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TEFL Training

An introduction to everything you need to know about TEFL training. From explaining what TEFL is to helping you find the right TEFL training course to suit your needs, we’ve got you covered!


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What is TEFL training and where can I get it?

First of all, let’s cover the basics. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and this generally constitutes teaching English abroad to non-native English speakers. To do this, you’ll usually need to be a fluent (or native) English speaker and you’ll need some TEFL training which you can complete through a number of different TEFL course providers.

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How can I start TEFL training?

If you’ve decided that you’re interested if teaching English abroad << link to new SEO page >>, the first thing you need to do is get TEFL qualified so that you’ve got the best chance of obtaining a teaching job and a working visa for your desired country. Time to go shopping for a TEFL course!

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5 things you’ll need to keep in mind while you’re looking for a TEFL course:

  • 1: Is it accredited / regulated

    This is the most important factor because completing a course that isn’t accredited can be as bad as not completing one at all! Employers won’t recognise it as a valid qualification and you’ll struggle to obtain a working visa.

  • 2: How many hours is it?

    In the TEFL industry, it’s very common that employers won’t accept anything under 120 hours of TEFL training so always make sure that your chosen course is at least this amount.

  • 3: Is it classroom or online training?

    The majority of TEFL training takes place online but often you’ll get the option to participate in classroom training alongside the online training. It’s always best to opt for the combination of online and classroom training if it’s possible for you to attend as employers will look favourably on this.

  • 4: Is there any tutor support?

    To give you the best chance of passing your TEFL training, it’s good to check if you’ll have access to any tutor support while you’re completing it. This is especially important if you’re training is solely online as you won’t have any face-to-face tutoring.

  • 5: What have their past graduates said?

    It’s always worth checking out the reviews as they can highlight any issues with usability or other smaller factors i.e. if the customer service isn’t great. is an independent, unbiased review site that’s worth a look.

Why choose i-to-i?

Now we’ve given you everything you need to know about TEFL training, it’s time to show you why you should choose i-to-i as your TEFL training provider! Listen up, we’re about to throw some facts at you:

We’re the longest running TEFL training provider in the world

Experience is very important in the TEFL industry and we’ve got tons! We’ve been providing top quality TEFL training courses since 1994 so you’ll be in good hands.

We’re English-government (Ofqual) regulated and ODLQC accredited

Regulation is similar to accreditation but it’s more in-depth. Basically, the official body, Ofqual, have been through with a fine-tooth comb and made sure that we’re giving you the best preparation for teaching English abroad. More importantly, your TEFL certificate will be recognised all over the world!

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We have over 210,000 graduates and they’ve rated us 4.5 stars

It’s always best to get a second opinion so check out our reviews if you’d like to hear it from another source – there’s plenty of them!

We’ve got flexible online TEFL training courses

You can start you course whenever you’re ready and with 24/7 access, you can work around your own schedule and from any device – you name it!

Our TEFL tutors are highly qualified

Every single last one of them is DELTA (or equivalent) qualified so when you ask for help, you’re going to get the best support possible either over the phone, via email or via our live WebChat service.

We’ve got a wide range of TEFL courses

Whichever combination works for you, we’ve got it covered. With one of the widest range of courses on the market, we can work with you to ensure you’re getting all the TEFL training that you want and need.

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What type of TEFL training is right for me?

There are thousands of TEFL courses out there so it can be confusing to know which one’s going to be the most beneficial for you. With this in mind, here is a list of all the different types of TEFL course there are and what they’re best for:

120(+) Hour Online TEFL Training Courses (all expandable)

  • Best for those who aren’t able to attend classroom courses
  • All good TEFL course providers will offer at least one of these courses and they’re the most popular course type worldwide
  • They will usually cover all the basics of teaching English abroad, with a brief look at the different aspects of teaching such as lesson planning, classroom management, teaching one-to-one, etc.
  • No classroom training is involved

120(+) Hour Combined TEFL Training Courses

  • Best for those who are able to attend classroom courses
  • These are very similar to the Online Courses with one exception: they include classroom training
  • The majority of the course will take place online with a couple of days classroom training held at your chosen time and place (normally a weekend)
  • Boosts your employability

Specialist TEFL Training Courses

  • Best for those who want to boost their earning potential
  • These will normally be included in online / combined course bundles, e.g. a 180 Hour Online TEFL Training Course might include a 120 Hour Online Course + 2x 30 hour Specialist Courses
  • Tend to be shorter courses that cover particular aspects of teaching English i.e. grammar, teaching online, lesson planning
  • No classroom training is involved

TEFL Internships & Supported TEFL Jobs  (available with i-to-i)

  • Best for those who want to start teaching straight away
  • Includes the 120 Hour Online TEFL Course
  • Complete the TEFL Course prior to departing and then get practical teaching experience abroad
  • Teach for 2-9 months and opportunity to earn as you do so
  • Boosts employability and excellent addition to CV

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