5 reasons why our Internships are perfect for female solo travellers

If you’re a female who’s planning to take on the big wide world all on your own, we salute you! Us strong, independent women have got to stick together – and that’s why we’re recommending you kick-start your travels with one of our epic TEFL Internships. Here’s why…

1. You’ll have in-country support if you need it

We’ve got to admit it. No matter how independent we feel, when you’re travelling alone, knowing someone nearby is reassuring. Being in a brand-new country where the culture is worlds apart from your own and you don’t know the local lingo, you can sometimes feel isolated. With every one of our TEFL Internships, you’ll have a dedicated contact either in your school or your local area who’s there to help with any issues or concerns you might have. That’s anything ranging from ideas for classroom activities to personal problems and everything in-between.

2. You’ll meet plenty of people

Female friends

Whichever destination you choose: Thailand, Spain, Vietnam, China – you’ll arrive at the same time as all of the other interns, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to get to know each other and make friends straight away. Plus, we always place interns close together and you’ll be sharing your accommodation with at least one other intern so you’ll never feel totally alone and there’ll be lots of time to socialise – hurray!

3. You’ll still have some independence

Aside from your working hours, you’re free to travel and explore as much or as little as you like! You’ll normally have two days off each week and generally, interns spend these on organised trips to famous landmarks, discovering hidden gems or getting to know their local neighbourhood and sampling delicious street food. We can practically taste the pad Thai! You’ll also be teaching your own classes and building up confidence as a TEFL teacher, and this’ll have massive effects on your overall confidence. By the time you’re contract is up, you’ll be ready to take on whatever your travels could throw at you. Bon voyage!

4. You can start your travels straight after

Depending on which Internship you choose, you may also be in with a sizeable completion bonus once your teaching is over. Our Paid Vietnam and China Internships both offer a bonus for completing your five-month contract and many teachers use this towards their future travels – a great little boost for those hard-earned travel savings! You’ll also be able to start your travelling immediately after your Internship with no waiting in between. Whether you’re starting point is Beijing, Barcelona or Bangkok, you can kick-start your travels from a city you know your way around, and make your own way from there.

Backpacker walking along Colombian street

5. You’ll have a valuable qualification

Travelling can be totally unpredictable. You’ll end up staying much longer than you expected in some places and completely skipping others. If you ever fall in love with one of your destinations and decide you want to stay longer, your TEFL certificate could come in handy for finding work locally and even getting a visa. Even if you’re not planning on working abroad, you might burn through your savings faster than you thought, so an internationally recognised qualification could be just the safety net you need. You’ll thank us later!

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