Can I teach in South America without a TEFL certificate?

There are teaching jobs available all over South America for native English speakers, even if you don’t have any teaching experience.

There are positions available for those with no qualifications and no teaching experience, but a TEFL certificate will stand you in great stead for scoring the best-paid, most rewarding roles across this vast and colourful continent. So, yes, you can TEFL in South America without a certificate, but you may be missing out.


Find out what's required to teach English in South America

Teachers with a minimum of 120 hours of TEFL learning may find themselves in a position to take on teaching roles at independent universities and colleges which offer better money and conditions, though it’s worth bearing in mind that these will vary dramatically between schools and countries. Wages are generally quite low in South America, but as the cost of living is also low, you should be able to live relatively comfortably and enjoy plenty of spare time to enjoy the endless wonders on offer in this continent.

It’s a great idea to arrange employment with your school before you touch down in country, so that you can hit the ground running once you land. You’re likely to find attractive contracts that include accommodation and some meals, and less commonly your air fare may be included or reimbursed after a specified time teaching.

Many teachers head straight for the TEFL hot spots of Brazil and Peru, but there are plenty of other great TEFL locations not to be overlooked.

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