Top 5 Places To Teach English Without a Degree

Want to find out which are the top places you can teach English in, without a degree? Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re looking to TEFL abroad, but don’t have a degree, it’s no problem! Even though a number of countries want a university degree in order to qualify for a working visa, there are still some amazing destinations for those that don’t have a degree but want to find a TEFL job abroad.

Read on to find out more!

(Just an FYI: if you want a stress-free experience before settling down to full-time work you can do our Thailand Volunteer Internship WITHOUT a degree! Hooray!)


1) Cambodia

TEFL in your 50s in Cambodia

Although Asia has a lot of countries with strict visa requirements (China, Japan, Vietnam we’re looking at you!), it also has some great options for those without degrees.

Cambodia is the best of the bunch, as degrees aren’t needed there for the majority of TEFL jobs. It’s also a beautiful country, with a very friendly population, where you can spend your free time exploring beautiful temples (Angkor Wat is a must-see!), relaxing on sandy-white beaches, or enjoying the hustle and bustle of the capital city, Phnom Penh.

How much can you earn?

Until fairly recently, most TEFL jobs in Cambodia were voluntary, making it the perfect destination for gap years and internships. However, in recent years there has been a significant growth in paid teaching positions. Salaries for TEFL teachers tend to vary between $500-$2000/month. And with the cost of living in Cambodia being fairly low, you will have extra budget leftover at the end of the month to explore and travel – perfect!

Top places to teach English in Cambodia

Phnom Penh – Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital and the country’s largest city in terms of population, meaning that there are loads of TEFL jobs. English is widely spoken in Phnom Penh, so it will make the transition of moving countries easier for those who do not speak the local language.

Siem Reap – Situated further north, Seam Reap is also a very popular destination for TEFL teachers. Siem Reap is the perfect base if you are looking to spend some time exploring the fabulous Angkor Wat.

Want more info on fun things to do when you get to Cambodia? Check out our blog post on unusual things to see and do in Cambodia.

And check out the latest TEFL job vacancies in Cambodia on the LoveTEFL jobs board.


2) Spain


The beautiful beaches, the Mediterranean climate, the welcoming locals, the weeklong fiestas and the afternoon siestas… it’s not hard to see why people choose to TEFL in Spain! And if you’re eager to explore Europe, this is the best country to base yourself from, as it has excellent bus and rail links to other countries on the continent.

But you should definitely explore Spain first! The gorgeous food and varied cultural heritage will make you fall in love with this amazing place in no time. And, as the cities and towns are full of super friendly locals, you’ll be able to learn Spanish very quickly (if you want to!)

How much can you earn?

The average monthly teaching salary is around €1,000 – €1,400 (£830 – £1,100 / $1100 – $1500) but this can vary widely, depending on your teaching experience and where you’re going to be living (salaries tend to be higher in bigger cities, where costs of living are slightly higher). Although this might not sound like lot, in comparison to some countries in Asia or the Middle East, you’ve got to remember that the cost of living in Spain is very reasonable, so your wage will go further than you think!

You will also often find that there are great options to keep accommodation costs down, such as sharing with other teachers or homestays (where you rent a room in the house of a local family) – leaving you more money to spend on fiestas!

Top places to teach English in Spain

Madrid – If you love the bright lights of a big city and you’re looking for an authentic Spanish experience, then Madrid is perfect for you! In your time off you can spend your days shopping on Gran Via or basking in the sunshine at the Retiro park (Spain’s answer to Central Park in New York). There are also amazing tapas places on every corner, so you can sample the best food from all over Spain! Madrid also has one of the highest demand for TEFL teachers in the country, so it will have the biggest range of roles to choose from.

Barcelona – Another city with a high demand for teachers in Spain. If you love culture, art, and prefer somewhere closer to the coast, then Barcelona is definitely for you! This city is full of gorgeous places to explore, from walking down La Rambla, shopping and sampling gorgeous tapas, to biking down to the beaches and enjoying seafood paella – there is something for everyone. And, you can even try your hand at learning Catalan (to accompany your Spanish) while you’re there!

Get your FREE Guide to Teaching English in Spain

Take a look at the latest TEFL jobs in Spain


3) Mexico


Considered by many seasoned travellers as the jewel in the crown of Central America, it’s little wonder that increasing numbers of people are looking to teach English in Mexico.

