Unusual places to TEFL

So you’ve decided you want to teach abroad, but want to branch out from the regular TEFL hotspots?

Here’s our top trio of truly amazing destinations that probably won’t have made your bucket list yet. We guarantee that once you’ve looked into them, flights WILL be booked…

1. The Magic of Myanmar


If you’re searching for an adventurous TEFL experience quite unlike another, Myanmar is undoubtedly the ONE!

Oozing with ancient history, breath-taking landscapes and some of the world’s warmest people, Thailand’s mysterious big sister is the perfect place to travel and teach for those who crave something a little extraordinary.

For a country steeped in so much culture, dripping in natural wonders, it’s unsurprising that Myanmar is steadily coming out of the shadows of its turbulent history and into the light as Southeast Asia’s newest star of the show.

Despite its ongoing political struggles, Myanmar’s countryside is undoubtedly beautiful. With majestic lakes and rivers, dense tropical forests, the purest Bay of Bengal beaches and the snow-capped Himalayas, you’ll be spending your days off surrounded by knockout scenery.

Travelling with TEFL is more than scratching the surface on a sightseeing holiday, you’ll live like a local with time to properly immerse yourself in the fascinating culture, connect with the locals and see all of the treasures Myanmar has to offer.

Whether you end up teaching in a small private school or in a classroom full of children, you’ll be sure to settle in this beautiful country thanks to its generous people and ready-to-learn students.

In terms of making a living out there, the average teacher salary for private schools is around £1000, with the cost of living being around £600, allowing you to save up and travel around other countries in this epic part of the world. Now, where do we sign…


2. From Russia With Love…


Russia has totally transformed from its Soviet past, into a cosmopolitan, exciting country. The largest nation on earth, Russia is becoming a must-visit destination, filled with contemporary art and culture. More importantly to us, Russia has become an amazing place to teach English!

Demand for native English speakers is greater than the supply at the moment and the younger generation of Russians itching to learn English means private English language schools are popping up everywhere in Russia’s cities.

For adventurous TEFLers who travel to this diverse country, you won’t be short of things to do to fill your time. Go West and admire the architecture of St Petersburg, marvel at the magical Kremlin in Moscow or treat yourself to a trip on the world-famous Trans-Siberian Express Railway and watch this enigmatic country whizz by the window.

The easiest way to land a teaching role in Russia is in a private language school, where you can either teach children or adult students, depending on the type of area you’re interested in. Living costs are relatively low in Russia, especially if you move a little out of the glitzy larger cities, meaning you’ll be able to save whilst you teach. Perfect!


3. Mysterious Mongolia


Here’s one destination we doubt you’ve thought of when looking for a teaching abroad destination. Mongolia is seriously remote, but seriously beautiful, with warm people and a long, intriguing history.

If you’re wanting to escape the everyday, Mongolia will give you that space to breathe (and more)! With four people per square mile, it’s one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Although salaries here are low, living costs are cheap and some jobs don’t demand a year’s commitment, making it perfect for those wanting to move around a little.

When you’re not teaching, why not discover the vast Gobi Desert, awe-inspiring yurts and the famous Tuvan throat singers that will blow you away, leaving you wanting to revisit this magnetic country again and again!


These three locations are just the tip of the TEFL iceberg! Generally, there’s an increasing amount of demand for English teachers abroad – the world is opening up, ready and waiting for you to explore!

Feeling inspired? Seize the day and check out our amazing TEFL Internships or TEFL Travel Destinations including Vietnam, Thailand, China, Cambodia, South Africa or Spain.


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