How do I teach English abroad?

Imagine swapping the grey monotony outside your window for an amazing adventure of teaching English abroad in fascinating countries whilst making heaps of new friends along the way. Read our step-by-step guide on how to teach English abroad and get that plane ticket booked now!

Step 1: Get a TEFL qualification

It’s not absolutely essential to have TEFL certification to teach English abroad – but you’ll find it far harder to get a good job teaching English without it. Unless you’re craving to teach English for low pay in an unpopular destination, that is – in which case, go right ahead!

Make sure you pick an accredited TEFL course that lasts 120 hours or more, such as one of i-to-i’s TEFL certification courses (which we’d just like to mention are regulated by Ofqual and get brilliant reviews!). This is the entry-level qualification that you’ll generally need to get a reasonable job to teach English.

Step 2: Decide where to teach English first

If you’re a native English speaker with a degree in any subject, we recommend you focus your search for your all-important first English teaching job in countries such as Thailand, China, Cambodia, Mexico, Argentina and Poland where English teachers are in high demand. Leave locations such as western Europe and the Middle East where there’s high competition to teach English until you’ve got some English teaching experience on your CV.

If you’ve not got a degree or you’re not a native English speakeryour options to teach English abroad are more limited. But don’t despair – there are still English teaching jobs out there. Take a look at South America and Eastern Europe – they tend to have less stringent requirements but are still great places to teach English.

Step 3: Apply for a job to teach English abroad

Now you’re TEFL certified and know where you want to teach English, head to i-to-i’s jobs board to find your dream role – it’s packed full of English teaching positions across the world. And make sure you take a look at our teachers’ pack and blog posts for brilliant tips on how to ace that application!

If you’re not quite ready to teach English alone, why not consider a Supported TEFL Job or Internship? You’ll have a guaranteed placement to teach English (often with pay) and receive practical support to help develop your skills and confidence. It gives you great experience to put on your CV and fantastic contacts for when you’re looking for that next position to teach English.

Step 4: Start teaching English abroad!

Hurrah! You’ve found a job and can get ready to teach English in an amazing part of the world. Now all you need to do is book your plane ticket, get your visa and pack your bags. And then start teaching English abroad. Now that sure does beat watching the rain trickle down the window on a cold and grey day!

Take a peak at our top 10 TEFL destinations guide for more inspiration on where to teach English abroad.

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