It’s home to countless ancient Mayan sites, mile after mile of palm fringed beaches, a handful of bustling super cities, and more stunning colonial architecture than any other country in the region. Oh… and the food is amazing too! Business is conducted face-to-face there, so most people going out to TEFL in Mexico make the move before contacting schools directly, although we do advertise all of our Mexican vacancies on our TEFL jobs board, which you can apply for whilst in your home country. The in-person/face-to-face approach might also be hold due to the current COVID situation, so it’s best to check before you travel!

How much can you earn?

Nobody goes to teach English in Central America to earn loads of money. But despite the fact that the wages on offer are relatively low, you can live comfortably on the money you earn, as the cost of living is so low. Average wage in Mexico for a new TEFL teacher is £375/$600 for full-time positions, but it can be more like £175/$240 in smaller towns, or with part-time positions. Doesn’t sound like a lot, right? But when you factor in the fact that rent can be as low as £70/$100 and utilities around £20/$30 a month, it sounds a lot more doable. Especially considering the fact that, with the lower wages, employers will often cover the costs of your accommodation and utilities. So, there will be plenty for you to spend on the delicious (and very cheap) Mexican food on offer!

Some schools will also include Spanish language lessons! The feeling you’ll get being able to communicate with the locals and full integrate yourself into society? Priceless!

Top places to teach English in Mexico

Mexico City – Known locally as ‘El D.F’ (El Distrito Federal), the capital is the main market for people looking to teach English in Mexico. It’s the country’s main cultural, political, and economic centre and as such is home to most of the large-scale language schools and institutes. A good place to meet other ex-pats and teachers is the Quaker-run Casa de los Amigos on Ignacio Mariscal, 132.

Tehuacán – This smaller city is located about 4 hours southeast of the capital and it’s perfect for those looking to deep dive into Mexican culture. It’s home to some amazing, historic architecture and is known for hosting a number of diverse cultural festivals every year. One of the most popular is the ‘Festival Internacional de Tehuacán’, which celebrates the artistic and cultural history of the city. It’s also a great place to go to if you love Cactus (bit niche we know…) as it’s home to over 200 different types of the prickly plant!

Take a look at the latest TEFL vacancies in Mexico


4) Argentina


Argentina is hurtling towards the top of the TEFL charts, with super-welcoming people, spectacular scenery, electrifying cities and rather too scrumptious wine, topped off with a TEFL jobs’ market that’s bursting at the seams. Argentina offers good TEFL opportunities for both experienced and newly qualified TEFL teachers. The bulk of the TEFL posts is in private language centres, with most located in beautiful Buenos Aires and cosmopolitan Córdoba. They cater for both adults and children, with particular demand for business English teachers in the cities.

How much can you earn?

Like most countries in South America, TEFL wages in Argentina are bearable rather than brilliant. You could be earning up to $1,200 as a full-time TEFL teacher. While the cost of living is comparatively low, you may well need to take on more than one teaching position, or top up your salary with private tuition in order to bring in a decent income. A lot of teachers in Argentina earn extra income by teaching private lessons (mostly business English to professionals), charging around £9/$14 an hour. However, you’ll need to wait until you’ve been teaching in Argentina for a few months; as students are gained by other students recommending you.

Top places to teach English in Argentina

Buenos Aires – is a great city if you are looking for somewhere classy and sophisticated. It is often referred to as the ‘Paris of South America’ due to its strong European influences. It’s a hot spot for shopping luxury labels and glamorous nightlife. But, be sure to live life like a local and visit a secret bar that was inspired by the 1920s USA speakeasies.

Córdoba – is the perfect place if you want to reclaim your student years. With a student population of 150,000, you can imagine how lively this vibrant city is all day & night, with parties running until 9am. And, no night out is complete without a glass of Fernet (the drink of Córdoba): just remember to mix it with something, as it tastes pretty disgusting!

Rosaria – if you want to soak in the history and culture of Agententina – seeped in history as the birthplace of both the Argentinian flag and Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara – Rosaria is the place for you. This city has transformed its once-derelict buildings into quirky galleries and classy bars; and the river beaches are a popular hangout in the summer months

Take a look at the latest TEFL vacancies in Argentina


Top tip: With all countries in these times of COVID, you will need to check the quarantine/testing/visa requirements before you travel, as these are constantly subject to change. Some countries also require proof of vaccination, so make sure you check all the requirements before you make your decision. And keep checking, because more places are opening up every week!


5) Online!

