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20 Hour Virtual Classroom TEFL Course

Classroom TEFL Course
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  • 2 dayVIRTUAL weekend course
  • Introduction to TEFL
  • Get practical learning experience
  • FREE Flexi-Course option: Book now, pick a date later ?
One Life-changing weekend

Course Summary

Myth buster: You don’t need to have a degree, teaching experience or speak another language to take our TEFL courses. If you can speak English, you can learn to teach English!

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20 Hour Virtual Classroom TEFL Course: Gain actual TEFL experience

Want to experience TEFL teaching in a classroom but from the comfort of your own home? Then this 20-hour course is for you.

This virtual classroom course is a brilliant taster into the world of TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language). This two-day practical course is all online and led by our experienced TEFL tutors. It gives an introduction into teaching English as a foreign language. You’ll get the chance to practice your own lessons, learn from our experts with years of knowledge and expertise to share, as well as being a great way to meet fellow students who are taking the same path as you.


Only UK Regulated TEFL Qualification

Quality training means top jobs

Ofqual-regulated TEFL training. A mark of quality employers will recognise – making you super employable. Check out your shiny certificate here.

Course breakdown

How it works

One weekend, one virtual classroom, one life-changing opportunity.

Our 20-hour classroom course is the perfect addition to any of our TEFL courses.

Over two days, you’ll be fully immersed in the TEFL experience, learning everything from how to plan a lesson to how to inspire your students.

Packed full of practical experience, led by a specialist tutor, this 20-hour virtual course will also give you the opportunity to meet like-minded aspiring TEFL teachers, just like you!

There’s a choice of dates and times to suit you.

What will I learn?

An exciting virtual classroom course introducing you to the world of TEFL

This super-charged weekend course gives you an insight into all aspects of teaching English abroad.

You’ll learn about the TEFL principles, find out how to teach reading and listening skills, and discover how to use materials to support your lessons.

To round everything off, we’ll take a look at how to find and apply for teaching positions so you can start thinking about where in the world your TEFL journey might take you.

Module breakdown

Want to know what you’ll be doing? Here’s a brief overview of the online modules:

The main aim is to develop your teaching skills: you’ll learn how to teach an engaging and effective lesson.


You’ll learn and practise ten core teaching skills, essential for engaging and effective TEFL teaching:

Outcomes Teach an engaging lesson Teach an effective lesson
Core teaching skills
  1. The topic or context is relevant to the particular students.
  2. The lesson starts with a student-student warmer.
  3. You use visuals or realia.
  4. STT is higher than TTT.
  5. Students interact with different students.
  1. You instruct clearly.
  2. You elicit new language, and check understanding.
  3. You model and drill new language.
  4. Students practise new language together.
  5. You monitor and respond to students’ needs.


These core teaching skills are taught using the same approach as i-to-i’s online training. The difference is you can experience the techniques as classroom learners, and then practise them in simulated teaching activities.

What else will I learn to do?

  • plan and teach reading and listening lessons
  • research and teach grammar
  • respond to grammar errors
  • exploit materials to create great lessons, and reduce your preparation time
  • find and apply for quality teaching positions

In just two days, you’ll gain practical insights into what it’s like to teach English online or abroad, gaining the confidence to go after your dream job, wherever that may take you. What’s more, with our unique Flexi-Course option, you can book your course now and book your classroom course option when you’re ready.

Here’s the timetable:

Day 1
9.00-9.15 Welcome & course aims
9.15-10.30 TEFL principles
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Teaching new language
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-3.00 Grammar & error correction
3.00-3.15 Break

(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 1
5.30-6.00 Day 1 reflection
Day 2
9.00-9.30 Review
9.30-10.30 Pronunciation
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Teaching reading & listening
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.30 Using coursebooks
2.30-2.45 Break

(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 2
5.00-5.30 Day 2 reflection
5.30-6.00 Your TEFL future

Here for you

With at least 5 years’ teaching experience each, these guys are here to get you qualified and out there teaching.

