Top 5 female travel bloggers

Bucket List Journey

After overcoming extreme anxiety, Annette White now says “yes” to opportunities even when fear is screaming out “no”. She combines running an Italian restaurant with a dedication to living her bucket list. She’s kayaked with beluga whales in Mantioba, fed swimming pigs in the Bahamas, hiked an active volcano in Guatamala – and even made a fleeting appearance in a Bollywood movie.

She says: “As an obsessed new experience collector, my passion is for checking the world off my bucket list one adventure at a time.”

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Twitter: (40.5k followers)

Intstagram: (90.6k followers)

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The Shooting Star

At the age of 23, Shivya North quit corporate life to travel the world. Seven years later, she’s hitch-hiked along Romania’s northern countryside, lived with a Mayan community in Guatemala, swum with black tip sharks on Malaysia’s east coast and much, much more. Read her Shooting Star blog and be inspired to step out of your comfort zone.

She says: “The thing about solo travel is, you can never feel 100% ready. There will always be a tiny voice at the back of your head asking, ‘Are you crazy?’”

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Twitter: (26.4k followers)

Instagram: (47.9k followers)

Be My Travel Muse

Since 2012 Kirstin Addis has dedicated her life to adventuring solo around the globe – from hitchhiking across China, to hiking for two months in Patagonia to becoming a Buddhist nun (well, for 10 days). Her practical advice, images, experiences and tips are designed to awaken your wanderlust and help you experience more as you travel.

She says: Be my travel muse is “a travel blog geared towards the adventurous, cultural experience-seeking, off the beaten path-loving traveler.”

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Twitter followers: (36k followers)

Instagram: (113k followers)

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Keep Calm and Travel

Clelia Mattana has been travelling and enthusing people of all ages and budgets across the world for the past six years. With a strong desire to inspire people to do what they really want, her writing is a blend of travel, practical advice and motivating talk to help ensure you never give up on your dreams.

She says: “Life is too short to wait for the right moment”

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Twitter: (13.5k followers)

Instagram: (59.5k followers)

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten left a career in corporate finance to become a world traveller, experience new cultures and support non-profit organisations. She’s now travelled to more than 50 countries, with Jordan, Thailand and Bolivia topping her list. She wants her blog to inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

She says: “You are never too old, too busy, or too blonde to pause what you’re doing and take some time to follow your dreams”

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Twitter: (28.5k followers)

Instagram: (491k followers)

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And a few more …

There’s so many fantastic and inspirational female travel bloggers out there, it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to a top 5. Here’s a few extra that didn’t quite make our list – but we wished we could squeeze in!

Going somewhere slowly:

Lose the map:

Girl tweets world:

Solo traveler:

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