TEFL Lesson Plans

Welcome to i-to-i’s stockpile of tried and tested lesson plans.

What you will find on your first teaching post (and possibly your second, third and fourth ones too!) is that you’ll spend much of your time looking on in envy at those teachers who have a seemingly endless supply of fantastic lesson plans. The people who seem able to teach any lesson, at any level, simply by delving into a big box and pulling out yet another cunning plan!

In the name of global harmony and to save you turning green with envy, we’ve put together a small pack of 5 lesson plans that will get you off to a great start in your new job and give you the confidence to handle anything that’s thrown your way. By the way, if you do find things ‘thrown your way’, try to remember the golden rule: never turn your back on the class!

You’ll find plans covering a range of core skills and language points, that will save you hours of hard work and allow you to spend a little more time enjoying your new home overseas. As you become more confident as a teacher you’ll be able to make small changes to the lesson plans to cater for different language abilities, to adapt the lessons to cover different language areas or to just change them to fit your new-found teaching style.

No matter how many lesson plans you’ve got you’ll always need more, but the plans we’ve put together will give you a great start in the world of language teaching.

Please let us know how you get on with them – we’re always keen to hear about any changes or improvements you’ve made.

And remember, good teaching is all about planning. The better the plan, the better the lesson – as long as you are also able to cope when the plan doesn’t quite go to plan!

Have a Great Time!