TEFL Jobs for Globetrotters

Stories from Globetrotters Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad can become a little addictive! In fact, there are a surprising number of people who use TEFL as a way to travel the world and fund their travels. TEFL allows them to see the world and move freely from place to place: a TEFL certificate acts as a passport to live and work wherever the mood takes them.

Robert’s Story

Robert Clarke, 23, ditched his dead-end job, headed to Spain, then Indonesia, where he got engaged, and now teaches in China!

“TEFL has given me the freedom to be able to go anywhere I want. If there is a country or city I would like to visit but maybe don’t have the savings it allows me to just look for a job there and go! It has also given me a great knowledge of other cultures.

My first stop was Spain for a weeks worth of volunteer teaching before heading off to teach in Indonesia for a year, where I found my future wife and now I am teaching in China! I expect to keep teaching for many years to come and I am even planning on starting a school here in China next year if things go well.

I would like to go to Japan and teach there for a year or possibly central/south America. After that I will settle down in Indonesia with my future wife, as she is from there. Living in a country gives you an insight that no holiday ever can or will!”