Should I go for a TEFL internship or conduct a job search on my own?

TEFL internships are a way to gain unique teaching experience whilst immersing yourself within an extraordinary new culture.

You’ll be fully TEFL trained before you venture to your host country where you’ll be supported as you teach English to local students. With in-country orientations and fantastic opportunities for exploring, these programmes are the perfect teach and travel experience. We currently have some amazing programmes in China, Thailand, South Africa, Cambodia and Colombia.

With an internship you are guaranteed work experience after completing your TEFL course. You can be confident that you will be teaching English abroad in a local school and that you have full support from an in-country team. With an internship you will be supported from start to finish, and for some that gives peace of mind.

For others, the ‘doing it yourself’ is part of the challenge. They want the freedom to research different countries and schools and pick and choose who they will work for. They want to choose their own accommodation; they want to face up to the challenge of building their life abroad.

It can be relatively easy to conduct a job search on your own. The best place to start is the internet, local newspapers, word of mouth, internet cafes and coffee shops and so on. If you are a confident person and can cope with speaking to new people (possibly in a different language) then you will not have a problem finding a job. But we are not all confident people and some of us need that push that an internship will do for you.

We can’t tell you which one is better – it really depends on what you want to get from this experience. If you have any doubts and would like to discuss this more then please contact our team of experts who will talk to you and help you reach the right decision.

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