How can I teach English in Mexico?

If you’re wondering how to teach English amongst the amazing beaches, fascinating culture and incredible food in Mexico, look no further. Here’s our quick guide setting out all you need to know on how to teach English in Mexico.

What qualifications do I need to teach English in Mexico?

There are no qualifications that you absolutely must have in order to teach English in Mexico. However, you’ll stand a far higher chance of getting a good English teaching job if you:

Even though it’s not a must, it’s definitely worth getting TEFL certified. Not only will it increase your chances of getting a job teaching English in Mexico – it also will mean that you’ll know what you’re doing when you arrive. Pretty handy when you’re faced with a class of 30 expectant students on day 1!

How can I find a job to teach English in Mexico?

Most English teaching jobs are in private language centres or schools. However, you could also pick up a job in a university, international school or teaching English to employees of a private company, particularly if you have higher level teaching qualifications.

You’ll have the best chance of finding a job teaching English in Mexico if you’re available to interview in person. However, if you don’t fancy flying out without a post to go to, don’t panic – some schools in Mexico will recruit and offer positions in advance. Check out i-to-i’s jobs board for the latest vacancies for jobs to teach English in Mexico.

When should I look for a job to teach English in Mexico?

Jobs in private language schools are available all year round, so it’s never a bad time to look for an English teaching job in Mexico. However, the busiest recruitment period is during the spring and summer, leading up to the start of Mexico’s new school year in late August. You’ll normally be expected to commit to a one year contract to teach English in Mexico.

Can I earn a good salary if I teach English in Mexico?

You’re unlikely to get rich teaching English in Mexico but you will get a reasonable living wage and a fantastic experience! Local living and travel costs are relatively low, so you should have enough to live comfortably and to travel around the country, particularly if you spend wisely.

If you have a higher level degree look out for (hugely sought after) posts teaching English in universities, as these pay more.

Where can I teach English in Mexico?

You can teach English pretty much anywhere in Mexico. The biggest market for English teachers is in and around Mexico City. However, you can pick up TEFL jobs in smaller cities further south and along the coast too.

Do I need a visa to teach English in Mexico?

You do normally need a visa to teach English in Mexico. This will require proof of your job offer from your employer. However, you should be able to enter Mexico without a work permit, and then apply for the correct visa once you find an English teaching job.

Do I have to speak Spanish to teach English in Mexico?

You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to teach English in Mexico. A TEFL course trains you how to teach English without speaking the local language. However, it’s always worth learning at least the basics when you’re living in another country. Look at it as your perfect opportunity to take those Spanish classes you’ve never quite got around to. Another reason to teach English in Mexico!


What else should I know about teaching English in Mexico?

English is required for many professions in Mexico – which means that there’s a huge market for both first time and experienced English teachers. Mexico also has a comparatively stable economy and government, making it a good place to teach.

With a vibrant culture, amazing beaches, brilliant landscape including dense jungle and show-topping volcanoes, fascinating Mayan ruins and festivals galore Mexico is an unmissable country in which to teach English.

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