Do I need to purchase any textbooks for the TEFL course?

You do not need to purchase any textbooks for i-to-i’s TEFL courses.  We provide all the resources that you’ll use during the course.

However, unless you’re a top grammar wizard (in which case, congratulations!), we do recommend that you invest in a good grammar guide such as Practical English Usage by Michael Swan. This will help you to get your grammar up to scratch for the TEFL course. Even more importantly, it will become your trusted guide for those moments during your TEFL career when a student asks you to explain a particularly tricky grammar point that you can’t quite remember.

You’ll also find links to other useful online resources and reference books throughout your TEFL course. They’re not a course requirement but they will help to expand your TEFL knowledge and give you even more great ideas for your TEFL lessons.

After all, a brilliant TEFL teacher never stops learning!

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