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Why Teach English in Dubai?

There are very few places in the world that have transformed quite like Dubai. Situated in the United Arab Emirates, this city of paradise definitely won’t let you down in terms of comfort, hot weather and entertainment. So, if you’re interested in teaching English abroad, experiencing a fascinating culture and making a good wage (almost tax free) then Dubai could be the place for you. Here why you should teach English in Dubai!

1.  Range of spectacular hotels

Here at i-to-i we enjoy a bit of luxury and it seems the residents and tourists of Dubai do too.  Home to the only seven star hotel in the world it would be rude to TEFL here without treating yourself to a couple of nights in deluxe hospitality.  If you aren’t used to working in high temperatures then it’s likely you’ll become exhausted quite quickly so a weekend pampering yourself in one of Dubai’s premium hotels would be a great way to revitalise yourself.

Top Tip: Be sure to book your dream hotel in advance as occupancy rates are high and you don’t want to miss out.

2. One of the greatest locations on Earth

I have no doubt in saying that Dubai is situated in one of the best places on the whole planet (it’s not far from the Equator so it’s hot, hot, hot for one!)  Positioned in the middle of Europe and Asia, you can directly fly to hundreds of places within about eight hours (give or take). So, if Dubai is your destination of choice for teaching English abroad then you will have the privilege of being able to travel with little difficulty to a number of other countries, perhaps to meet up with fellow TEFLers.

3.  A shopaholic’s dream

Ranked second in the world for shopping, ahead of the likes of Paris and Hong Kong, Dubai truly is a great place for a bit of retail therapy (treat yourself after a jam-packed month of TEFLing).  The only place taking the lead for shopping is the United States but considering the size difference between the two, Dubai is doing pretty well.  Usually, the big shopping malls offer you just about anything you could want, however, there are some malls which specialise in specific areas.  An example of this is The Karama which has a huge array of clothes, and if you want to fit in with the local fashion then this is where you want to be.

BONUS: Dubai offers some of the world’s best prices from clothes to watches to cars.

4.  Active nightlife

This is one for all you party animals out there: the nightlife in Dubai is lively, wild and expanding. There is a range of bars and clubs from trendy cocktail lounges to traditional English and Irish style pubs.  A big part of teaching English abroad is getting a feel for different cultures so there are also some typical Arab places to enjoy as well. Most of the bars and clubs serve food and put on some fantastic entertainment, like pianists and singers so you can really make a night of it. Find out more about teaching English in Dubai here.

5.  The incredible sights

Underwater hotels, the world’s tallest tower and manmade islands, all in one city? That’s Dubai for you. It’s crazy to think that just a couple of centuries ago Dubai was just a very small and poor fishing village.  Now the city is considered extremely modern and is inventing things we never would have ever dreamed to be possible, buildings that spin. TEFLing in Dubai would definitely give you a feel for how the world is dramatically moving forward technology wise.

So, itching to get yourself to this mind blowing city and experience all of this?  Then I only have one question for you… WHAT are you waiting for?!


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  1. Kefentse

    How do you find the culture in Dubai. A friend of mine said it isnt the best place for women to live as the rules are very restricting. Did u have those problems. And what other challenges exist there?

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi Kefentse, the culture in Dubai does make it more restrictive for women, but many female teachers move over there, adapt to the culture and enjoy living there. If you’re interested in teaching in Dubai, I’d recommend you have a look at some expat forums where you can speak to other females and ask them about their experiences of living in the UAE. Hope this helps!

  2. Nathacia

    If I complete the professional course and get a job, what about the airfares to the destination, accomodation who will bare the cost and also will i able to bring my spouse along. I am very interested.

    • Elle Pollicott

      Hi, that will entirely depend upon the job you get. In the UAE, most employers will pay for your airfare and will provide you with accommodation (or at an extremely reduced rate), and this will be determined in the contract. It’s not something we can guarantee, so you’ll need to speak about that with your prospective employers about that. Hope this helps!

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