Teaching English in Brazil

Teaching English in Brazil

It sometimes seems like everyone loves Brazil, with rarely a bad or negative word said against it. It remains one of the most colourful and exotic countries in the world. Brazil is admired far and wide for its sexy samba music, even sexier beach strips and bikinis, and for producing some of the greatest football stars and teams throughout the history of the sport.

Perhaps Brazil’s biggest attraction of all is the Brazilians themselves, considered to be the most hospitable and charming people in the world. Brazilian culture has been influenced by the Portuguese, evident in the fact Portuguese has become the national language, but this influence only remain a fractional ingredient of the mix which makes Brazil what it is today. Other significant influences come from Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The end result is a diverse culture, with a population of so many racial mixes, with communities rarely divided by race itself, and a grand fusion of cuisines, arts, music and traditions which make Brazil unique, comparable to nowhere else on earth.

Teaching English in Brazil

Whilst economies in much of the Western world have been facing financial chaos and uncertainty, over recent years the Brazilian economy has been steadily on the rise, currently leaving it just outside the world’s top 5 economies, having already overtaken the UK, Italy and Canada. As with most countries experiencing long periods of economic growth, Brazil is also experiencing a rise in the demand for TEFL teachers. Despite the availability of English language jobs, current visa laws still make it difficult for TEFL tutors to work legally in Brazil, with schools often looking to nationals fluent in English, and foreign TEFL teachers often choosing to work illegally on a tourist visa.

Considering the lack of TEFL jobs advertised, and few schools publically seeking visiting TEFL teachers, the most effective way of find TEFL jobs in Brazil is in-person. You will be fortunate to secure a job via a telephone or online interview, and even more so to find a school that will employ you and cover your airfare or even accommodation costs, so if you are sold on the idea of teaching English in Brazil your best move is to make your own way there and begin contacting schools and institutions prospectively.  While it’s possible for TEFL certified teachers to teach in Brazil without a bachelor’s degree, most schools will prefer those who do have a BA or MA degree qualification.

Once you secure a teaching job in Brazil, you will most likely be earning a wage of around $800 to $1500 (USD) per month, which should cover all your outgoings and leave you enough for some form of social life, but don’t expect to leave Brazil with any significant savings. Full times TEFL jobs in Brazil tend to consist of 20 to 25 class hours per week, leaving you plenty of time to explore in your free time.

About Brazil..

Brazil is home to more than 2,000 beaches stretching along its shoreline, with over 1,000 islands, most of which are inhabited.

Brazil has the biggest rain forest in the world, the Amazon forest

Scientists have estimated that there may be up to four million species of plants and animals in Brazil.

Almost 200 million people live in Brazil, which makes it the fifth largest country in the world in terms of population.

Of that population roughly 1 million people who live in Brazil are Asian.

Brazil is famous for its football team, having won the world cup a record five times.

The Christ Redeemer statue, located in Rio De Janeiro, is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

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  1. Ryan

    While traveling into Brazil(I’m a British citizen and can go there 90 days without visa), is it possible for me to find work as an English teacher and apply for a work visa while there in country? Or would I then have to leave to do it the legal way. Also what is the possibility to free advertise myself for private lessons and obtain a work visa while in the country? Again, I’m talking about the legal way of doings things :)

    I’m asking this because it is apparent that the best way is to find work in person in Brazil.

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