fully accredited, super experienced and totally supportive TEFL provider. A qualification from us is your passport to far-flung places and we’re the perfect travelling companion.
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How it all began – Making adventures happen since 1994
Over 25 years ago, our founder touched down back in the UK after a 4-year adventure-of-a-lifetime teaching English in Japan, volunteering in China, driving backpackers in Australia and tutoring in the mountains of Greece. With her life changed and magical stories created, she wanted to give everyone the chance to teach and travel too. And so, i-to-i was born and we set about pioneering the first short classroom and online TEFL courses, making TEFL accessible to everyone and changing the way it worked forever! Now, in 2021 we have over 210,000 happy i-to-i graduates from every corner of the world, living their TEFL dream. Seeing our graduates transform into awesome teachers with amazing stories to tell never stops being a brilliant feeling! Even after all these years our passion for making storytellers stays the same. With teaching and travel in our bones and contacts around the world, we thrive on turning TEFL dreams into extraordinary adventures.

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Quality and value

Our qualifications open doors all over the world, we’re accredited by all the right people and innovation is kind of our thing.

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Support and advice

We know this is all new to you but we make it new ‘exciting’, not new ‘scary’. And we’ll hold your hand as tight, and for as long, as you need.

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Experience and knowledge

We wrote the book on this stuff, we’ve been around the longest and have handed out more TEFL Courses than anyone.

  • Est. 1994
  • We make things simple
  • Invented the first 2-day TEFL Course
  • Ofqual regulated and DEAC-approved TEFL Courses
  • Employers recognise our qualifications
  • Number 1 provider of TEFL courses, with the most TEFL teachers teaching worldwide (210,000 and counting!)
  • Ongoing investment and innovation
  • Unique destinations
  • A bustling jobs board

Our Mission

To make teaching English online or abroad straightforward and accessible – to push you, to inspire you, to offer our support – and to take you places you never imagined possible.

We’ve made the world bigger and smaller, all at the same time. Travelling the world has never been easier.

Change lives
Broaden horizons
support dreams
create stories
TEFL students with elephants

Lucy, Cambodia

Knowing that I am helping these children and adults to build their confidence and improve their English is so rewarding, and I find their determination and humility inspiring. They are not only learning from me, but I have learnt so much from them too.

Group of TEFL students in Vietnam

Lauren, Vietnam

Life is good and simple - we have more than the average Vietnamese household so if you ask me, we’re pretty darn lucky. I’ve instantly been brought back to my university days - when you counted coins and the strangers you lived with became your best friends.

TEFL teacher Danni - China

Danni, China

I am no longer living for the weekend. If I am at school or at home I feel the same level of contentment and joy. If it’s Monday or Saturday my feelings towards the day are mirrored. I love my work life and my personal life. It’s astounding, I never thought I could be so happy.

Russian skyline

Tim, Russia

Life is better than ever! I work for successful people, salary is great. I see the world. I see growth in the kids I teach. Is there anything more I really need to say to persuade you that this is a life-changing course?

TEFL classroom in thailand

Jasmine-Leann, Thailand

I wish everyone could spend a period of their lives in a school such as this to truly put what it is important into perspective. The world would definitely be a better place

Spanish skyline

Will, Spain

Not only am I learning more about Spanish people, getting under the skin of the culture and discovering what it is that makes them tick, but I’m also enhancing my career, my skills and building something more than simply a 24 hour-a-week TEFL career.

Group of TEFL students in Cambodia

Charlie, Cambodia

I really enjoyed immersing myself in the culture and I’ve learnt such a lot. The kids are incredible, and their attitude towards learning is inspiring. It was definitely the children that made my teaching experience so enjoyable.

TEFL students in South Africa

Rachel, South Africa

I was already planning on going travelling and this meant I could travel and do something meaningful too! Teaching the children was incredible and made me realise what I want to do as a career later on in life: teach! I also made some pretty close friendships as well as getting to live in an amazing city.

skyline of Paris

James, Paris

My advice would be: do it! Life is too short and I firmly believe that if you want to leave and be successful, the only thing standing in your way is a lack of self-belief.

Our Team

i-to-i team

We’ve got the experience, the global reputation, and the courses employers recognise and respect. But our secret weapon is our knowledgeable, helpful team – here are a few of the friendly faces you’ll meet along the way.

Our experience makes yours

World-class pool skills, amazing singing voices, infectious laughter… each member of i-to-i staff brings something unique and amazing to the table, but we all have one thing in common – we love teaching English abroad. We’re a young team with loads of travel miles under our communal belt, and our skills will help you get the most out of your TEFL experience.

Our Story

With 27 years of teach and travel experience and innovation behind us, we’re still leading the TEFL industry forward – with no signs of slowing down! Here’s how we got here.

Established in 1994

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No one’s been doing this longer than us.

First 2-day classroom course

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We pioneered the taster TEFL and changed the industry forever.

First Online TEFL Course

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We brought the industry kicking and screaming into the digital age.

50,000 grads trained



We’re not done yet.

First TEFL internship to China

china logo


We opened the door and still have a great relationship with Chinese employers.

100,000 grads trained

100,000 students icon


Yes, you did hear that right... one hundred thousand TEFL qualifications awarded.

Launched our jobs board



We've relationships with employers everywhere, our jobs board is THE place to find teaching jobs abroad.

Government Regulated TEFL Courses

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Phew, it’s been a long journey... our qualification is now recognised by Ofqual the government department which regulates qualifications. Pretty impressive, right?

Level 5 TEFL Courses & Diplomas

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Launching an affordable alternative to a CELTA, our Level 5 Courses and Diplomas have made teaching in competitive locations accessible!

Over 200,000 TEFL teachers trained

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At the start of 2020 i-to-i trained an amazing 200,000 TEFL teachers!


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DEAC-approved means our courses have received official recognition from the US government regulated awarding bodies - they follow specific and highly regarded DEAC policies, procedures, guidelines and compliance criteria for Approved Quality Curriculum (AQC) status.

Regulated, accredited & trusted

Level 3 Ofqual
ODLQC logo

We’re independently regulated

Our TEFL courses are a little bit special, but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve been given the double thumbs up – regulation from Ofqual, accreditation from ODLQC and DEAC-approved which means they have received official recognition from both the UK and US government regulated awarding bodies. No other course provider can say that.

So what does that mean for me?

When you’re applying for jobs with your regulated certificate from an accredited provider (that’s us), all the other applicants will be in the shade. This means you can apply for the best jobs out there – the stamps on your certificate shout ‘look at me! I’m brilliant!’.

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