*included when you purchase a Level 5 course (180-hr, 300-hr, 420-hr courses)


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Fri 21st Jun 2021

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*included when you purchase a Level 5 course (180-hr, 300-hr, 420-hr courses)

FREE Live Zoom Classes*

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Fri 21st Jun 2021

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TEFL Courses

Get certified as a South African TEFL teacher

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TEFL Certificate
$179.00 was $759.00 Save 76% off
  • Suitable for beginners - 99% pass rate
  • Entry level jobs
  • Level 5 Certificate
  • 100% online learning
  • UK Government regulated (Ofqual)
  • Recognised in the US (DEAC-approved)
  • Typical time to complete 4-8 weeks
  • Course access time: 17 weeks
  • CELTA-level equivalent
  • Teaching Young Learners
TEFL Diploma
$229.00 was $1,129.00 Save 80% off
  • Suitable for beginners - 99% pass rate
  • High paying jobs
  • High quality Diploma
  • Level 5 Diploma
  • 100% online learning
  • UK Government regulated (Ofqual)
  • Recognised in the US (DEAC-approved)
  • Typical time to complete 8-16 weeks
  • Course access time: 27 weeks
  • CELTA-level equivalent
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Free study guide
  • 60-hr Teaching English Online
  • 60-hr Teaching Business English
  • Earn faster whilst studying
TEFL Advanced DIploma
Enrol today for $165* Save 80% off

*Full price $329. Pay 50% today to get started. Balance due in 30 days

  • Suitable for beginners - 99% pass rate
  • Highest paying jobs
  • Highest quality Advanced Diploma
  • Boost your earnings
  • Spread the cost - pay in 2
  • Level 5 Advanced Diploma
  • 100% online learning
  • UK Government regulated (Ofqual)
  • Recognised in the US (DEAC-approved)
  • Typical time to complete 12-20 weeks
  • Course access time: 37 weeks
  • CELTA-level equivalent
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Free study guide
  • 60-hr Teaching English Online
  • 60-hr Teaching Business English
  • 60-hr Teaching Other Subjects
  • 60- hr Teaching IELTS
  • Salary booster
  • Earn faster whilst studying
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  • Our highest qualification
  • The best job prospects
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Make yourself more employable
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180 hours of TEFL learning, ideal for securing a paid TEFL job.

TFEL teacher with students in africa

300 hours of advanced TEFL learning, perfect for landing a high paying TEFL job.

TEFL teacher teaching English online

420 hours of advanced TEFL learning, providing you with the best job prospects and highest paying jobs.

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Our in-house team of TEFL experts are here to help you land your dream TEFL job.

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Every TEFL teachers’ best friend! 11 amazing eBooks to help you pass your TEFL course quicker, learn how to plan lessons and much, much more.

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TEFL Course FAQs

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Do you have more questions?

From our friendly TEFL experts to our highly qualified tutors, our whole team is passionate about providing excellent customer service. We’re here to answer your questions and we’ll be with you on every step of your TEFL journey.

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  • Q: What are the benefits of a 420 Hour Advanced TEFL Diploma?
    • Our 420 Hour Online Advanced TEFL Diploma is the best TEFL course for you if you’re looking for access to the highest paying jobs. This TEFL certificate is highly regarded by employers worldwide, and will make you stand out head-and-shoulders above the crowd AND it’s only available through i-to-i – you won’t find this qualification anywhere else!
    • Our 420 Hour Online Advanced TEFL Diploma is the equivalent level to a CELTA qualification, a popular qualification for those who want to teach the English Language to adults. However, if you choose to take our 420 Hour TEFL Diploma, you’ll be qualified to teach both adults and children – win!
    • You will also get exclusive access to our most sought-after specialist TEFL courses: How to Teach Young Learners, Teaching One-to-One & Online, How to Teach Business English, Teaching IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and Teaching Other Subjects in English.
    • The 420 Hour TEFL course is also the equivalent level to a Foundation Degree in the UK, or commonly referred to as a Level 5 qualification, meaning it’s regarded more highly than a Level 3 TEFL course.
    • Our 420-Hour TEFL course is tutor-supported from start to finish, meaning you’ll get help along the way from our expert tutors, in-house Academic Director and Customer Support Team.
    • You’ll get 37 weeks access time to complete the TEFL course.
    • You’ll get an Advanced Diploma Certification on completion of your 420 Hour TEFL Course.
    • You have full flexibility on how you complete your TEFL course, online or via combined learning – the choice is entirely yours!
  • Q: Which TEFL course should I take?

