Top 10 Views in South Africa

South Africa in the eyes of many is a place of outstanding natural beauty, and if you come to work in South Africa then you’re going to want to see it. But where are the best places in the country to go for views that really have the wow factor? As South Africa is a vast and beautiful place it was difficult to narrow down to just ten, but we managed it. Just.

10. The view from Across Boyes Drive, Kalk Bay, Western Cape– The stunning natural beauty of the cliffs to the west and the man made houses of the village below create a beautiful visual juxtaposition.

9. ‘The Big hole’– This ex-diamond mine is something of a man made wonder. The fact that you’re looking into a huge crater filled with Jade coloured water from a mountain and desert surrounding is pretty spectacular.

8. Durban Beach at sunset– the view across miles and miles of ocean is beautiful at any time of day but in the evening, it is particularly beautiful.

7. Bo Kaap– If you’re looking for charming and quaint views then visit Bo Kaap. Its coloured houses and intricate mosques make for a beautiful view of the culture in a small area of Cape Town. It is particularly beautiful from afar, where the individual colours of the houses really shine.

6. Cleopatra Mountain farmhouse– The mountains, the trees, the farmhouse, the lake. All just beautiful.

5. Knysna forest– Everywhere in this forest holds a spectacular view. With trees dozens of feet above you and vines, rivers, and mist around, you truly feel as if you’ve gone back in time to a pre-human age.

4. Undersea coral reefs– If you really want to see the most vibrant side to South Africa’s views, then you’re going to have to look under the sea. The view of the coral reef is an explosion of colour and beauty that is hard to equal anywhere else in the sea.

3. Johannesburg at night from above– Thanks to Johannesburg’s night helicopter tours you can see the beautiful lights of the capital city from above, which makes for stunning viewing.

2. The Mountains surrounding the Cape winelands at sunset– The view of both the greenery of the mountains and the vineyard make you feel as if you have been placed in the Garden of Eden. Simply stunning.

1. The view from the Top of Table Mountain– Imagine a view that encompasses city, sea, grassy mountain area and sunshine all in one view. If you visit South Africa you need imagine no more. With compact view of the city of Cape Town, a grassy mountain and a crystal clear sea, it’s hard to imagine a view more beautiful.

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Written by Hayley Upchurch

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