Introducing: Our TEFL Jobs Support Team

Hi, I’m Jordan and I’m part of the newly expanded TEFL Jobs Support Team here at i-to-i. We’re here to offer you support, guidance, and help when searching for your dream TEFL job.

Who can we help?

You might be someone who’s just finished their TEFL course and now you want to get started. But what do you do next? You might be someone who has been working as a TEFL teacher for a while now but you’re looking for something new. Where do you look? You might even be someone who completed their TEFL certificate a while back and has found it really difficult to land your first job. What’re you doing wrong?

You might even find that you’re applying for jobs that don’t exist, that you are not eligible for or maybe you can’t find any in the first place! It can be tough navigating the TEFL job market by yourself – that’s where we come in!

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Who am I?

You can feel in the dark when looking for a TEFL job. I should know, I was a TEFL teacher myself.

I still remember my first teaching position; I taught in a secondary school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I found this opportunity purely by chance and I still didn’t know what I was doing. I moved on to a number of different TEFL jobs in my time, learning as I made my way, but it can be really tough navigating the market by yourself. I taught for 2 years in Vietnam before moving around, hopping across Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, to embrace as much of Asia as I could. I taught children, teens, and adults, all in language centres and public schools, and loved every second of it!


Who are the TEFL Jobs Support Team?

 We’re a small team working with i-to-i and LoveTEFL to help people just like you land a TEFL job. Unlike other providers, this is a team solely devoted to helping people find work. With years of experience, understanding of the market and demand for teachers, we are able to offer you key guidance and assistance in landing a TEFL opportunity.

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What can we do to help you?

If you’re new to the TEFL jobs market or you need some help, we’re here to support you. Our team offers bespoke guidance to help you seek out some of the best TEFL jobs. Plus, we’ll help you overcome employment challenges and grant you access to a jobs board with a huge array of opportunities – amazing!

We understand that everyone is different, so we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to jobs hunting. While blogs, articles, and emails are great, we appreciate that they might not help everyone. This is why we’re keen to hear from you! The TEFL Job Support Team is on hand to talk you through any difficulties you’ve had and offer tailored support and guidance. Whether you’re worried about embarking on your first TEFL adventure, you’re frustrated by the endless applications you’re sending out and want to adapt your technique, or you’re struggling to land a teaching position online or abroad, we’re here for you!

You can contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+44 113 829 3300) so please feel free to get in touch – we’d be more than happy to help!

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For more info on this exciting opportunity, simply pop your details in below and we’ll get in touch very soon!

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