5 Best Places to TEFL in South America!

1. Argentina

Friendly, safe and outstandingly beautiful with one of the largest TEFL jobs’ markets in South America – Argentina is an amazing place to teach English. Imagine spending your days off wandering amongst thousands of penguins, hiking up Patagonia’s ever-changing glacier slopes or marvelling at the 2.7km wide (yes really!) Iguazu Falls. Add in the nightlife and designer shops of Buenos Aires – not to mention fabulous food, extremely tasty wine and a touch of tango. How can you resist?

2. Brazil

From its dense, untamed jungle to the might of the Amazon to its idyllic tropical islands, Brazil is simply spectacular. But for us, it’s the overwhelmingly positive energy of Brazilians’ zest of life that makes this a country you simply cannot resist. Go with it – this is a fantastic place to teach English.

3. Colombia

Transformed from its days as a drug-crime no-go area Colombia is fast becoming one of South America’s top TEFL destinations. Education matters to this country – which is great news for TEFL teachers! As is its fascinating mix of pre-Hispanic ruins and vibrant cities. In fact, when you’ve got time off from teaching English, why not try picking your own coffee beans on an organic coffee farm, or spotting pink dolphins in the Amazon or swinging your hips to the ever-present salsa music? Colombia is a country that thrills.

4. Chile

Drop an expanding English jobs’ market into one of South America’s most safe, stable and relaxed countries and you can see why Chile appeals to TEFL teachers. Add in the mystical majesty of Easter Island’s giant statues, the sophistication of Santiago, vineyards that are simply world class, amazing hiking in the haunting landscape of Patagonia, the world’s driest desert and encounters with penguins … the only problem is how to leave!

5. Nicaragua

Ok – so strictly speaking Nicaragua is in Central America. But with its laid-back lifestyle, stunning beaches, spectacular volcanic landscapes and friendly people Nicaragua is such a brilliant option that we couldn’t resist sneaking it onto our list. It also offers a vibrant TEFL jobs’ market, reasonable (though admittedly not high) salaries plus a low cost of living – all brilliant ingredients that make Nicaragua into a wonderful place to teach English.


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