Woman using laptop in hammock on beach

Okay, okay, we know it’s not technically a place BUT it can take you to lots of different places, so it makes the list!

With online teaching you can skip out the working visa process altogether and earn a good wage from anywhere in the world! Teaching English online is one of the fastest growing areas of TEFL so it’s the perfect time to get involved. Absolutely anyone can teach English online, you don’t need a degree to get a tourist visa, and you just need to get a TEFL certificate, a laptop, webcam, and reliable internet connection – easy!

How much can you earn?

Online salaries vary quite a lot depending on if you’re freelance, an agency worker, how big your classes are and the type of English you’re teaching. You can earn anywhere from £10 – £35+ ($13 – $46+) per lesson and lessons are generally around 60 minutes long. This means you could be earning big money if you’re at the top of your game!

Top places to teach English online

There are lots of companies that don’t require a degree for online teaching and some of the best ones include: Cambly, Profy and Engoo. For a full list, check out our blog post – 20 companies that don’t require their TEFL teachers to have a degree.

Download your free guide to teaching English online now to find out more!
And check through the latest online TEFL vacancies on the LoveTEFL jobs board.

World TEFL Guide

*Information is correct at the time of writing this. For latest information, check the local guidelines.

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  1. lovextomz

    How do l get more information on the vacancies?

  2. Elle Pollicott

    Hey, you can find out more about teaching opportunities overseas on our destination pages here:; and you can take a look at vacancies here:

  3. fznaids

    I have a natinal diploma, studied for three 3 years at CPUT. Does this make a difference?

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi, do you have a degree? You can certainly find lots of jobs teaching English overseas if you don’t have a degree, but by having a degree, even more doors open for you in terms of where you can teach – countries like Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Middle East all require that you have a degree to TEFL; and many Western European countries like France and Germany prefer to hire someone who has a degree, so you’ll find it much easier finding work there. Hope this helps! Elle

  4. qianyu

    As a non-native english speaker without any university diploma – can i find a job teaching english in china with TEFL?

  5. sw

    Who can I talk to to help me teach in China? I don’t have a passport or anything like that, I need some help from someone who can help me from scratch.

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi, you’ll need to apply for a passport – Google ‘apply for a passport’ and you’ll find out how to get one. With regards to getting TEFL-qualified, you can find find out more information about our courses here: For teaching in China, the standard would be 120hours of online learning, although we’d recommend the 140hours with a 20hour practical classroom course for those who haven’t taught before. If you have any more questions in relation to getting TEFL-certified, or teaching in China, you can request a call back here: and one of our expert advisers will get in touch. Hope this helps!

  6. gladys

    Hi, i have a degree, but i have no TEFL certificate am i qualified to teach English in China?Am a fluent English speaker.

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Gladys, all you need is to get TEFL qualified and then you’ll be able to teach in China! We have two types of courses: our 120hour course, which is all done online; and our 140hour course which has an additional 20hours classroom training and is recommended if you haven’t had any teaching experience before. You can find out more information about our courses here:, and if you want to find out more about getting TEFL qualified and finding work in China, you can get in touch with our expert advisers by requesting a call back here: and someone will be in touch shortly. Hope this helps!

  7. Ranbir

    Hi, I’m looking at teaching English in Singapore but don’t have a degree.. Without a degree can I still find a teaching job if I have the TEFL certificate? If I can teach without a degree what sort of schools are best to target? Looking forward to hearing from you thanks

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Ranbir, unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to find a TEFL job without a degree in Singapore. The good news is though, is that there are lots of other countries where you can teach English once you’ve gotten TEFL qualified: many countries in Asia (Cambodia, Laos and China for example); all of South America, and most of Europe. If you’d like to find out more about our courses, you can either have a read of them here:, or speak to an expert TEFL adviser, as they’ll be able to explain to you the requirements for different countries and help you find the right TEFL course for you, and you can request a call back here: Hope this helps!

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    how do i apply to teach overseas?

  9. Shahid mahmood

    i am contacting with you from pakistan ,,, i want to work in china as a english teacher could you tell me how can i avil this opportunities?

  10. VenusR

    Hi, I am am currently a preschool teacher with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a minor in English, and additionally several Education courses were taken while pursing my degree. I do not have a TESOL/TEFL/CELTA and I want to know if it would be possible to teach in Abu Dhabi (or surrounding areas) or South Korea with my back ground. Additionally, I would like to pursue a TEFL certification before departure or maybe during the summer holiday while abroad, and I want to know if its necessary to take a class that requires a practicum or observed teaching hours since I am already a teacher. Lastly, I would be interested in opportunities with companies who train or pay for certification in exchange for contracts. Thank you.

