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TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic

When most people hear about the Czech Republic, the first thing they think of is Prague – but this incredible country has so much more to offer.

In fact, it boasts a number of intriguing, laid-back cities that are great to live and teach in. From top to toe, the entire country has stunning architecture. Everything from regal castles to Gothic cathedrals, newly bustling cities, and rich bohemian culture.

Visit weird and wonderful architecture, from the regal Prague Castle to the whimsical Prague Astronomical Clock and the traditional Saint Vitus Cathedral to the unique Dancing House. Or, if you want to get even weirder, visit the eerie Sedlec Ossuary in Kostnice Sedlec, a chapel decorated with the skeletons of over 40,000 people!

There’s not only hundreds of years of history to explore and discover in the Czech Republic, there’re also growing urban hubs and an exciting, multicultural food scene. And on top of all that, there’s a great need for English teachers in the country, with its visa process being much more achievable for non-EU citizens than most countries in Europe.

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TEFL jobs in Czech Republic: Key points

Average salary

Average salary
£650-£1,000 per month

Education needed

Education needed
Bachelor’s degree usually required

Hiring process

Hiring process
Average complexity

Cost of living

Cost of living

TEFL certificate needed

TEFL certificate needed
120 hours +

Main job types

Main job types
Public schools
Private language centres
Private tutoring
Summer schools

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TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic: FAQs

  • Q: Why get a TEFL job in the Czech Republic?

    At the moment, there’s a high demand for English teachers in the Czech Republic, and it is one of the few places that allows foreigners to apply for their own working visa (rather than requiring an employer’s sponsorship). The students are also known to be polite and keen to learn English.

    The lifestyle in the Czech Republic is generally relaxed and unpressured – not to mention, the country is known for particularly tasty beer! It’s also an ideal place for you if you fancy travelling around Europe as it’s surrounded by Austria, Germany and Poland. And obviously, the country itself is a great place to explore – the Czech Republic has a fascinating history, culture and architecture.

  • Q: Where to look for a TEFL job in the Czech Republic?

    The most popular places to teach English in the Czech Republic are Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and Prague.

    Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, boasting stunning urban beauty, delicious beer and a tremendous selection of art, both in galleries and as part of the architecture itself. The city is the most popular place in the Czech Republic for both visitors and TEFL teachers.

    Pilsen (Plzen) has lots of similarities to Prague with plenty of incredible historical architecture, a handful of fun activities to offer, such as a science museum and a zoo, as well as the country’s best lager.

    Brno is the capital of Moravia (one of three historical countries that the Czech Republic covers) and a lively hub for young people. The city is home to many university students, a great selection of entertainment and activities, and lively atmosphere.

    Once a coal mining city, Ostrava is considerably less popular than the Czech Republic’s other major cities, but it has started to become slightly more popular in recent years. The city is just a few miles from the Polish border and you can expect a lower cost of living here in comparison to much of the rest of the country.

  • Q: Salary for TEFL jobs in the Czech Republic

    Depending on what type of teaching work you do, you may be offered an hourly rate or a monthly salary. The average monthly salary for a TEFL teacher in the Czech Republic tends to be 18,000-30,000 CZK / £650-1,000 / $800-1,350 whereas the hourly rate is around 270-550 CZK / £9.50-20 / $12-25. Your salary will usually be based on your qualifications and experience – those with a TEFL certificate, a bachelor’s degree and lots of teaching experience can expect to earn a higher amount. Full-time jobs are usually 20-25 hours per week, not including preparation time for lessons.

  • Q: Cost of living in the Czech Republic

    The cost of living in the Czech Republic is relatively low in comparison to many European countries. Accommodation in the Czech Republic can be expensive but lots of employers will arrange cheap, shared accommodation for teachers. In some cases, the cost of accommodation may even be covered by your employer.

    As long as you stick with a cheap apartment arranged by your employer, you can expect to spend about 13,500-22,500 CZK / £450-800 / $600-1,000 per month. If you choose to arrange your own accommodation, expect your living costs to be considerably higher. (A one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Prague costs about $800 per month.)

    In Prague, a meal for one costs about $6, a beer is around $2 and a cappuccino is roughly $2.50. A one-way ticket on an underground train, bus or tram is roughly $1, a cinema ticket is about $8 and monthly membership at a gym is around $35.

  • Q: Benefits of getting a TEFL job in the Czech Republic

    • There are opportunities to teach all year-round with plenty of English camps happening over the summer holidays.
    • It’s common for new TEFL teachers to move into rooms recently vacated by other teachers and live with teachers working at the same school – so it’s easy to meet people. Some employers also cover the cost of accommodation.
    • The Czech Republic is one of the few places that non-EU citizens can secure a working visa without sponsorship from an employer. So, if you’re desperate to live in Europe but are limited by your passport, living in the Czech Republic may be the answer.

  • Q: Top tips when job hunting in the Czech Republic

    • Bear in mind, Prague is the most popular place to teach English in the Czech Republic and there’s lots of competition. If you’re struggling to find work in the capital, do consider looking for teaching jobs in other cities, like Pilsen or Brno.
    • If you plan to get a Zivno working visa (the most popular option for non-EU citizens), be prepared to organise the process yourself (or pay a visa company to help you). You’ll also need to have your qualifications notarised – so don’t leave them at home.
    • Most teaching positions run from September to June or from July to August (if you’re working at a summer school). It’s best to search for jobs in the lead-up to a new term beginning, but it is possible to find work all year-round.

  • Q: Types of jobs in the Czech Republic

    Most TEFL teaching jobs in the Czech Republic are at public schools or private language centres. There are also opportunities at summer schools, universities and working as a private tutor.

    For the most part, you’ll be expected to have both a TEFL certificate and a bachelor’s degree for all English teaching jobs in the Czech Republic. If you’d like to work at a public school, you may need a bachelor’s degree in English or another relevant subject.

  • Q: What visa do I need for a TEFL job in the Czech Republic?

    As the Czech Republic is part of the EU, citizens of EU countries can legally work in the country without a work visa. And at the time of writing, citizens of Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland also don’t need a work visa to teach English in the Czech Republic. (Though, you should always check for changes and updates on the government website before you go.)

    If you’re from elsewhere in the world, you’ll likely need to get on the Zivnostensky List (also known as a Zivno), which means you’ll have permission to work as a freelancer in the country. It can be a slow and expensive process which requires lots of documents to be notarised, but it does mean you’ll be free to work legally at any school in the Czech Republic. Unlike lots of countries, this type of visa is not sponsored and organised by your employer, you’ll have to arrange it yourself or go through a visa company.

    The working holiday visa is another great visa route for those who are eligible. Another visa option is the standard work visa, but this is a much less popular choice than the Zivnostensky List. This type of visa is arranged and (mostly) paid for by your employer. Although lots of employers would rather hire candidates that already have the right to work in the country, there are a few employers willing to sponsor a standard work visa if you plan to stay in the country long-term.

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TEFL teachers demand


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Our Czech Republic TEFL rating
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