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TEFL Courses in Edinburgh

Inspire others. Become a TEFL Teacher.

Learn how to teach English from the TEFL Courses Edinburgh team.

Gain the core teaching skills with i-to-i’s internationally recognised TEFL Courses in Edinburgh and become a TEFL teacher. Your TEFL tutor will give you practical classroom skills including reading and listening exercises to complete with future pupils, grammar tips and tricks plus the art of managing a classroom.

Find full details of the next courses in Edinburgh including location and directions below. If you’re wondering which of the TEFL Courses in Edinburgh is the one for you, explore our TEFL Courses for a direct comparison.

Upcoming Weekend Courses in Edinburgh

Level 5TEFL Course

Level 3TEFL Course

Want to learn more? TEFL form girl

want to learn more?

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What’s included in your course?

What’s included in your course?

  • Developed with leading language schools
  • Study online on your tablet, computer or phone
  • Get hands-on teaching practise in the classroom
  • Dedicated, detailed tutor feedback
  • Find the role of your dreams with our TEFL jobs board
About your Edinburgh TEFL Course

About your Edinburgh TEFL Course

Choose between a 1 day or 2 day intensive face-to-face TEFL program in Edinburgh. Your TEFL tutor will give you all the key skills every new teacher needs and set you up with how to continue your learning, how to find TEFL teacher positions and how to apply for these. You’ll also become a lesson planning pro during this practical course and gain immediate feedback on completed exercises within the group.

2-day Course - Timetable

2-day Course - Timetable

Day 1
9.00-9.15 Welcome & course aims
9.15-10.30 TEFL principles
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Teaching new language
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-3.00 Grammar & error correction
3.00-3.15 Break

(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 1
5.30-6.00 Day 1 reflection
Day 2
9.00-9.30 Review
9.30-10.30 Pronunciation
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30 Teaching reading & listening
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.30 Using coursebooks
2.30-2.45 Break

(time may vary)

Teaching Practice 2
5.00-5.30 Day 2 reflection
5.30-6.00 Your TEFL future
How to find us in Edinburgh

How to find us in Edinburgh

Course Location

Novotel Edinburgh Centre Hotel
80 Lauriston Place
United Kingdom

How to get there

The Novotel is a 17 minute walk from Haymarket train station and it's also on a popular bus route (get off at the Chalmers Hospital stop). There are multiple cafes and shops within walking distance and parking is available at the hotel.


What public transport is within walking distance?

Edinburgh Waverley railway station is the closest public transport as it’s just a five minute walk away.

Where can I go for lunch?

The course venue is only 5 minutes from where Jeffrey Street crosses the High Street (Royal Mile), where there is a busy parade of shops, pubs and takeaway outlets. You can also find multiple options off North Bridge including a Pret A Manager and a Boots for a quick and easy lunch. If none of these take your fancy, just ask at the venue reception and the staff will be happy to give you some recommendations.

What should I wear?

No need to worry about what to wear. There’s no dress code for the course. Most students opt for casual wear when attending the course.

Will there be any breaks?

Of course! You’ll receive a lunch break, as well as tea and coffee breaks. Tea, coffee and water are complimentary. Check the timetable to find out how many breaks there are, as these vary from day and course.



Ansu Müller

A great big thank you to i-to-i for a great course and excellent material. Thanks lots and lots to each and everyone concerned. Very professional personel.


I really enjoyed doing the course. I had to extend my course as I worked and learned as I did the course. It was perfect for me.

Nonto Matsebula

I like how you are given clear instructions and they get back to you in very short time!

Nonto Matsebula

i-to-i is very good at giving clear instructions; I am grateful!


I’ve been having some slight problems of accessing my next course, thanks to Catherine Kilbane everything is now okay. Grateful for TEFALs academic team.


I just completed my first module on my level 5 advance diploma course. TEFAL tutors were there for me every step of the way 24/7. Grateful for the support system they are impeccable, their help really made my work much easier and less stressful.

Prince Asamoah

The Staff of i-to-i TEFL, you are all wonderful and amazing. I had never regretted chosen you for my online courses. And l hope you will continue to be good to me especially Gemma James.


Gemma is so helpful and answers all my questions. Thank you for the Awesome service Gemma! You are a SUPER STAR!


