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If you find yourself staring at the clock, wishing away your weekdays and waiting desperately for the weekend, maybe it’s time for a little time away from the nine to five! Every year thousands of people quit their jobs, take a TEFL Course and head off in search adventure and a life less ordinary. TEFL gives you the chance to travel the world, sample life in other cultures and have a well deserved break from the mundane realities of chasing the paycheck.

Gareth’s Story

Gareth Openshaw, 24, quit his mundane job in telesales to teach English in Thailand!

“My name is Gareth, I’m twenty-four years old and I’m a kindergarten teacher in Bangkok.  Why did I decide to leave England to teach English in a far-flung corner of the planet?  Imagine the scene: recently graduated from Lancaster University; I’ve studied hard my whole life; I did well in school, college and university and now I find myself sat in my second 9-5 telesales job in the space of four months selling insurance, possibly the dullest thing a person can buy.  That was not where I envisaged myself when I graduated. 

I had two options: I could stay in the telesales job whilst looking for some dream job to come along in rainy Bolton (during an imminent recession); or I could get out there and make the most of the fact that I was still young, I had no major commitments keeping me where I was and there was a whole world out there that needed to be seen.

Having two friends having the time of their lives travelling around South-East Asia on a five month long trip and having another two friends living and teaching in Bangkok who were constantly trying to persuade me to take the plunge as well, basically made my choice for me.  A visit to the i-to-i website and a lot of studying later I was ready to go TEFLing!”

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