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Venus, for South Korea you would need a TEFL course (as you have teaching experience, our 120 hour course would be fine as you wouldn’t need the 20 hour classroom experience, unless you wanted to attend of course!). With Abu Dhabi, you would need at least a 140 hour TEFL course (, if not a Level 5 EDI ( With regards to companies who offer training courses and offer contracts, I wouldn’t know who offers that, so it’s something you’d need to Google. However, in South Korea you could apply for the government programmes EPIK and SMOE once you’ve gotten TEFL qualified – they recruit numerous TEFL teachers each year and place them in schools throughout the country. If you want to talk through your options, feel free to give us a call on 877 526 3959, and our expert TEFL advisers will be happy to speak with you!

  11. VenusR

    I forgot to add that I am an American native English speaker.

  12. Anonymous

    Hi everyone I hope I’m able to get a reply. So here is my situation, I have a celta and 2 years teaching experience at a local school in my country, teaching English of course. I was recently in contact with an agency (don’t know if I can state the name?) I had an interview and got offered a position. However I don’t have a degree, I will begin my studies towards a degree this month. I am so confused about everything i’ve heard about China, I know that I am capable of doing the job but I am really worried now because I spoke to the lady who conducted the interview. The interview was good, they asked good questions and were really interested in my teaching experience, problem is I expressed to her the fact that I do not have a degree and said that, that isn’t a problem and I would still be able to get a z visa? So I don’t know If I should take a risk? wait and see if I do indeed get a z visa or cancel everything? I don’t want to break the law but i do really need this opportunity, also I’m not asking anyone to encourage me to break the law, just tell me how it is. Thanks.

    • Katherine Hackett

      Hi Bowes, Glad to hear you had a successful interview – well done.Unfortunately we’re unable to give specific advice on visa regulations for jobs and as you seem to be aware, the situation in China is complicated. Did you take a TEFL course with us? If so, perhaps, it would help if you spoke to the i-to-i jobs team. They can be reached on [email protected] Thanks, Kat

  13. travelandstuff

    Native English Speaker from U.S. 2 year unrelated degree. No certification. Under 1 year EXPERIENCE. Which countries will I most be MOST able to find work? Thanks.

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi, you’ll be able to find work in South America and places like China, Cambodia and Laos, but you’ll need to get TEFL-certified to do so. If you want to find out more information about TEFL, and whereabouts you can teach, I’d recommend you have a chat with one of our expert advisers – you can reach them on 877 526 3959. Good luck with your TEFL adventure!

  14. BeeRights

    I want to take a year off of college once I graduate highschool. My native language is English, and so I can teach English in China without going to college? I would only want to teach to young kids.

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Amy, yes you can teach in China without going to college – the easiest way to do this is go on our five month China TEFL internship, where our in-country partners ImmerQi arrange the visas for you. You can find out more info about the internship here: or you can give us a call on 877 526 3959 for more information. Hope this helps!

  15. Molly

    Can you teach English in France without a degree even as a tutor in your home?

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Molly, yes – you don’t need a degree to teach English in France. If you want to tutor, it could be good to advertise online/in your local newspapers etc to find students through word of mouth. If you want to find out more about teaching English in France and getting TEFL qualified, give us a call on 0800 093 3148 and one of our expert advisers will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have!

  16. Guido

    Good Morning, I am seriously planning of takeing TEFL but no degree How can I know if things are not completely changed and they only are looking for teachers with Uny degree ? how much I am foing to earn?

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Guido, thanks for your message. You don’t need a degree to teach in many parts of the world – countries like Laos and Cambodia in Asia for instance, all of Eastern Europe and South America. Wages will differ depending on the country, but all will enable you to live comfortably in line with cost of living, as well as having a little extra to save – take a look at our country guides: they offer in-depth information about specific countries including the average TEFL teacher’s wage there: Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 946 078 and our expert advisers will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

  17. Stephen Owusu Ansah

    I have Diploma in Basic Education does it make difference

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Stephen, if you have a diploma you’ll be able to teach in countries where you don’t need a degree; but unfortunately you wouldn’t qualify to teach in the likes of Thailand, Vietnam and the Middle East where you do need a degree. If you’d like to find out more about TEFL, feel free to give us a call on 44 871 423 9941 and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

  18. Phillip

    Hi, I’m a non-native without a degree, but i have Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE certified. And I plan on getting a FELF. Am I eligible to teach in Korea or Japan. Maybe in private schools? If not, where in Asia can I teach?