    If you are looking to bag the best TEFL job, in the most sought after location and earn a high salary, we’d recommend choosing our Online TEFL Advanced Diploma (420 Hours). This TEFL course will propel your training and make your CV stand out head-and-shoulders above the crowd.

    If teaching English online appeals to you, then go check out our Online TEFL course (300 Hours). This TEFL course includes a specialist 60-hour module on Teaching English Online. You’ll be taught all of the skills and knowledge you need to earn an income from the comfort of your own home – win!

    If you’re looking for an accredited TEFL course that you can complete in a shorter time period, and still get access to paid jobs, then our Online TEFL course (180 Hours) is right up your street! You can expect to complete this TEFL course within 4 – 8 weeks.

    If you’re eager to jump on a plane ASAP and start volunteering in exotic countries around the globe, then our Online TEFL course (120 Hours) will get you qualified in as little as just 2 weeks and is perfect for landing TEFL volunteering positions.

    We also offer TEFL Internship packages which includes your TEFL course, plus an amazing teaching experience in a country of your choice: South Korea, Vietnam, China or Thailand. We take care of all the organisation of the trip, including free accommodation, in-country support, plus either a paid TEFL job or volunteering position overseas. Dreamy!

    Our team of TEFL job experts are on hand to help you decide which TEFL certificate will get you where you want to be, whether you want to complete your TEFL course online or by combined classroom learning! You can either call our helpful team on the number at the top of the page or request a callback to schedule a call for a time and day that suits you. We look forward to hearing from you!

    If you’re still not sure which TEFL course is for you, then check out our TEFL courses brochure which is packed full of information about all of our different courses. You can download it by clicking here.

  • Q: How do I know which TEFL course provider to use?

    With so much choice and a huge amount of information online, navigating the world of TEFL courses can be a tricky place and it can be difficult to know which TEFL certification is best for you.

    Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you choose a TEFL course provider who’s internationally recognised and is regulated by a governing body. This ensures the training you receive is of the highest quality and your TEFL qualification will be highly regarded and accepted by employers worldwide. All of our TEFL courses, online and combined, are regulated by Ofqual, the UK Governing body responsible for monitoring TEFL qualifications. Not only that but we’re also accredited by ODLQC and DEAC-approved! If you want to find out more about what this means, we have lots of information you can access by clicking here.

    Here at i-to-i TEFL, we offer flexible and affordable TEFL courses that are designed to be completed around busy lives and other commitments – you can choose if you want to complete your TEFL course online or through a mixture of online and in a classroom.

    We like to think that we are different here at i-to-i. We know the reason you wish to gain your TEFL certificate is so that you can get a brand-new job teaching English online or abroad. When you purchase a TEFL course from us, we don’t stop there. Our TEFL Jobs Team is on hand to help you land your dream TEFL job wherever that might be. From starting your TEFL course, all the way through to getting a TEFL Job, we’ll be here helping you every step of the way.

    Plus, here at i-to-i we love adventure. We know that completing a TEFL course is a life-changing experience that can change your life – that’s why our TEFL courses are competitively priced, to enable as many people as possible to get TEFL qualified and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Q: Where are your combined TEFL courses held?

    Our combined TEFL courses are the perfect blend of flexible, online learning and practical, face-to-face training. The practical training takes place in one of our 30+ locations around the world in the UK, South Africa, the US and the Netherlands – you can view the full list of locations here. In most locations, we run our classroom TEFL courses once or twice per month, so you can either choose a weekend that suits you or enrol using our flexi option, which means you won’t commit to a date straight away, you can let us know when you’d like to attend in the future.

  • Q: Do I need to know English grammar and grammatical rules?

    Our TEFL courses are designed for those who haven’t studied grammar since they were at school (most of us)! It’s not everyone’s favourite subject, but if you’re a native English speaker, you already have a natural understanding of grammar. It’s all about turning that knowledge into teachable rules – that’s where our TEFL training comes in!

    So, whether you’re a native speaker or simply fluent in English, our TEFL courses will help you feel totally confident when it comes to taking your first grammar class.

