Level 3 Silver Bundle

$79.95 was $308.60
  • 30-Day Extension
  • 5 essential eBooks
  • Express Marking
  • Become an Online Tutor Add-On
  • Finding a TEFL Job Guide
  • Essential TEFL eBook
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Give yourself the gift of time with our 30-Day Extension and Express Marking, plus 6 essential eBooks, Finding a TEFL Job Guide and our ever-popular Become an Online Tutor Add-On.

Is this bundle good for me?

The perfect bundle if you’re wanting guidance on what to do after your TEFL Course. With our Become an Online Tutor Add-on, you’ll learn how to earn a living in the lucrative online teaching world. You’ll also get access to our top eBooks to turn you into a teaching whizz once you’re qualified. In addition, you’ll get the 2 of our most popular guides for newbie TEFLers. Plus with a generous 30-Day Extension and Express Marking, the pressure will be off!

How do I get the Level 3 Silver Bundle ?

If you’ve either already got an i-to-i TEFL Course or are buying one now, you can simply purchase your chosen bundle online or over the phone.

Please note. If you’ve already got a TEFL Course with us, please make sure you use the same email address as your previous order when you check out. This will ensure that your new upgrades are added to your existing course.

If you want more info or to chat it through, request a call back from one of our experts here.

What’s included?

  • Become an Online Tutor Add-On
  • Essential TEFL eBook
  • Finding Work Abroad eBook
  • Lesson Planning eBook
  • Ultimate Grammar Guide eBook
  • TEFL Career Development eBook
  • Warmers, Fillers & Coolers eBook
  • Finding a TEFL Job Guide
  • 30-Day Extension
  • Express Marking
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