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Q1. Which movie teacher famously said “Here's a useful lesson for you: give up. Just quit. Because in this life, you can't win. The world is run by the man”?

  • Turquoise music themed background with headphones, treble clefs and play iconsA. Mr Schneebly, School of Rock
  • Amber magic themed background with wands and sparklesB. Severus Snape, Harry Potter
  • Blue police themed background with facing hands and shieldsC. John Kimble, Kindergarten Cop
  • Pink education themed background with calculator, addition, subtraction and multiplication iconsD. Ms Norbury, Mean Girls

Q2. What behaviour is a massive no-no on the streets of Cambodia?

  • A glass of waterA. Drinking water
  • Two pairs of feet with sandals by the coastB. Displaying the soles of your feet
  • Young people with sunglasses laughing in the sunshineC. Laughing
  • Embroidered clothesD. Wearing embroidered harem pants

Q3. Which of these tricky grammar questions is INCORRECT?

  • Multi-coloured flip flops on the beachA. Whose shoes smell so bad?
  • Chocolate flakesB. Whose taken my chocolate?
  • Colourful shopping bags on the floor by a shoppers feetC. Who’s going to the shops?
  • Footballer about to kick a football on the beachD. It’s Paul who’s going to win the game for us.

Q4. Which of these options is always a requirement for getting most TEFL jobs?

  • Student writing on a laptop leaning against a tree on a lawnA. A degree
  • Primary school teacher teaching a young pupilB. Previous teaching experience
  • Hikers on a summit looking down towards the coastC. An adventurous spirit and open mind
  • Person speaking to a person listeningD. Speaking a second language

Q5. Roughly how many expats do you think live in China?

  • Cityscape of Beijing, ChinaA. 5,000,000
  • Rice farming on stepped hillsB. 600,000
  • Chinese lanternsC. 12,000
  • The Great Wall of ChinaD. 90,000

Q6. According to Guinness World Records, how long did the world’s longest DJ set last?

  • Partygoers at a full moon party in fluorescent coloursA. 27 hours
  • Partygoers at a beach party silhouetted by the setting sunB. 3 months
  • Three women at a party in fluorescent coloursC. Ten days
  • Beach party with young people dancingD. Two weeks

Q7. What is the average cost of a large beer in Thailand?

  • Busy street with bars and food stalls at night timeA. £0.59
  • Thailand scene with boat moored in the foregroundB. £1.19
  • Aesthetic landscape scene with templesC. £1.62
  • Thailand market place on a river, seller clutching a bunch of bananasD. £2.05

Q8. How many countries worldwide have English as their first language?

  • Turquoise world mapA. 27
  • Amber world mapB. 3
  • Blue world mapC. 94
  • Pink world mapD. 174

Q9. Hablas Espanol?

  • A close up of the Spanish flagA. Si! Hablo Español!
  • Beach sceneB. Pardon?
  • Coastal city in Colombia with orange buildings in the foregroundC. Un poco
  • Colombia carnivalD. Que?

Q10. What’s the average cost of a month’s rent in a city flat in Thailand?

  • Turquoise currency themed background with money and credit card iconsA. £300
  • Amber currency themed background with money and credit card iconsB. £50
  • Blue currency themed background with money and credit card iconsC. £250
  • Pink currency themed background with money and credit card iconsD. £100

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