How to TEFL without a degree

Did you know? You don’t need a degree to teach English abroad.

You might not have thrown your mortarboard in the air at a graduation but that doesn’t mean you can’t live your TEFL dream! It’s a common misconception that you need a degree in order to be able to teach, and we can assure you, that’s not true.

With more English language students in Asia than there are people in the United States, TEFL teachers are in high demand. Native speakers are a valuable resource, so you’re bound to find a TEFL job somewhere. Here’s how you can get that valuable teaching experience to get you started – no degree required.

TEFL Internship

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Our TEFL Internships are the best and quickest way to get into teaching and gain a TEFL qualification. Ideal if you have no teaching experience and no degree! Cambodia and Thailand are exciting destinations for those wanting to try their hand at teaching. The Internships last just a few months (long enough to skip winter, perhaps?) and there are only a few requirements to meet. It gives you the chance to experience another culture and work at the same time. You’ll even have the i-to-i TEFL experts on hand if you ever get stuck. Plus, you get lovely new talking point on your CV for future employers.

Paid Internship

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Our Spain Paid Internship is an ideal way to make your teaching debut. You’ll have a salary and you won’t need a degree to do it! 9 months with a host family means you’ll get a full immersive experience and come out of it feeling like a teaching professional. Olé! Feel free to check out all the extra details here

Teach English online

teaching online

If you’ve already got a bit of teaching experience or you’re already TEFL qualified, then you may be able to teach English without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Online tutoring via the internet is a growing trend. With flexible hours and little equipment required, we can see why it’s catching on. You could even work it around a full-time job. Personally, we’re picturing a nice, Wi-Fi-accessible cabin by the sea!


If you’re 100% set on a specific country and you aren’t letting a degree get in your way, you can always gain experience there by volunteering. Much like the TEFL Internships, volunteering allows you to gain your first bit of experience teaching. It may lead to a paid role that you might not have found otherwise.

Visit Central and South America

The visually stunning continents of Central and South America are the perfect destinations to TEFL without a degree. However, if you’re a TEFL newbie we’d highly recommend becoming TEFL qualified. This will get you familiar with teaching and give you an internationally recognised stamp of approval, making you more competitive. TEFL newbies can find opportunities in less developed places like Peru, Ecuador and Chile. More experienced TEFLers can find work in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil.

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However you choose to TEFL without a degree, make sure you do your research beforehand. We won’t lie to you, for visa reasons, some countries simply won’t allow you to TEFL without a degree (boo!) – but not all of them. Ensure you’re able to meet the requirements and also get the experience you really want. For further information, contact our team.

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