Is it easy to find work once I've completed a TEFL course?

Advice on finding TEFL work

It is estimated that over 1 billion people are currently learning English worldwide. According to the British council, there are 750 million EFL speakers. This combined with a shortage of English language teachers’ means good news for TEFL teachers as it shows us that TEFL jobs are available all over the world.

Most people who study TEFL courses online have lots of options. You’ll have a better chance at your first job interview if you show you’ve invested some time in TEFL training.

Whilst finding the right job is never ‘easy’, language teaching overseas (particularly in Asia) is one area that there are more jobs than teachers. It’s perfect for escaping the current economic climate in Europe and North America.

Most people start off working in private language schools or in primary/secondary/elementary/junior high/middle/high schools, but you might also be able to get a job teaching in companies, in a kindergarten, or in further education colleges. However, jobs in universities and most of the decent jobs in some places tend to be reserved for those with higher qualifications and/or a few years’ experience. There are also jobs that you could probably get without any qualifications, such as Assistant Language Teacher in public schools (= state schools) and teacher in some big chains of language schools. If you have a decent TEFL certificate, you should be able to do such a job better and more quickly move on to a better position.

Here at i-to-i we invest a lot of time in helping our students get paid employment. When you finish our TEFL course that’s not the end of the story; we can advise you on things like work visas, flights, accommodation and all the practical aspects of moving abroad.

And, don’t forget also that at i-to-i we have our own supported TEFL Internships and a TEFL jobs board to help you on your way!

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