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Teach English Abroad: Getting Started with TEFL

A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course opens doors. Not only will you see the world in a way regular tourist never will, but you'll also meet friends for life and get a chance to sharpen your teaching skills. Plus, with a huge demand for English teachers worldwide, all you need is an internationally recognised i-to-i TEFL qualification to start your adventure.

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is rated 4.44 - based on 1411 reviews

An all round good course that is packed full of excellent resources and ideas. The certificate from the 60 hour Business... More

16th July 2017

TEFL is very clear and there is no way for you to get confused in any part of the course.

15th July 2017

This course is a very good one! Having completed the course, I feel motivated and very confident about teaching English,... More

14th July 2017

The subject matter was very informative and thorough. The assessments after each subsection was well structured and some... More

14th July 2017

Just completed a well structured 120Hr TEFL course. I did not log the time I was on-line, but do not believe it was anyt... More

14th July 2017

make me learn a lot and think a lot.

14th July 2017

The lessons are made easy. The quizzes help in letting you know how well you're doing before the main test.

13th July 2017

This course offers a great teaching framework and a lot of practical information

12th July 2017

The course was very interesting because it made me look at English from a completely different perspective, which was fr... More

12th July 2017

WOW! What an amazing experience! I did the 120 Hour TEFL Course and couldn't be happier. The service from start to fini... More

10th July 2017

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