  • Q: Who can I teach when I am TEFL qualified?

    When you pass your TEFL course, both online and combined, you’ll be qualified to apply for TEFL jobs abroad or to teach English online, to adults and children of any age. When you choose to study either our Online TEFL Course (180 Hours), Online TEFL Diploma (300 Hours) or Online TEFL Advanced Diploma (420 Hours), you’ll get access to our specialist TEFL courses, which are super handy if you want to be TEFL trained in a particular area.

    Our Level 5 courses (180/300/420 Hours) contain specialist modules. the more advanced the course, the more modules are included, this will make you more employable and allow you to earn more!

    Some of the specialist modules we have include: How to Teach Young Learners, Teaching One-to-One & Online, How to Teach Business English, Teaching IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and Teaching Other Subjects in English. These will prepare you for specific teaching situations. Plus, being qualified in specific TEFL areas will increase your earning potential!

    We are the only TEFL provider to offer these Specialist Courses at Level 5 and Advanced Level 5, which will make your CV stand out to future employers. If you’ve opted for one of our Level 5 TEFL qualifications, you’ll naturally have a greater pick of TEFL jobs on offer as you’ll be qualified to a higher level than if you choose a Level 3 course.

  • Q: Are there any age restrictions?

    No, there are no age restrictions to enrol onto any of our TEFL courses! We often get asked “Am I too old to TEFL?” Our answer: definitely not! We’ve trained teachers of all ages that have built successful TEFL careers, both online and across the globe. Check out some of their stories here!

  • Q: Do I need to be a native English speaker?

    You don’t need to be a native English speaker to take a TEFL course, but you do need to have a native English speaker level to succeed. If you aren’t a native English speaker, we recommend you opt for our 120 Hour TEFL course (you can always upgrade later), unless your standard of English is near-native.

    If you want to chat to one of our friendly TEFL experts to figure out which TEFL course is best for you, then you can request a call back.

  • Q: Do I need any qualifications to take a TEFL course or diploma?

    The short answer is no! You only need to be able to speak English fluently to take a TEFL course or diploma – we’ll train you on the rest. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, this isn’t a requirement for any of our qualifications and you can teach English online and abroad without one. If you don’t have a degree, our advice would be to take our Online TEFL Diploma (420 Hours) to boost your employment potential and give yourself the best chance of bagging a great TEFL job!

  • Q: How can I improve my job chances with a TEFL course?

    If you choose to enrol on our 420 Hour TEFL Diploma, you’ll get access to our specialist modules: Teaching Young Learners, Teaching English Online, Teaching Business English, Teaching Other Subjects and Teaching IELTS. Having these specialise TEFL modules on your CV will make you more desirable to hiring managers, plus you’ll be able to demand higher salaries – win!

    If you’ve already got a TEFL qualification, but you’re looking to expand your knowledge, we also have a range of specialist courses that you can enrol on that could help expand your skills even further so you’ll stand out from the crowd.

    Another way to add extra kudos to your CV is by adding a 20 Hour Practical TEFL Course – this will provide you with face-to-face practical learning in the classroom.

    We’ve also taken our 300-hour course and combined it with either a digital marketing or technology course creating what we’re calling our TEFL Plus range – these courses will be great if you’re considering becoming a TEFL freelancer or are even considering a different career route after TEFL.

  • Q: Can I TEFL on my gap year?

    Absolutely! We think there is no better way to spend your gap year. Imagine a year full of memories, making friends, experiencing new cultures, changing lives, travelling the world.. all whilst getting paid! Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

    When you complete one of our TEFL courses, you’ll get qualified to teach English abroad or overseas. You can then spend the year travelling the world and teaching – whether you want to stay in one place for the entire year, or spend the year visiting different destinations, the choice is yours!

    Like the idea of travelling, but worried about the organisation of it all? Then our TEFL internships are perfect for you as they make teaching abroad fuss-free! Our team of experts will take care of all of the organisation for you. You’ll get your TEFL course, free accommodation, in-country support, orientation week, plus visa guidance included. With a mixture of 2 – 12 months paid and voluntary positions available in South Korea, Thailand, China or Vietnam, there’s something that will suit everyone.

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  • Accredited and regulated TEFL qualification
  • Recognised worldwide

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