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Teaching English abroad offers students and gap year travelers the chance to see the world, improve their employability and make enough money to fund their travels. If you’re planning on taking time out to travel and teach, take a look at our TEFL Courses, TEFL Jobs and TEFL Internships.

Honor’s Story

Honor Baldry, 18, embarked on a gap year in Beijing to teach English to university students!

“After sitting my A Levels, I decided to spend three months of my gap year teaching English in Beijing, China. I wanted to experience somewhere that was totally different to anywhere I had previously travelled to, and decided that teaching English was a great way to fully immerse myself in an exciting new culture!

The Beijing Agricultural University, where I worked, was really good to me – our rooms were really plush, the people were really nice and I made lots of new Chinese friends! I have never before met a group of people more intent on making you feel welcome than the Chinese.

At first I had a bit of trouble with some dissident classes, but I worked out the solution: if it’s a sunny day take a class outside, buy them all ice cream, let them talk in English as much as possible and they’ll love you forever. One guy even went as far as saying I had made his dreams come true!”

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