What visa do I need to teach English abroad?

Visa requirements vary depending on which country you hold a passport from, and the country you want to teach English in. It’s important to ensure you have the correct visa before you travel. For all destinations, you must carry a clean police check. For the UK you’ll need to pay approximately £25 for a Disclosure Scotland. For all other countries, please consult your local police department (costs may vary).

Here is an overview of what to expect per country, however, we strongly advise to check visa requirements with your embassy.

Destination Visa Visa Fee
China Approximately £150/$200 for an X2 student visa (180 day visa). Approximately £190/$270 (in-country partners will advise and assist on this).
Vietnam Either $50 for single entry or $100 for multiple entry 3 month business visa (when purchased at the airport in-country). Subject to Embassy fees if purchased before departure. Do note that a University Degree is required to teach in Vietnam to get the suitable visa. $250 payable in cash in-country.
Thailand TEFL Experience £25 for a 60 day tourist visa. Can be extended for a further 30 days in country. N/A
Cambodia Approximately £60 (£30 – 30 day visa on arrival + £30 for 30-day renewal). Visa on arrival must be paid in USD. If staying for longer than 60 days they will need a business visa. We can provide a letter so they can get this on arrival N/A
Colombia Free visa for 90 days (British nationals only). Free for British Nationals. Consult your embassy for visa and administration costs.
South Africa Free visa for 90 days. N/A

Now that you have the formal document info, see how you can open door to far flung places with a TEFL certificate. View all our TEFL courses here.

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