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Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
Cover Supervisor
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Course overview

With this course you will start your career as a cover supervisor fully prepared for what lies ahead. You’ll be able to show future employers that you know what is involved in the role and are fully prepared for the challenges that it entails.

Being a Course Supervisor is a challenging yet rewarding role for individuals who like variety and are confident in their own ability to manage classes of students that they do not know.

Thisr role has become an essential part of school staffing, and it is not uncommon to find cover supervisors as part of the permanent staff base in larger schools.

Cover supervision will vary according to the school type, for example primary and secondary schools will have different needs.  However, the role in any school should not involve any active teaching, marking, or planning. You do not need any subject-specific knowledge.

The primary role of a cover supervisor is to ensure that students remain on task and behave well in the absence of their normal teacher.

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  • Accreditations

    On completion of this Cover Supervisor Course, you will receive a certificate of course completion from i-to-i who are accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council, ODLQC who were originally set up by the govenment in 1968.


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  • Topics you'll cover
    • Clarity on what a cover supervisor role is, what’s expected and what’s not
    • Hit the ground running with personal confidence tips
    • Refresh your knowledge on classroom management and advice on working with young people
    • Key skills on handling any behavioural issues in the classroom
    • Introduction to challenging behaviour in children and identifying when intervention may be needed
    • Mindfulness techniques to keep the class focused
    • Duty of care including being aware of the emergency, discipline, and safe-guarding procedures
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  • Modules

    Within this course you’ll be provided with the following skills to ensure you are prepared and ready to be a great cover supervisor:

    Building Personal Confidence – This unit will help you to walk into a cover supervisor role with confidence and have techniques available to handle tough situations

    Classroom Management – Whilst you’re likely to have experience in this area this unit acts as a refresher on how to manage classrooms and get the best from your students

    Classroom behaviour – An introduction to the key theories relating to behaviour and identification of causes of challenging behaviour. The course also provides information on how to make a strong first impression and how to change behaviour through effective behaviour management strategies

    Teaching Young Learners – Getting the most from your students is key and this unit acts as a reminder on what makes young people (under 12) tick and ideas on activities to keep them motivated

    Teaching Teenagers – It is essential to hot the right note, particularly with teenagers. This unit focuses on teenagers and how to get the most from your high school students

    Behaviour that challenges in children – A more in-depth look at challenging behaviour in children including an insight on how a teacher may be able to intervene when needed, plus some of the reasons for challenging behaviour.

    Mindfulness in children – An introduction to techniques that can assist young learners with their challenging behaviour through mindfulness techniques.


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  • Course Duration

    This Cover Supervisor Course will take about 120 hours to complete. That means you could complete the Course in as little as 4 weeks!

  • Quick FAQs

    Tell me more about a cover supervisor

    As a cover supervisor, whether temporary of full-time, you will be acting in place of a permanent teacher. At the start of each day, you will receive a schedule of activities for that day and, on occasions, that timetable can change throughout the day too.

    You’ll be entering a classroom of students who know each other and their routine. You can feel like you are walking into someone’s living room and will need to get up to speed quickly to control your students. You will be covering all subjects regardless of your level of knowledge and understanding; from English to PE!

    A cover supervisor may also be asked to cover break-times, invigilate exams and cover other additional functions for the school, as needed.

    What are Cover Supervisors NOT expected to do?

    • Plan any lessons
    • Mark any work
    • Subject-specific knowledge
    • Set homework

    What are your top tips for being a Course Supervisor?

    • Flexibility is key! A great cover supervisor needs to be able to go with the flow and adapt to changes that are made throughout the day.
    • Be prepared. It’s important to know the following so that you are fully prepared. Know who to report to at the end of the day, have the name of key staff to hand, know any staff you’re working with and plan in advance how you’ll work as a team and be aware of regulations in working with children and any policies they may have.
    • Be professional. A cover supervisor should be viewed by all students as a normal member of staff.
    • Arrive early – getting to the schools before your students and having time to familiarise yourself with your schedule, school procedures and layout is key
    • Make sure you can access systems – have any log-ins and passwords that you need to hand
    • Know where to go – if you’re not given a map then ask for one
    • Leave clear and simple feedback – the permanent teacher needs to know details of positive and negative behaviour, plus anything else noteworthy to ensure continuity after each lesson
    • Leave the classroom tidy
    • Leave completed work where instructed
    • Be great at timekeeping – arriving at each lesson ready, and ideally before your students is essential


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