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Specialist TEFL Courses

Whether you’re a bit rusty on your grammar or want to specialise in a particular type of teaching such as business English or one-to-one, we’ve got a specialist course to help you.

Teaching Young Learners


One thing’s for sure, you can’t use the same lesson plan with a class of young learners as you would with a group of teenagers. So if you’re planning on teaching younger students this extra course will give you some insider tips on how to teach and manage the most energetic pupils.

Teaching Teenagers


A class of teenagers can sometimes feel a bit daunting but with our Teaching Teenagers course you’ll learn how to adapt your lesson plans. Learn how to keep them engaged and get the most out of your students.

Lesson Planning


You’ll quickly learn that the key to a great lesson is all in the planning! Give your planning skills a boost and take your lessons to the next level. Packed with plenty of teaching suggestions and how you can take the theory into the classroom.

Teaching Business English


As businesses become more global the need to have a good grasp of English for negotiating and communicating is essential. You’ll learn how you can teach these vital skills to your students, giving them a step up on both their career ladder and yours.

Become an IELTS Coach


The IELTS exam has been designed to give non-native speakers a qualification which demonstrates their understanding of the English language. Learn how you to teach your students the key skills necessary so they can ace the all-important IELTS exam.

Awareness of Grammar


Let’s face it, most people aren’t big grammar fans, but by the end of the Awareness of Grammar course you’ll be able to teach this tricky topic in an engaging way for your students. Learn how to teach grammar in an easy to understand way, who knows it could become your favourite subject!

Teaching English One to One


There’s a growing demand for one-to-one TEFL tutoring whether it’s online, as a tutor to a teenager or a student who’s struggling with a particular topic. Learn how to make your lessons work for the independent student whilst keeping them fun and engaging.

Become an Online Tutor

$29.00 was $49.00

Whether you’re looking to become a TEFL digital nomad or just use your spare time getting some valuable teaching experience, you can boost your skills and potential with our new Become an Online Tutor add-on.

Practical Classroom Courses

Put your TEFL theory into practice with a classroom course. Spend a weekend with a group of TEFL trainees and bring your training to life. We’ll help get you ready to apply for your first job and start your teaching career.

20 Hour Classroom TEFL Course


Whether you’ve got some teaching experience or it’s all completely new to you this is the perfect way to see what it’s like to be a TEFL teacher. Taught by our expert tutors who have got years of international teaching experience, by the end of the weekend you’ll be ready to enter the classroom with confidence.


We know that sometimes life throws us a curveball and things don’t always run to plan, which is why you can always extend your TEFL course. Give yourself a bit of extra time and complete your course with minimal stress.

15 Day TEFL Course Extension


30 Day TEFL Course Extension


90 Day TEFL Course Extension


180 Day TEFL Course Extension


360 Day TEFL Course Extension


TEFL Handbooks

Equip yourself with any of our TEFL handbooks and get your teaching career off the ground. From classroom tips and techniques to job advice you’ll find something to help you, wherever you are in your TEFL journey.

Essential TEFL Book

Essential TEFL (eBook)


With over 300 classroom activities and teaching aids plus a helpful grammar guide, you’ll be planning engaging lessons in no time! This is a must for any budding TEFL teacher looking to give their lessons an edge and start their teaching career as they mean to go on.
career development ebook

TEFL Career Development (eBook)


Learn how you can develop your TEFL career and discover the skills needed to get you your dream role. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to take the next step up, you’ll discover what you need to do to get there.
warmers, fillers and coolers

Warmers, Fillers & Coolers (eBook)


A helpful guide of short activities to help get your students geared up and ready to learn. If you’re looking for something to give your lesson a kick start and bring the energy or perhaps to wind down an excitable class you’re sure to find something here.
grammar thumbnail

Ultimate Grammar Guide (eBook)


One of the trickier subjects to learn and to teach. Our grammar guide will give you some tips on how to turn this traditionally ‘boring’ topic into one that your students will want to learn. Perfect if you’re not confident with grammar and want a better understanding.
lesson planning ebook thumbnail

Lesson Planning Guide (eBook)


Arm yourself with the ultimate lesson planning guide! The saying "fail to plan and plan to fail" has perhaps never been more true than in the classroom. With this guide you’ll be planning and delivering fun, engaging and effective lessons in no time.

Finding A TEFL Job (eBook)

$29.95 was $39.95

You’ve completed your TEFL course and are raring to go. Now to get that perfect job! This toolkit blends practical information, templates, checklists and tips to guide you through the process.

Teaching Online Starter Pack

$14.95 was $29.90

Want to get started teaching English online? This essential toolkit will provide you with the technical advice, job guidance and lesson planning know-how to get you up and running and teaching from home in no time! Add this to your TEFL course purchase and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful online teaching career. Hurray!

TEFL Course & Internships

If you’re looking to put your TEFL skills into practice but you’re not ready to go it alone just yet, our Course & Internship packages are perfect for you. Get paid to teach in China or Vietnam for up to 10 months with full support from our in-country partners.

Paid China TEFL Internship


Discover the vast and incredible country of China with TEFL. After a week-long orientation where you’ll get used to a new culture and way of life you’ll spend 5 months teaching and getting invaluable classroom experience.

Paid Vietnam TEFL Internship


Get paid to teach in the vibrant country of Vietnam. Live like a local and teach in the community for 5 months, plus you’ll have the support of our in-country team throughout. Meet like-minded TEFL teachers and your fellow interns could become your travelling buddies in a few months.

Course Extras

Get yourself out there teaching as quick as possible with our express marking or get a printed copy of your certificate ready to send to employers.

Express Marking


Keen to get your TEFL qualification and start teaching? Add on express marking and we’ll make sure your lesson plan and supporting essay are marked by one of our expert TEFL tutors within 48 hours. Once you’ve got a pass mark that’s when the fun really begins.

Printed Certificates


As soon as you’ve passed your TEFL course you’ll get an electronic copy of your certificate but you may find that some employers ask for a printed copy. For a small fee we can send you a printed certificate by courier. Discounts apply for multiple certificate purchases in the same order.

Important note: If you purchased your course after the 21st August 2018, you will need to contact the Customer Support Team to get your printed certificate. Please contact us on the number below.

Read Only Course

$54.95 was $64.95

However brilliant you are, you can’t remember everything! With one year’s online access to your course materials you can check what you were taught from anywhere in the world.

TEFL Teaching Pack

$104.95 was $184.95

Perfect for newly qualified teachers. Learn how to find and apply for your dream TEFL job and prepare yourself for your first teaching role abroad! Plus, with the Essential TEFL Guide book included - you’ll have lots of classroom activities and teaching aids to make awesome lesson plans.

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