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TEFL jobs in Egypt

With 13,000 square miles of the country made up of the Sahara Desert, Egypt is an unusual destination unlike any other.

It boasts incredible, world-famous archaeological sites, such as the pyramids and Tutankhamun’s tomb, and the 4,000-mile long River Nile. Located in the northeast corner of Africa, the country is just on the cusp of the Middle East and Europe, offers a unique combination of culture and a long, fascinating history.

Here, you can see the famous Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx at Giza Pyramid Complex – an archaeological site with constructions built as early as 2580 BC. Other intriguing archaeological sites include the Valley of Kings and Saqqara burial ground. You can also explore the ancient Abu Simbel Temples – 3000-year-old rock temples in Nubia, and discover over 5,000 years of Egyptian history through 120,000 items at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo.

The market for teaching English in Egypt has gone through some changes in recent years, with the government clamping down on underqualified local teachers. This means that there’s a rising number of jobs for TEFL teachers in some institutes, whereas the qualifications needed for other schools are extremely high. If you’re wanting to teach in Egypt, you can get your CV to the top of the pile with a Level 5 TEFL Course or Diploma.

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TEFL jobs in Egypt: Key points

Average salary

Average salary
£500-£1,000 per month

Education needed

Education needed
Bachelor’s degree preferred

Hiring process

Hiring process
Average complexity

Cost of living

Cost of living
Very low

TEFL certificate needed

TEFL certificate needed
120 hours +

Main job types

Main job types
Private language centres
Private international schools
National institutions
Private tutoring

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TEFL jobs in Egypt: FAQs

  • Q: Why get a TEFL job in Egypt?

    Teaching English in Egypt is ideal for people looking for an entirely different lifestyle and experience than at home. The country offers a mixture of cultures and traditions from Africa, Europe and the Middle East, with ancient mosques, churches, schools and other historical architecture at its disposal. If you’re a bit of a history buff, Egypt is one of the best places in the world to visit, let alone live!

    The Egyptian locals are welcoming, friendly and good fun. (This goes for both your colleagues and students.) Occasionally, their bubbly personalities can make teaching slightly more challenging, but you can still expect students to be respectful and polite, often standing to greet their teacher when they enter the room.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to learn Arabic – one of the most widely spoken languages in the world! And it’s cheap to travel around both Egypt itself and nearby Europe and the Middle East.

  • Q: Where to look for a TEFL job in Egypt?

    The two most popular places to teach English in Egypt are Alexandria and Cairo. Teaching work can also be found in Hurghada, Luxor and Sharm el Sheikh, though there are considerably fewer positions here.

    Alexandria also boasts plenty of ancient ruins and archaeological sites, including the catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa and the Roman Theatre. It has a relatively comfortable, temperate environment with lower temperatures than much of the rest of Egypt.

    Cairo is one of the biggest cities in the middle east and home to 19.5 million people. It is the capital of Egypt and boasts the country’s most famous archaeological sites. There’s also plenty of entertainment, from stunning natural gardens to large, impressive shopping centres.

    Check out the LoveTEFL jobs board to see any current vacancies.

  • Q: Salary for TEFL jobs in Egypt

    The salary for teaching English in Egypt is relatively low, averaging at 11,500-23,000 EGP / £500-1,000 / $650-1,300 per month. But, considering the extremely low cost of living, it is possible to live very comfortably on this salary. Although your savings may not go very far at home, you should be able to travel around Egypt easily and even visit nearby countries on this wage.

    A very small number of jobs offer perks like housing or health insurance, but there’s lots of competition for these positions and you’ll need to have top qualifications to land one.

  • Q: Cost of living in Egypt

    The cost of living in Egypt is extremely low – in fact, it is cheaper to live here than in Nepal, Kazakhstan or Sri Lanka, and it is only slightly more expensive to live here than in India. You can spend about 5,500-10,500 EGP / £250-450 / $300-600 per month living in your own apartment and spending relatively freely. Some teachers spend even less than $300 per month by living in shared accommodation or with help from a housing allowance from an employer.

    In Cairo, a one-bedroom apartment in the centre costs about $200 per month and a one-bedroom apartment outside of the centre costs just over $100 per month. A meal in a casual restaurant costs $3-6, a coffee is about $1.50 and a beer is also about $1.50. Gym membership is about $25 per month, a cinema ticket is around $4 and a one-way ticket on the subway is 40¢ or less.

  • Q: Benefits of getting a TEFL job in Egypt

    • The demand for TEFL teachers is growing and new TEFL teachers should find it relatively easy to find work. Those with a TEFL certificate, Bachelor’s degree and teaching experience can expect to earn high salaries in comparison to the local cost of living.
    • A good number of TEFL employers offer accommodation or a housing allowance, and your teaching income will be tax-free.
    • There’s a good work-life balance in Egypt, with locals determined to leave work at work. So, you’ll be encouraged to have a slightly more relaxed mentality towards work and enjoy your free time.

  • Q: Top tips when job hunting in Egypt

    • The best time to search for work is between May and August, but job opportunities do pop up all year-round.
    • If you’re having trouble finding a job in Egypt, consider finding work through a teaching abroad programme. Lots of TEFL programmes have ties with schools that might not advertise their teaching positions.
    • Make sure to check out employers’ reviews and credentials. As with anywhere in the world, employers may not offer what they say they do. So, checking whether a company is reputable before signing a contract or hopping on a flight is essential.
    • Egypt is a Muslim country, so you’ll need to dress conservatively both while job hunting and on the job. Women are generally expected to cover their cleavage, shoulders and knees.
    • Make sure you have at least $1,500 to set yourself up in Egypt while searching for work and waiting for your first paycheck.

  • Q: Types of jobs in Egypt

    Most TEFL teachers in Egypt work in private language centres, teaching children English at the weekend or after school. Teachers are usually offered 20-25 hours of teaching per week.

    Some teachers also find work at private international schools. These types of schools are privately run, usually following an American, British or French curriculum, so requirements for teachers could be different at each school.

    There are also a handful of jobs at national institutions, which are run in a similar way to private international schools but have ties with the national education system. But to secure this kind of work, you may have to go through a teaching abroad programme.

    Lots of TEFL teachers also do private tutoring work which can pay $6-13 per hour.

    In general, you won’t be able to teach at an Egyptian public school unless you have a teaching license and previous experience.

  • Q: What visa do I need for a TEFL job in Egypt?

    To legally teach English in Egypt, you’ll need a work visa sponsored by your employer. Once you’ve got a job offer in-hand, your employer should walk you through the steps to get your visa. This can be arranged either before you enter the country or after you have entered the country, by converting your tourist visa to a work visa.

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