Will the i-to-i TEFL certificate guarantee me a job?

Securing work with your TEFL qualification

No. Any company who 'guarantees' you a job after taking their course isn't being honest.

Anyone with a well-respected TEFL certificate can find a job within weeks, as long as you are flexible about location etc. However, having a TEFL certificate from a reputable company, such as i-to-i, will certainly help you get to the interview stage. The rest is then up to you. Without a certificate it is very unlikely you will even be invited for an interview.

We are here to support and help you achieve a qualification to teach TEFL, and our job is to arm you with the skills and techniques to give you the confidence to walk into a classroom and teach. We are not a school and therefore cannot guarantee you a job – though definitely check out our TEFL jobs board.

Of course, we want to help you every step of the way so included in your 120 TEFL Online Course is help on writing your CV and finding work. We can also advise you of what potential employers will be looking for and we have associates with many schools worldwide – if they are recruiting at the time you are looking we will happily put you in touch with them.

Ultimately though the decision is made by you and your potential employer, you will decide if it is the right school for you (remember you don’t have to accept the job even if it is offered to you) and they will decide if you are right for their school.

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