How much is a TESOL course?

How much a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course costs depends on:

  • The length of TESOL course
  • The type of qualification (if any) that the TESOL course leads to
  • Whether the TESOL course is taught fully online, in the classroom or a combination of both.

How much is an introductory TESOL course?

A short introductory TESOL course costs around $180-$250 online or $380-$450 in a classroom. This will train you in the basics of TESOL and is suitable if you’re planning on short-term, volunteer TESOL teaching.

How much is an online TESOL course?

To get reasonable, paid work in TESOL you’ll normally need an accredited TESOL (or TEFL course that lasts for a minimum of 120 hours. A good quality, online, accredited 120 hour TESOL course costs in the region of $500. Add on around $50 each for any additional specialist TESOL modules.

How much is a classroom-based TESOL course?

A classroom-based 120 hour TESOL course will cost from around $1,500. Fees rise by about 30% if you opt for a major city, can be almost double if you go for a central New York venue and higher still if you choose to go for the CELTA brand.


How much is a combined TESOL course?

A combined TESOL course costs around $800-$1,000. This will give you 2-3 days of classroom-based TESOL training on top of an accredited 120 hour online TESOL course.

TESOL course price tips

  • Look out for deals – some of the largest TESOL providers (including i-to-i) were offering up to 50% off TESOL / TEFL course prices on Black Friday.
  • If you’re looking at TESOL to fund travel abroad, a standard, accredited 120 hour TESOL course will usually give you everything you need – at a fraction of the price of CELTA.
  • Make sure your TESOL course is regulated by an official body – or else your qualification may be worthless.
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