Are there any free TEFL courses for unemployed?

No. There are some TEFL volunteering opportunities, where through an organisation you go and teach English for an agreed term. You will not be paid for your time, but may receive accommodation and food as compensation.

In an ideal world, i-to-i would love to give everybody the chance to get their TEFL certificate for free as it is such a rewarding life choice. However the honest truth is that providing TEFL courses is a business and has overhead costs.

When you think about the life-changing impact a TEFL certificate can have on your life, compared to how much it costs they are pretty cheap.

What you need to do is look at gaining your TEFL qualification as an investment. Ask a family member, or friend, or even your local benefit office if they can invest in you taking a TEFL course and therefore making yourself more employable. There are many organisations that are willing to help you, just go out and find them.

Think about why you are looking to take a TEFL course? Is it for a gap year? Is it for a chance to get back on the employment ladder? Is it for the opportunity to go travelling?

Without your TEFL qualification, what type of work will you do on your gap year or when travelling? How will you make yourself employable? And, more importantly, employable in doing something you love? Sure, you could go and work in an office, or a shop or anywhere really – but how can that even compare to teaching, to inspiring and motivating people and giving them a skill to help make them more employable.

So many people who got their TEFL certificate have never looked back as TEFL is such a rewarding career.

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