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Stories from Teachers Teaching English Abroad

Professional teachers working in their own countries usually take TEFL Courses for one of two reasons: to find work overseas or to gain extra certification that will help them with their current job. People with previous teaching experience and qualifications such as teaching degrees and PGCEs can get great TEFL jobs overseas once they have a TEFL certificate. For people who intend to stay in their current job, a TEFL course can help them teach the growing number of school children who don’t count English as their first language.

Jo’s Story

Jo Worthington, a professional teacher from the UK, took part in a Classroom TEFL Course and learnt how to become a better teacher!

“I recently attended a classroom TEFL Course with i-to-i. I was expecting to be tired after long hours of study but instead I felt inspired! We had incisive teaching which encouraged students to take the lead and which helped us to develop a sense of ease, confidence and most of all fun! We laughed our way through any difficulties and the team spirit, encouraged by the tutor, enabled everyone to support each other.

I heard stories of where the others were going, we shared ideas, experience, advice and aspirations. It gave me so many ideas of fresh ways to approach my job as a teacher. Everyone went out of the course with the confidence to give their best and keep on learning how to become better TEFL teachers.

It is the best course I have ever done and after over 20 years as a teacher, you can guess I’m very impressed with the tutor and i-to-i.”

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