Living and Working in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is a city of opportunity for both South Africans and foreigners alike. It could be described as the business capital of South Africa with its towering skyscrapers containing thousands of offices and companies. Johannesburg is certainly a popular place to live and work, and if you choose to come to work in South Africa, then you can experience the hustle and bustle of life in the fast lane, Johannesburg style.

Being a big city, there are numerous places to live in Johannesburg from the cool cosmopolitan central Johannesburg to the more laid back and relaxed South Johannesburg. But no matter where you live, the city will always have something for you to do in your down time. You could keep fit by visiting one of Johannesburg’s gyms or parks, or travel to the outskirts and visit one of the nearby national parks such as the Rhino and Lion nature reserve and Suikerbosrand Provincial Nature Reserve. Sampling local cuisine at one of Johannesburg’s many restaurants is another way you can enjoy living in Johannesburg. Why not visit one of its markets or supermarkets and have a go at making some traditional South African food for yourself?

Working in Johannesburg is a very mixed bag. As it is primarily a business city, most jobs will be business and finance oriented with some shop assistant and park tending positions available. Teaching opportunities are also popular in Johannesburg due to its cosmopolitan location. The inhabitants are generally friendly and welcoming of people from other countries. Showing that you understand and appreciate local customs such as tipping regulations and the importance of its holidays such as Human Rights Day will go down well with the residents of Johannesburg.

If you would like to find out more about how you can teach in South Africa then click here for more information

Written by Hayley Upchurch

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