TEFL Lesson Plans

Likes & Dislikes

This is a grammar-based lesson that focuses on expressing likes and dislikes.

Beginner to Elementary, although you can do this as a review lesson with Lower Intermediate learners by introducing more vocabulary and a faster, more natural pace

Lesson Length
60 – 90 minutes depending on the level of your students.

Assumed Knowledge
This is one of the first lessons your learners will have when learning a new language. It is useful as it deals with an easily communicable target language and it focuses attention on the personal feelings of your learners, giving them a reason to communicate in the class. Take your time with Beginners pre-teaching them a lot of vocabulary, which they will need to communicate with.

Target Language:
Do you like ____________________?

Yes, I like _____________________.
No, I don’t like _________________.

Do you like to __________________? [Using the infinitive form of the verb]
Do you like ________ing _________? [Using the gerund]
Do you enjoy __________________? [Changing like to enjoy]


• Using realia, pictures or miming, make sure the students have enough vocabulary to use and vary the structure of the TL.

• First mime that you like eating / drinking / playing something and that you like a movie or sports personality. This will help your learners to understand the meaning of like and don’t like something.

• Elicit (or model at Beginner level) the statement first: “I like ______________.” Then elicit the question form: “Do you like _______________?

• For Lower Intermediate learners you can introduce: “What _________ do you like?

• At the end of this lesson plan you will see some suggestions for extending this dialogue that you may wish to use at Lower Intermediate level.


[Food & Drink]
• Coffee
• Tea
• Milk
• Biscuits
• Eggs
• Apples
[Games & Activities]
• Baseball
• Football (soccer)
• Tennis
• Badminton
• Table tennis
• Swimming
[Movie & Pop Stars]
• Brad Pitt
• Tom Cruise
• Cameron Diaz
• George Clooney
• Leonardo DiCaprio
• Kate Winslet

[Infinitive forms]
To play the guitar
To play football
To listen to Billy Joel
To do your housework
To go to the dentist
To eat fish & chips
To walk into town
Playing the piano
Playing squash
Listening to Elton John
Doing your homework
Going to work
Eating in a restaurant
Walking in the countryside


• Pair work: It is good to move your learners around so that they speak with different people in the class.

• Milling Activity: Find Some Who … (prepared handout)

Don’t forget that you ask the same question (“Do you like _______?”) for either:
Find someone who likes ___________.
Find someone who doesn’t like ______________.

Don’t forget to do feedback on the milling activity.

Extension Questions:

You may wish to do this with Lower Intermediate learners

• Who likes ____________?
• Who enjoys ___________?
• What kind of _________ do you like?
• Do you like __________ing ________?
• Which ___________ do you like ________ing?

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