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By taking a TEFL Course while you’re between jobs or out of work, you’ll open up more employment opportunities at home and abroad. There are over 20,000 TEFL jobs advertised online every month, and with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate you’ll have a great chance of finding a rewarding job and making a fresh start.

Dave’s Story

Dave Kennedy, 31, moved to Prague to teach English due to the recession!

“I’m 31 years old and have been working in Prague since last November. Before coming to Prague I was working in a law firm, training to become a solicitor. A job that is very different to the one I currently do. Due to the recession, work slowed down and I elected to take some time off. I wanted to travel and knew that somewhere down the road a job would be required, so doing a TEFL course seemed like a sensible option.

What I have learned since then is that this job lets me see a side to this wonderful country and its people that would not be possible as a tourist. My students are only too happy to share stories about themselves and have welcomed me into this great city and made me feel welcome in a way I would not have thought possible.

Teaching English has been a wonderful opportunity for me and one I would highly recommend to anyone, regardless of your age, position or previous experience.”

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