  19. mariahu4

    I am midway through my TEFL intensive 150 hr course from the University of Toronto and I am looking for summer jobs. I don’t have a degree yet since I’m just a student in my first year of undergraduate studies. However I have excellent grades on my CIE O/A Level exams. I hold a Pakistani passport. I want to travel and work this summer. What are my options?

  20. Diana

    hello, I have a diploma in TESL from selangor state university from Malaysia. Do I have any slight chance in teaching abroad?

  21. Tomas

    Hi, I’m from Czech Republic without a degree however, I have CELTA (2002) and have taught in Japan for 8 years as well as in London. What Asian countries would I be able to teach in? Thank you.

  22. Sarah Azad

    Hi. I have a TESOL certification and been teaching English to kids and adults for nearly two years. My nationality is Sri Lankan and I’ve been currently living in Dubai for the past 9 years. What countries can I apply to without a degree. Any advise please as I’m looking for a change and to relocate. Thank you

  23. Chelsey Carr

    Hello from the Berkshires! Im looking to teach abroad, and will be registering for a TEFL course very soon! I understand that a college degree isn’t necessary to be eligible for hire, however how would I acquire a passport without it? You aren’t able to work under a visitor’s passport, and I’ve realized (after only minimal research, that is) that a degree is required to attain a worker’s passport. Please advise! Thank you.

  24. Dimitris

    I was looking for teaching jobs in China and I realized that there’s almost no job offer that doesn’t require a TEFL certificate. I do have a degree to prove my English language level but is that not enough to get me a VISA?


    can i get a job abroad without tefl but with master’s degree?

  26. Marthe-Marie Kohne

    As a non-native english speaker without any university diploma – can i find a job teaching english in China /Russia. I am Independant / Accredited Reading Therapist. I did the course through Read for Africa. Their website: Phono-Graphix is a straightforward reading method, which was developed by Carmen and Geoffrey Mc Guinness in 1993, at the Read America clinic in Orlando. It takes the sounds of the English language – and teaches the various sound-pictures (letters) that represent those sounds in careful stages.When using phono-graphics The student learns blending: Eg: you tell the student what is the following word: c-a-t. The student then says the sounds together to “read” the word cat. The student learns to segment: Eg: You ask the student what sound do they hear in the following word: dog. The student must break up the word in sounds for eg: d-o-g. Teaching the skills of segmenting in combination with blending is vital as these are the skills that is necessary for learning to read. Traditional phonics doesn’t teach variation. When using the phono-graphix scratch sheet spelling method the student tries all the spelling variations of a target sound. The student will have to point out which picture sound is the correct picture sound eg: oe ; o-e ; oa. In this case oa would be the correct picture sound for boat. different sounds eg: The following words has the same sound picture , but it sounds different when you say the words: meat ; bread ; great. Thank you. Marthe-Marie

  27. Kabelo

    Good day. I am a native English speaker. I am interested in teaching English abroad. I’m currently and online ESL instructor. My wish is to teach in China. I have a 3 year diploma and considering doing my TEFL with 1- to- 1. Can I get a job with a 3 year diploma? Does i- to- 1 assist with finding employment?

  28. Maryan

    Hi, I have no degree or teaching qualification and I want to teach abroad. However, I don’t know how to find jobs for someone in my position. I am a native English speaker and am taking English, Psychology and Applied Science in Year 13 if that means anything.

  29. Ashe Austaire

    I am a 26 year old young professional looking to teach English in Shanghai. I do not have a college degree, as I dropped out to start my first business. I am well studied in English, and also am actively involved in American culture. I am interested to get expert input on my situation. Thank you.

  30. Hanna

    Hello, I am finishing my online component for mt TEFl certification and already have my 60 hours in class certificate, I will be fully certified with a TEFL by the end of the month. However, I do not have a degree and I am a newbie to teaching. I plan to move to Mexico and fly out of Canada in April. Will I be able to find work in mexico with pay that will sustain my living expenses? And with more experience can I get better paying jobs?