Academic director

Academic Director, Emily John

Gayle Norman TEFL tutor

TEFL Tutor, Gayle Norman

TEFL Tutor, Hayley

TEFL Tutor, Hailey Fliegelman

TEFL tutor, Paul

TEFL Tutor, Paul Myers


TEFL Tutor, Penny Campbell

TEFL tutor, Annie

TEFL Tutor, Annie da Silva

TEFL tutor, Stephen

TEFL Tutor, Stephen Maule

TEFL tutor, Tracy

TEFL Tutor, Tracy Robinson

TEFL tutor, Anna

TEFL Tutor, Anna Britton

TEFL tutor, Teresa

TEFL Tutor, Teresa Jacobs

TEFL tutor, Peter

TEFL Tutor, Peter Bowdery

TEFL tutor, Meryl

TEFL Tutor, Meryl Burgess

TEFL tutor, Lindsey

TEFL Tutor, Lindsey Cottle

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8th October 2022

FAQs - your questions answered

"Will the course fit in with my life?"

Absolutely! You pick the place and date of when you want to complete your 20 hour classroom training. Once you've done that all you need to do is turn up with bags of enthusiasm!

If you're not sure when or where you want to take the course there's always the flexi-option which lets you decide at a later date.

"How do I get fully qualified as a TEFL teacher?"

If at the end of the weekend course you've caught the TEFL bug and you want to get fully qualified it's really simple!

All you have to do is add on our 120 hour online TEFL course and complete it, this normally takes people four to six weeks. Once you've passed this you've got everything you need to travel the world and start teaching!

"How much grammar will I need to know?"

Don’t let worries about grammar put you off. You’ll be teaching conversational English and we’re sure you’re already a natural when it comes to talking.

So if grammar leaves you cold, don’t sweat; you can still be a great teacher.

The UK’s trusted TEFL provider

Our qualifications have been approved by Gatehouse Awards, the awarding organisation recognised by Ofqual . Make your CV stand out from the crowd with a TEFL qualification from i-to-i.

ofqual-iconWho are Ofqual?

Ofqual is the British exam watchdog and their job is to ensure qualifications awarded are of the highest standard. An Ofqual stamp of approval on your qualification will be recognised worldwide and is highly respected by employers, pushing your resume to the top of the pile and getting you your dream TEFL job!

Why is it important to me?

There’s plenty of TEFL jobs out there but competition is tough, which is why you need to stand out from your peers. With a qualification from i-to-i you’ll have a qualification which has been independently checked to the highest standards, providing you with the best, so you can be the best.

odlqcDid you know?

We’ve also received independent accreditation from the ODLQC (Open & Distance Learning Quality Council) which is recognised by employers across the globe giving you a qualification which will give you the best start on your TEFL journey.

Regulated, accredited and trusted.

Take a look at what your i-to-i qualification could look like

With so many TEFL courses out there it’s hard to know what to look for so here’s our top tips:

  • English Government Regulated - Make sure that the course you’re about to start has been independently checked and leads to a regulated qualification. The Ofqual seal of approval gives employers the confidence that you’ve got the best qualification, practically guaranteeing you a job.
  • Experience - With over 27 years’ experience in TEFL we’ve carved the path for TEFL courses. Since the world’s first weekend TEFL course in 1994 leading to the world’s first online TEFL course in 2001 we know our way around a TEFL course!
  • Help & Support - You’re bound to have questions during your course so make sure you’ll get the support you need. Our TEFL courses come with a personal tutor so you can tap into their TEFL wisdom along the way.

Why i-to-i?


Quality & value

Looking for a qualification that will open doors to jobs around the world? Well, that’s exactly what i-to-i delivers. We’re accredited and our courses are regulated by respected independent bodies, we’re always improving and innovating to bring you the very best.


Support & advice

Starting a new challenge can sometimes feel a bit daunting but we’ll make your TEFL experience new and exciting not new and scary. We’ll be right here, holding your hand every step of the way.


Experience & knowledge

When it comes to TEFL, we know our stuff and pretty much wrote the book on teaching English as a foreign language. We’ve been around longer than any other provider and have awarded more TEFL qualifications than anyone else – over 210,000 and counting.

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