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TEFL Courses in Perth

Innovative, immersive, inspiring

Our accredited TEFL courses in Perth could be your passport to a lifetime of exciting and interesting travel all around the globe. The classroom course is led by one of our expert and very experienced tutors and will introduce you to a combination of teaching methods.

Upcoming Weekend Courses in Perth

Classroom TEFL Course
20 Hour Classroom TEFL Course
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Combined TEFL Course
140 Hour Combined TEFL Course
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Combined TEFL Course
200 Hour Combined TEFL Course
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Combined TEFL Course
320 Hour Combined TEFL Course
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What’s included in your course?

What’s included in your course?

  • Developed with leading language schools
  • Study online on your tablet, computer or phone
  • Get hands-on teaching practise in the classroom
  • Dedicated, detailed tutor feedback
  • Find the role of your dreams with our TEFL jobs board
About your Perth TEFL Course

About your Perth TEFL Course

With its face-to-face approach, i-to-i’s TEFL course Perth is a great way to get to grips with the principals of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in a practical and relaxed learning environment and also gives you a chance to practice some of the essential skills you’ll need when your teaching TEFL yourself. Find out more about the i-to-i TEFL Courses in Perth today.

2-day Course - Timetable

2-day Course - Timetable

Day 1
9.00-9.15 Welcome & course aims
9.15-10.30 TEFL principles
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Teaching new language
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-3.00 Grammar & error correction
3.00-3.15 Break

(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 1
5.30-6.00 Day 1 reflection
Day 2
9.00-9.30 Review
9.30-10.30 Pronunciation
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Teaching reading & listening
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.30 Using coursebooks
2.30-2.45 Break

(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 2
5.00-5.30 Day 2 reflection
5.30-6.00 Your TEFL future
How to find us in Perth

How to find us in Perth

Course Location

Goodearth Hotel
195 Adelaide Terrace

How to get there

Situated on Adelaide Terrace, the Goodearth hotel is served by many major bus routes, with one stop right outside the hotel used by over 15 different buses. The closest train station is The Esplanade, which is a 20 minute walk from the venue; but if you’d prefer to drive, there is a car park on Hay Street East, just a block away.


What time does the course start/finish?

The TEFL course runs as follows: Saturday: 09:00 – 18:00 Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00

When are our breaks?

On the Saturday you will get a morning, lunch and afternoon break and on the Sunday you will get a morning and lunch break.

Do we get any refreshments on our breaks?

During your morning and afternoon breaks you will get complimentary tea and coffee.

Are there places I can get some lunch?

The venue itself boasts a terrace bar for sit-down meals, but if you’d prefer something more casual, there are lots of eateries nearby. The Burger Bistro is right next door for instance, and there are numerous cafes and pubs just a five minute walk away.

Is there a dress code?

There is no particular dress code for the TEFL course, other than we suggest you wear something you will be comfortable in and can imagine wearing in a classroom environment.



Just signed up today for the 240 hour level 5 course on the recommendation of a relative who did this course. The advice and guidance I received from Peter McCarthy on the phone, was first class. Looking forward to this. I intend only teaching online via the Verbling platform.

The team at i-to-i TEFL is very helpful and I would highly recommend enrolling into one of their courses!

Straightforward and helpful service with your best interest in mind. Thanks!

Really useful course with lots of mini tests and good examples

Overall, very well put together course. I feel that I now have a grasp on what it takes to be an ESL teacher. At first, it seemed complicated but once I took the course, I realized it isn't that confusing at all to be a teacher. The main thing that helped simplify everything was learning how to lesson plan. But I also appreciated how the material itself in the course was explained so concisely and clearly. There are so many TEFL courses out there but many either were too expensive or didn't seem to offer enough information to properly prepare me to be a teacher of ESL. This course is a good balance of an affordable price and quality content. One thing that I would be curious to know if it is possible to do would be to have the ability to adjust the settings in the course to have certain material presented for those students who are from the US to understand better such as the use of American phrases, the way words are spelled there. As well as more examples and external resources related to content from the US so future ESL teachers who take your course have a well-rounded knowledge base of the way culture and the English language functions in both the UK and the US. Certain phrases and the way words are spelled in the UK took me a bit off guard as I am not used to that certain use of language. Other than that, I loved the course and would definitely recommend others to take it as well!

Excellent course! I enjoyed every moment. Thank you

Very interesting and quite challenging course, but really rewarding, because I have learned so much from all the well prepared courses. I will really recommend this course to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience i-to-i. Your course is just brilliant!!

Great feedback and support from i-to-i staff. My results were also received quicker than expected.

I have started my TEFL journey as I'm a little apprehensive seeing that I only have a diploma and not a degree. Can you please advise?

Its easy to use and very helpful for people looking to teach ELS