  31. Rose mary Santoro

    Hiya..I an a native british teacher I have been teaching over the last 25 years I have my own Academy in the north of spain ..I am thinking changing to another country to teach English..I would n’t mind to costa Rica how can I apply? thankyou

  32. Sarah Oxley

    Yes, indeed. It’s perfectly possible to teach without a graduate degree. Though some employers in certain countries do prefer is, so it’s best to discuss your travel hopes after becoming TEFL qualified with one of our experts. Give us a call or send us an email. ([email protected]).

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  37. Cortney Armonie Reed

    I have a cyber Security certificate, but wish to teach in either Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic or Switzerland. Is this possible if I get a TEFL?

    • Rebecca Potts

      Hi Cortney

      That’s great news! All you need to start teaching abroad is a TEFL qualification. We offer a number of courses, take a look and see which one is right for you:

      Once you’re TEFL qualified you can teach anywhere in the world where English isn’t spoken as a first language so you should be able to find teaching positions in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic or Switzerland. Take a look at our jobs board here for the latest vacancies:

      If you have any other questions our TEFL experts are just a phone call away. Good luck!

      Your i-to-i team

  38. Ree

    hi can I get family sponsorship to teach in China if I have a diploma. Please reply through email

    • Rebecca Potts


      I’m afraid we don’t offer family sponsorship to teach in China. However, we run a Paid China TEFL Internship, you don’t need a degree or teaching experience – just a passion for teaching! Take a look at the internship here or get the full details here.

      If you’ve got any other questions you can give our TEFL experts a call and they’ll be happy to help.

      Your i-to-i team

  39. “Great Blogpost! Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying_ your blog and look forward to new posts.”

    • Rebecca Potts

      Hi Lacy, We do have a Twitter account, you can follow us @i_to_iTEFL Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

  40. wow, awesome blog post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  41. rbs

    I’m an Indian and I have finished my 12th, can I get jobs abroad without a degree? if yes where should I check for the vacancies?

    • Rebecca Potts


      Thanks for getting in touch. If you’re TEFL qualified you can start applying for jobs straight away! We’ve got a jobs board here:, there’s a number of positions listed that don’t require a degree. We’d recommend bookmarking our jobs board so you can check back regularly, employers are always adding new jobs.

      Thank you
      Your i-to-i team

  42. D J

    Thanks for this fantastic summary! Hope springs!! On my way…

  43. Jodell de Sousa

    How can I get more information on Programs and vacancies

  44. zainab

    I want to teach I have Celta but no degrre

    • Rebecca Potts


      Thanks for getting in touch. That’s great news that you’ve got a CELTA, you’ll find plenty of jobs on our jobs board which don’t require you to have a degree. Here’s a link to our jobs board to get you started:

      Good luck with your job hunt.

      Your i-to-i team

  45. Christine Brophy

    hello where can I can your application forms for the countries you mentioned I don’t have a degree BA

    • Rebecca Potts

      Hi Christine

      Thanks for getting in touch. We currently have spaces available on our Paid China TEFL Internship which starts in August, you can find out more about the internship in the guide here.

      If you have any other questions please give our TEFL experts a call and they’ll be happy to help.

      Thank you
      Your i-to-i team

  46. Dlamini Nolwazi

    I have a diploma obtained in Swaziland as a teacher majoring in English.I have been working for over 5years.

  47. Lani

    Hi. I bought the 120 hour course, but I also have a BSc degree and is currently studying PGCE. Does this mean I have more opportunities in other countries or do you need to do a different TEFL course if you have a degree?

    • Rebecca Potts


      Thanks for getting in touch. That’s great to hear you’ve signed up to the 120 hour TEFL course, once you’ve completed this you’ll be ready to apply for the majority of TEFL teaching jobs around the world. The fact that you’ve got a degree together with a TEFL course will give you more job opportunities.

      If you have any other questions please speak to one of our TEFL advisers.

      Thank you
      Your i-to-i team

  48. Gustaaf van Rooy

    Please send me vacancies of countries where I can teach English without a degree.I will get my TEFL Academy certificate in July 2017.Regards,Gustaaf van Rooy.

  49. Shayan

    Hi there.. I’m a non_native english speaker.. i live in iran…and i dont have a university degree. ..i have t.t.c certificate and less then a year experience in english teaching. I wanted to know if thats possible for me to teach in other countries. .thanks a lot

    • Rebecca Potts


      Thanks for getting in touch. As a non-native speaker and because you don’t have a university degree you will find it more difficult to get a position as employers prefer teachers to be native English speakers with a degree. You would need to complete a minimum of 120 hours TEFL training before you could apply for any positions.