Staff at i-to-i are always available throughout the week when needed. I've always received assistance as soon as possible. I was in recently in contact with Gemma and they were very helpful with sending emails and updates about the course and internships.


I just completed my first module on my level 5 advance diploma course. TEFAL tutors were there for me every step of the way 24/7. Grateful for the support system they are impeccable, their help really made my work much easier and less stressful.

Joel Bejarano

Good service, good price


I just completed my first module on my level 5 advance diploma course. TEFAL tutors were there for me every step of the way 24/7. Grateful for the support system they are impeccable, their help really made my work much easier and less stressful.

Ansu Müller

At i-to-i everybody is extremely helpful. Thank you so much Victoria for your quick response to my email and for your advice.


I found the course to be well structured and presented which allowed for an enjoyable learning experience. The lessons were easy to understand, and the content was exceptional. Thankyou!

Demi Bond

The course is challenging, and you should do research to complete this to the best of your ability.

Nontobeko Matsebula

Great help and straight to the point!!


Gemma has been super helpful in explaining all of the features of the internship to me and never got annoyed by my many questions. She broke down the price and made sure to explain when the payments were. I feel confident in this process because of Gemma and I am excited to teach English abroad!

Faheema Summad

I'm amazed by the quality-of-service I've received during my course period at the institute, The tutors and academic team are extremely motivational, and they always push you to do your best. I've been helped a lot personally by Catherine who understood my concerns and provided me with an almost immediate solution. I'd suggest anyone who is looking to do their tefl to join this amazing team, you will never regret it!!!

Talea Cloë

I am happy so far with my course even though I'm not done yet. And my experience has been a happy one because of the assistance of the academic help team especially Catherine Kilbane. They've went out of their way to help me understand my tasks.

Kalainesan Sinnathamby

Hi Catherine, Thanks for helping me with finding the context to teach articles. It helped me to get a clearer picture of what is required. Most appreciated for your prompt and enlightening response. Thanks again.

Prince Asamoah

All the terms and the conditions are in the right direction. I am satisfied with all of them.

Yanelisa Buthelezi

This is an outstanding service and provides all the necessary fundamentals for teaching the English language.It provides one with flexibility to teach at any level and be understood by pupils of any age.It's a 10 out of 10 for me!


Awesome help and communication.Im doing course now and the help is fantastic so far.

Prince Asamoah

Superb working with i-to-i. No challenger. All that I can say about them is; they're results oriented. Always provide satisfactory services to their customers. you will never regret choosing them.

Stephen Mcquillan

I would highly recommend i to i. They have a wide range of options available in terms of what course is suitable for you from fundamentals of teaching English (basic package) to advanced courses which include different elements of learning English. I found the people at i to i very responsive and engaged. They were always really fast when it came to providing feedback on assignments, responding to queries and they have been really helpful in helping me find work abroad as a teacher now that I'm TEFL qualified. I would recommend without hesitation.

Prince Asamoah

i am extremely satisfied with the services rendered by the entire i- to-i crew especially Gemma James . I am so grateful to you all. I hope you will continue to provide me with the update concerning my upcoming Japan internship in march, 2023. Thank you and more grease to your elbow.

Tinashe T. Mona

This course is very good in many ways. It improves your English. It gives you all the answers you need to teach any student regardless of age, sex, level and class size. I'm grateful to be part of TEFL.

Catharene Van Der Merwe

The course is very comprehensive. As a first language English educator, I found the detail very interesting as many of the concepts that need to be taught to foreign language speakers is taken for granted with first language speakers. The course is designed in such a way that you are taken through the teaching of a foreign language which is very helpful and informative. I found the very detailed feedback on my assignments very encouraging and most helpful. Thank you

Salome Poni

I have just completed my 180 Hours TEFL course and it has been very enlightening, what I have learned so far I have already started to apply practically. I have a son in grade 2 and he has been struggling with English as his educators are native Africans, the school is located in an African language environment and my son also grew up speaking Sesotho, so English is a struggle for him. The improvement I've seen with his grades has been spactacular. And the 2 extra courses I received has helped me to be focused and calm when I work with him. I love what I've learned so far and I can't wait to start working as an online teacher. Thank you TEFL for this opportunity.

David Maxwell

The i-to-i TEFL course has given me all of the tools I need to allow me to teach English, to foreign students, with confidence. The support and quick response at every stage have been excellent, and I would advise anyone wishing to pursue this course to look no further than i-to-i .


Dear Professors first of all I wish to thank you all, for the time spent in imparting to us your knowledge and experience. Your courses were exciting and amazing with lots of websites to help teachers make their lessons interesting. I have taken notes, registered the websites in my favorite files and I have printed a few aids for my future lessons. Although the truth is that I have come to the end of my professional life and will be on retirement soon, I would like to take up my teaching career again to help those in need of learning English. I wish I was younger to travel abroad and reach out to people in a better way. But with this TEFL certificat that has a worldwide recognition I hope to find opportunities to practice the language. I'm also motivated to read or listen to more books, watch more programmes on TV and speak better English to be better able to teach the learners. Thanks once again.


Nikki is always ready and available to answer any queries...even going as far to call to make sure you're sorted. Absolutely lovely lady and great service

Tracy Thabethe

Catherine Kilbane explained what I had to do for my assignment. I found this to be very helpful.


I had tons of questions and Nikki was incredibly helpful and supportive with all of it, going above and beyond to help me make sure I was making the right choice of internship and start date.


The i-to-i TEFL 120-hr certification course was more challenging and comprehensive than I'd expected. And I feel that I received an excellent education at a low price. I don't yet know if my final projects have been accepted for certification, but whenever I do get approved, I'll be proud of the accomplishment and of how much effort and learning the certification represents. I'm very glad I selected the i-to-i course. I would highly recommend this course. ps. the coursework took me about 5 weeks (10-15 hrs/wk) and the written projects took me another 2-3 weeks.


Well organized. That's awesome!


I loved the 180h module. It was detailed, but not overwhelming, it had a lot of useful resources and reading suggestions, it was varied in the way it presented information (the class videos helped a lot). I look forward to the next modules.

Lynda Hinnenthal

I really enjoyed it. There's lots of resources and ideas for teaching, and the little quizzes keep you engaged throughout the entire course. They ask questions based on the information you're given, very straight forward. I highly recommend.


Nikki James was accommodating and thoughtful throughout the booking process, Not only did she help me sort out all the documents I needed, but she also wasn't rushing me as other salespeople do. She is a true paragon of sales and just superb customer service! I will surely recommend more people to I to I because of her. Many thanks to her and her team!

Prabashnie Naicker

Ever since, I started TEFL I was skeptical of where I fit in? Thus far I have had a generous ride. It's been a great experience through ups and downs. I can't wait to go to full steam ahead.

Jessica Van Zyl

The course is easy to navigate and it gives all the information needed. I feel confident and knowledgeable of what to expect and how to prepare! Thank you!

Lauren Harbison

Always very kind, and helpful! Got back to me right away when I would email.


The 180-hour Course which I have just completed (commenced end of March 2022) has been challenging and intense at times. (I do feel I've been a 'bit too slow' :-)) The Course and all the Units are laid out very well (albeit), laden with lots of reading (and Learning). I cannot wait to commence Teaching. I would highly recommend the i-to-i TEFL Course. Thank you! I do have to tackle the One-to-One and Business Section now.

Penny Gill

Excellent academic support


I wish I could i-to-i 6 stars. The course, brilliant, the tutors, amazing, the customer support, out of this world! I would definitely recommend i-to-i to anyone who thinks about starting their TEFL journey.


I don't have the words to explain how amazing i-to-i is. The course, amazing, the tutors, brilliant, the customer care, out of this world. I recommend i-to-i to any person that is looking to complete a TEFL certification. I wish I could give them 6 stars.


Very good service from all my tutors especially Sahm. Thanks for all of the help so far! I love i-to-i TEFL!

Wilma Human

I would like to thank you, I enjoyed this course and revered it to 2 people already.

Jessica Van Zyl

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and learnt a lot more than I expected to. The trainer was brilliant and entertaining and helped me to realise my strong and weak points and what I can do to improve my lessons. I feel confident and ready to teach after this weekend. Thank you for such a great experience!

James Rand

excellent academic help. sahm of the academic team got me threw......big tha#nk you.