      If you have any other questions please give our TEFL advisers a call.

      Thank you
      Your i-to-i team

  50. Ruweeda Essop

    Can an online TEFL certificate suffice if I do not have a bachelors degree to teach English in China?

  51. Claire sutton

    Hello I’m a native speaker form England, I don’t have a degree but I am looking to teach English in Chile, lots of companies I’ve talked to to want a degree? Is the the case?

  52. Dani

    Greetings! I have two associates degree, TEFL certificate and 2 years experience teaching English in China. Are these qualifications enough to teach in Germany, France or Prague?

  53. Sarah

    Hi i have a PGCE cert ed and am very interested in working abroad can you help me find Vacancies that take qualified people with this qualification.

  54. Prelene Celeste Chetty

    Hi, I have just completed a 120 hour online course and obtained my e-certificate. I don’t hold a degree but studied BCom marketing and business management for 2 years and will be completing my third year soon. TEFL seems like a great career opportunity. I have recently applied for some jobs and am still awaiting feedback. How good are my chances of actually securing a job with TEFL certificate abroad if I don’t hold a degree? Also, who can I contact with regards to helping me secure a position? I am from South Africa.

  55. Jill Shepherd

    Hello, I am wondering if it is possible for an American without a degree to find a position in Czech Republic or possibly Poland.

  56. Meghan

    Is there anyway to teach in South Korea without a degree. I have a diploma. Please Please please

  57. Bernadine

    Hi I’m currently looking for a job anywhere in Europe in have just completed my tefl programme face you face
    Please help me with necessary information

  58. Jennelyn

    Hi I dont have Bachelor degree, I only 2 years graduate of Assoc in Computer Technology, Im planning to enroll to a TEFL course, If I obtain that certificate do tou think I will abale to get a teaching Job in Japan. Thank you.

  59. Geraldine Simonsgera

    Hi lm looking for teaching jobs I’m having a TEFL certificate no degree but would love to teach I’ve submitted my CV but everyone is looking for a degree which I don’t have can u please assist me finding a job without degree requirements thanks

  60. Anthony Mann

    I am a 41 yr old man. I live in Missouri and do not have a degree but have always wanted to travel and teach English. How would that be possible?

  61. Eustace Van Wyk

    Good day I trust that this email finds you in good spirits.
    I am a 3rd year education student at university and would like to obtain my TEFL course and get a teaching position abroad. I would appreciate a call from one of your consultants. Hope to year from you soon.

    Warm Regards

  62. Rosemary

    Hi I am doing second level of my bachelor’s degree in foundation phase through UNISA, I speak English fluently and I am considering teaching English aboard while completing my degree. What advise do can you give me in starting my path and where can I apply for jobs once i complete my TEFL certificate?
    Thank you

  63. Rosemary

    Sorry I forgot to mention that I have two years experience of substituting.

  64. Janiel

    Hi I’m a South African and I have a 140 hour online i-to-i TEFL certificate and I have a teaching certificate in Pre-school Education. Where will I be able to teach English where a degree is not needed. I am a native English Speaker.

  65. Biren Kumar Baliar Singh

    Dear Sir,
    I have 18yrs of sales and distribution experience in pvt life insurance company . I have elevated from Sales Manager to Branch Manager .But now I want to switch my job from insurance industry to some other industry . My basic qualification is B.Sc. Mathematics honors and Advance diploma in management. Kindly guide me for better career opportunity.I live in India .

    B. KUMAR

    • georgiesmith

      Hi Biren, thanks for your message. Is it a TEFL career you’re interested in? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team can help get you qualified :)

  66. Janola

    I am interested in working abroad. (Vietnam) I have a 4yr teaching degree but no Tefl.

    My only concern is my age. I am 53yrs old. Pls let me know if there’s a cutoff age.

    Thank you

  67. Jasmine

    No degree but have a 120h TEFL, where can I teach? And is China not a possibility anymore?

    • catherinegreenwood

      Hi Jasmine, China no longer accepts teachers who don’t have a bachelor’s degree unfortunately. But there are plenty of other countries where you can teach, such as, Cambodia, most of South America and Mexico. To increase your chance of finding employment, we’d recommend completing some further training in specific areas of TEFL, like Teaching Business English or Teaching Young Learners. Feel free to give us a call for more info. All the best!

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